Apology, rant-like post, and Jegi Market

First, sorry for those of you who subscribe to my blog and have as of late been bombarded with assignments for students. I have a number of blogs for my classes and I seem to continually post here by mistake–something about this being my “default” blog. Anyway, I apologize. Don’t give up on me–I’m alert now 😉

So…South Korea…I intended to blog more, but clearly I haven’t.

A reoccurring “theme,” maybe a purpose, in and for my time here so far is “freedom.”  Trying to accept and embrace my own, “freedom.” To “see” possibilities. In the States, here too, there is immense pressure to “choose” a path, a career, a place, a mate. There is this mentality of working in order to have money and material possessions. Stability. But the more of those things we gain, the more we become locked and therefore dependent on the system. And then things like travel and open-mindedness and NEW become more difficult. It’s like our sense of purpose has to involve caring for and ever improving those “things,” rather than our own minds, experiences and the world around us.

I struggle with this. I must recognize my own privilege; not everyone, maybe most, are as easily in positions to think existentially about work and purpose–or if think, maybe not act without consequences.

Yes I want to learn about the education system in Korea, to travel, to learn to teach ELL. But I also want time to think, reflect, to breakaway so I can consider how I want to ‘rejoin.’ By the above I don’t mean avoiding responsibility. I’m not criticizing marriage, and families and careers. I want that too. I’m just questioning how we go about it.

So that’s a piece of what I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve had this sense that I have too much to think about to actually put anything to words on a blog page…


I’m nostalgic for Cairo, here I don’t know the names for anything.

Puts the Wicker Park mushroom stall to shame

Too beautiful to eat?

The Garlic Ajumma

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