#blame it on the yoga shorts (or tinder)

I’ve wanted to get back into writing for a while. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, however as I sat here, with the purpose of completing my yoga midterm, this is what poured out. Might as well slap it up….

When I walked in the coffee shop two dudes starting smirking and looking at me. One came over a few minutes later. He had uneven teeth and pretty blue eyes. He said his name was Jack and asked if I’d take his number and text him—‘I left my phone at home. I’d like to take you out sometime.’

I asked him why. He looked confused. You’re just some random dude I know nothing about. What makes you think I want to see you again? Can’t you strike up a conversation that’ll bring out something interesting-memorable? Seriously anything: Say my bracelet looks interesting and ask me where I got it. Ask me if I just came from the gym. Ask me why I’m using a mouse with my laptop. Ask me what type of milk I put in my coffee. Literally anything. Something.

‘I’d like to take you out sometime, will you take my number?’ he repeats. I ask him who he is. His confused look amplifies. He sits down at the chair opposite me. I ask him if he lives in the area. ‘Down the street’ this question proves easy for him and he even asks it back to me. I do what many women do: ‘here write your number on this.’ I slide over a piece of paper with a yoga sequence I wrote. With notes and goals and interests—lists I’ve been keeping on whatever scrap I have on hand. I want to figure out what I want; what’s next. His digits seem like blasphemy on a paper that is otherwise completely covered with my creativity.

I won't be a jerk and put up his entire #....

I won’t be a jerk and put up his entire #….

Do you think you’re so good-looking that I want to spend my time with you simply because you gave me your number? Do you think I want to see you again knowing that the only thing you possibly could have judged me on are my yoga shorts and tight shirt? Do you think my time is so invaluable that I’m free to hang with every random dude who decides it strikes his fancy to buy me a drink?

Dudes don’t play it like that. It sucks. Maybe I’m writing this because I’m annoyed at myself for smiling and letting him jot down his number —(was it simply common courtesy?) For making him think it’s OK. The thing is, it’s great to meet people in casual ways. What bothers me to the core is the sense of entitlement and assumption.



Thoughts on these types of interactions? Do you see any crossover between how people interact via online dating sites (think of tinder-picture only) and /\ here? 



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