Of new computers, compensation and miraculous Apple hard-drives

Home in New York, new laptop in hand:

Though Israel has yet to compensate me for their bullets through my laptop, my life and work must go on. Not having a computer for two weeks has been interesting–in Israel I had little distraction from human interactions. Back in Egypt I couldn’t keep up with the explosion of laptop-shooting-hype.

Now I’m back. Ready to take you along for my laptop debacle, approve your comments, and keep on blogging–like I did for the last eight months for my friends and family.


At the Apple Store on Bolyston street in Boston, I purchase a new Macbook. The options have changed for the better since my last purchase. Sweet!

The Apple’s techies say they can only transfer the data from my hard drive if I can bring in the computer. Yeah…Not happening.

I call a couple friends with love for Macs. There are a lot of those people in college…..My friend hooks me up with his external casing, and shouts the good news–your hard-drive survived! Everything’s here!

In the following hours my friends have to remind me I’ve been across the world for eight months and deserve to spend time with them, not my new computer with beloved old data and lots of emails.

8 thoughts on “Of new computers, compensation and miraculous Apple hard-drives

  1. This is happening in the so called only democracy in the Middle East , so every can imagine whats going on with the people under occupation.

  2. Don’t forget Rule #1 for comuter users:
    Backup, backup, and backup!

    Use a **external** backup solution (HDD, Usb Key, DVDRW, or internet backup site).

    And Rule #2:
    Protect your data!
    Encrypt them, specially if you backup your data online.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hey…I’d like to take back something I said in a comment on another post. Someone has a problem with it revealing too much of his personal information. If you could do me a big favor by emailing me, I would really appreciate it.

  4. They will not give her a compensation, because this post is a fake. She does not have any docs to prove this fact.

    Read carefull:

    Israel has yet to compensate me for their bullets

    She says the problem is not with the laptop but with the country.
    How much did you received for this post? Interesting

  5. Hey, buddy, how can you fake three bullets shot into a computer, huh?

    No compensation, however, since, by my guess, it’s been publicly broadcasted. An unwritten rule about compensation requires silence of the complainant.

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