Yes, Israel paid-up.

Hi everyone,

So as the title says–yes, Israel reimbursed me for around 80 percent of the cost for a replacement laptop. I got the reimbursement in late December. Since people are still asking me, I’m *finally* posting this.

Thanks to those of you who left me encouraging comments and sent emails about my laptop, traveling, writing, conflict, etc. I am sorry I did not answer many of them. I did read everything and feel enormously lucky to be privy to so many perspectives.

To all those who bombarded my blog with negative comments–to only proclaiming hate for Israelis/Palestinians/Americans/Muslims, to accusing me of leaving my bag unattended (I did not) and never backing-up (I did–but yes, I should have more often): Travel. Read. If you’re in the U.S. take advantage of our amazing diversity and meet new people. If you’re an Israeli, why don’t you visit a Palestinian area? I know I’ll be criticized for saying this and I by no means thinks it’s the rule, however most Israelis I met had never been to a Palestinian area and thought I was crazy for going to Ramallah (which is perfectly safe and 20 minutes from Jerusalem). Likewise, I was shocked by how many Palestinians do not attempt to learn Hebrew. While I understand the repulsion for many, let’s face reality. How can solutions be reached without common languages?

There is tons I do not know about the Israel, Palestinians, Muslims, Jews, etc. I’m learning and with what I learn will likely change some opinions. This is my blogs, my opinions. I’m not a politician, not a journalist, I try to research and write informed entries, however I do not always censor my views or hide my ignorance. So don’t read if you do not want to…I hope you, like me, will be inspired to learn more by this incident, (more precisely the reaction to it).I’m all for criticizing– just make it worthwhile, debatable, something we can work with.

Ok. I’m writing too much. I intended this to be a short sweet post. Actually a reading break.

Yes…post-Israel, I spent a couple last days in Egypt, a couple crazy weeks reuniting with family and friends in NY, and now I’m back Boston, finishing my *last* undergraduate semester.

I miss blogging…but simply have no time now with school work, job, etc. One of these days I plan to catch-up and get back into it =)

snowy Boston

4 thoughts on “Yes, Israel paid-up.

  1. “if you’re an Israeli, why don’t you visit a Palestinian area? I know I’ll be criticized for saying this and I by no means thinks it’s the rule, however most Israelis I met had never been to a Palestinian area and thought I was crazy for going to Ramallah (which is perfectly safe and 20 minutes from Jerusalem).”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to visit there. But it is only safe for you, I love my life and I don’t want this to happen to me:

  2. Boo, I can try to forgive you for your racism because you’re obviously ignorant. I of course don’t approve of what this lynch mob did, but I also don’t generalize it to all people of Ramallah at all times, much less all Arabs and/or Muslims.

    This awful incident happened at the start of the Second Intifada, during the first two weeks of which Israeli forces killed sixty-eight Palestinians, including fifteen children, many of whom were shot in the head, and injured a thousand more. In those two weeks, Palestinians killed three Israeli soldiers, a settler, and a civilian.

    And all you focus on is two of the Israeli soldiers killed by Palestinians who were in the middle of being slaughtered by their occupier? Nothing for the fifteen Palestinian children?

    Most people don’t realize it, but the first suicide bombing of the Second Intifada took place on March 4, 2001—six months after the Intifada began. By that time, more than three hundred Palestinians had been killed by Israelis, most of them unarmed civilians, including ninety-one children. In the same period, fourteen Israeli civilians had been killed in Israel and forty-nine Israeli civilians, settlers, and soldiers had been killed in the West Bank and Gaza.

    I don’t support suicide bombings or lynch mobs. I think they’re immoral and counterproductive. But next time, do a little more research than one (admittedly awful) video. There’s more at work than you think.

  3. Congrats on you 80% reimbursement!

    As for backing up your data… I didn’t mean for that to be a “negative” comment and I certainly didn’t accuse you of “never backing up.” You had made a big deal in the post about your concern for the integrity of your hard drive. I thought that the recommendation was a natural one and was meant to be encouraging.

    Secondly, as the one who opened up the thread re: backing up, I don’t think that it is necessary for you to tell me and those who made suggestions re: backups to “Travel. Read.” I do travel and read. I have been to Ramallah. I need a new passport because the pages are full. And when everything you are relying on is in one bag on your back, you don’t want to lose it.

    Which is precisely why I opened the thread on backing up your data.

    It was while I was in Cairo that Philip Rizk was detained and my friend who had been protesting with him was harassed for days. They took his computer & shut down his blog. All of the work for his (nearly complete) documentary on Palestinian nonviolent resistance was on the compter… and it was not backed up.

    So my suggestion to backup was not about being a jerk or closed minded or trolling your blog with “negative comments.” By traveling, reading, and sharing with the world what you have seen and others have not, you are an activist. It would be a shame for all of that insight to be lost because of poor data management.

    Again, congrats on your 80%. I wonder if they would have given 100% if they had hit the hard drive?

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