Images: my first few weeks in Korea


The University; home for now


The town of Gamgok-endless restaurants, uneven streets, people always out (except in the morning-the first morning I woke up here, I walked into town around 7a.m., the streets were practically deserted.)


Peppers are a big crop around here, and people aren’t shy about showing it. There are peppers on the street signs & often in the middle of street. This is a rather large batch, but it’s not uncommon to see a blanket with about 1/8 as much just chilling in the middle of the sidewalk-pedestrians be ware!

A crop of rice, during the typhoon, which occurred the same time as Hurricane Isaac in the States.

The reason why I’m here-the students. Ironically, mostly boys, just like my last venture.

A trip to a river outside Seoul, to kayak with my new coworkers.

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