Obama at NU (Political energy on campus!)

If you’re a MA resident go vote in the special Senate election to fill Kennedy’s seat!!

HURRY! Polls close at 8p.m.

Though the election was never expected to be close (Coakley was a sure favorite), it seems is–think discontent and mixed feelings of the health care reform. In other terms: This election matters and MA voters know it.


Though still a New Yorker when it comes to voting, the election felt more personal after this Sunday when President Obama rallied for Martha Coakley (D), on Northeastern’s campus.

NUTV filmed Obama’s entire speech and reported hopeful audience formed a line as early as 4 a.m for doors which opened at 1p.m.

I joined the line around 11a.m. At around 1:30 a police car drove by (we were on Huntington Ave. across from Temptations Cafe) and told us the space–Cabot Gym–was already filled.

Though disappointed to miss Obama, waiting on line was no bust.  Seeing NU’s familiar campus fill with supporters and protesters was inspiring.

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