I’m sorry but we blew up your laptop (welcome to Israel)

I was sitting on the deck overlooking the Red Sea. Israeli security officers (most who looked around 18 years old) had completed around two hours of questioning and searching me. They had pressed every sock and scarf with a security device, ripped open soap and had me strip extra layers. They asked me tons of questions–where are you going? Who do you know? Do you have a boyfriend? Is he Arab, Egyptian, Palestinian? Why do you live in Egypt? Why not Israel? What do you know about the ‘conflict’ here? What do you think? They quized me on Judaism,which I know nothing about.

Then they asked me to wait. Since they had asked for friends and families phone numbers I assumed they might be calling to verify my answers to questions or confirm I really had extended family in Tel Aviv.  An announcement played over the sound system, interrupting my break in the sunshine. First in Hebrew, then Arabic, then in English. It was something along the lines of, ” do not to be alarmed by gunshots because the Israeli security needs to blow up suspicious passanger luggage.”

I went inside to check on my bag. I had left it unattended, where they instructed. It was still there so I went back outside.

Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop. ”

What….all my client case notes and testimony, writing, pictures, music and applications. Years of work. NO!!!! What?? Are you insane?? What were you thinking? THAT’S ALL MY WORK!?

After much yelling, crying and frantic phone dialing (don’t be alarmed if I called you repeatedly this morning), he took me outside to see the wreckage. It turned out it hadn’t been quite blown up, but rather shot through with three bullets. We were able to extract the hard drive, seemingly unscaved. Thank goodness…

Security had never asked for my password. Was it my peeling Arabic stickers on the keyboard? Or something else during the questioning which set them off?

Toward the beginning of the search an officer began clicking through the photos on my camera.  She froze on a picture  of graffiti, which read “Fuck” scrawled next to the Jewish star of David. “Why do you have this picture?” She asked me rather aggressively. “Because I was disturbed by it too,” I answered. She didn’t press the subject but continued clicking…presumably looking at pictures from a photo exhibit about Israel’s January attack of Gaza.

Though I usually delete all my pictures when uploading, unluckily I had clicked save rather than delete when uploading this set and never got around to manually deleting on my camera. Whoops…

Among other suspicious item; an Arabic phrasebook, a journal entry that mentioned a Palestinian(yes, they even flipped through my journal), stamps from Syria, Qatar and the UAE, Palestinians in Palestine guidebook, and a map a friend had drawn with a main street in Jerusalem, the central bus station and my intended hostel. “Who are you meeting there?” They asked me.

Anyway I am in Jerusalem. Years of my life and my RLAP work is not destroyed. *sigh*. Insha’allah I will like Israel better tomorrow….

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    • as you describe it – you had written all over your things that you are comeing not in peace but as a threthend to israel, can you remember that israel is surrounded by not so nice people that wan’t to destroy her. and they are using any kind of way to kill and bomb. by sending rockets ( and saying insaalla they will kill children and women). by bombing buses, shooting by automatic weapons cafe houses, restorants, and suiciding in many places while killing everything they can. israel is only defending itself and we are used to people who try to heart us in any way they can – even in blogs.
      we are a peacful nation – and will love to show you all our places – which jews can walk together with christian and muslims. can you show this to us in saudi, lebanon, surya or any other place ?
      i wish they would not blew your laptop – but believe me – no soldier would like to do it just to make any kind of statement or in joke.

      if you need any kind of tour and to help you change your mind about israel – you can send me an E-mail and i would love to spare some time and show you good and loveing israelis


      • how in the world can you say shooting someone’s laptop is going to protect Israel. It was obviously a blatant show of force not unlike the crimes committed by the IDF against Palestinians in the name of protecting the Jewish State. Get real.

      • “israel is surrounded by not so nice people that wan’t to destroy her” –

        Don’t you mean the otherway round?

        Since its inception, the experiment in social engineering that has become known as Isreal, has systematically sought to threaten and intimidate every single one of its neighbours, a signifigant portion of its own population and most of its visitors.

        Israel has stolen the best years from our children, brainwashing them with Zionist propaganda and turning them into paranoid, deeply racist soldiers.

        So long as Israel continues to antagonize anyone who is not Israeli its problems will never end.

        So we build a wall around ourselves.

      • Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
        — John Sheehan, S.J.

      • This is a reply to KBrennan. This is one of the best lines I ever read about that conflict. I tip my hat for you.

      • Noam, Israel is the strongest problem for peace in this world.
        All Israelis are warmly welcome in their home countries, in Germany, Europe, Poland, Russia or USA or elsewhere. But please stop the terrorisation of the poor palestine people.

      • @Peter

        Dear Peter,

        An Arab entity called “Palestinian people” doesn’t exist, even though some Arabs tend to call themselves “Palestinians”.

        There are some groups and tribes of arabs immigrating into palestine some 200 years ago – to work for the turkish Ottomans building their railways. They came from Egypt (El-Masri), from Jordan, Syria etc. That’s about it.

        Seek and you shall find that the Romans were the ones who called this land Palestine, but there was never a state called Palestine, it just didn’t exist.

        Israel IS Palestine, the jews ARE THE REAL palestinians.

        The arab tribes immigrating into Palestine some 200 years ago nowdays claim they are a nation. They are NOT. They are still a handfull of tribes and can go back to the countries they came from – Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc. which surely shall embrace them back in open arms.

        So, as I am too jewish AND a true palestinian – pleae, dear Peter, Stop harassing me and stop your laughable lies.

        One last thing – TERROR is the Arabs work and doing. Ask around, maybe in the nearby-friendly mosque, where they will be glad to explain it to you…

        Remember – make love, no war.


      • You are nuts! Israel is a terrorist state ‘her’self and the entire Judaism of which you appear to be so proud, is based on terrorism just like Islam and Christianity and most other religions in the world that have similar issues!

        Those young guards are not even properly trained enough to know that if there is any serious threat inside a computer it’s the hard disk drive inside it that contain information that may be valueable in one way or other.

        Sorry friend, but if you guys back there in that perilous land you call “holy” are stuck with terrorists who also happen to be your own brothers by blood, then so be it since one receives what one deserves as the Arab countries or Iran close by do so too!


      • sorry for what hapend to u Sara.
        i don’t know about what Noam talk those who around u all u killed them children and took them land as even UN said, what u need from them to do?!! i’m sorry that all them answer is lass than u deserve over that i can see how “must advanced country in the middle east” protect itself by so high technology and defence from suspected poor laptop and i can imagen if u suspect from some person what u could do:).

        by the way about what u talk in:
        “which jews can walk together with christian and muslims.” in Israel?!! it’s bad joke man
        any one can see how christian are respected with ur nice TV1 when talk about Mary and Jesus peace be upon them with it stupid unsuspected joke without any one say sorry from ur government and how muslims so respected in them even they took them grave in Jerusalem have more than 1000 year old as muslims graveyard to build over it settlement

        i’ll just talk about Syria as i live here till now we have street could “sharea alyahod” mean Jew street and we had till now many Synagogue, there is nice one and church with old mosque they share same wall in babtoma in Damascus (any one can ask for pix) with jew we left so long and till now we don’t have any problem with any religion
        BUT with unsuspected ppl who took the land and use other ppl like a slave or 2nd 3ed 10th degree even by them national ID just cuz different religion for sure we have a problem and I’m proud I’m Israeli enemy.

      • it is standard procedure in isreal to shot luggage and bags that have been left unattended. Its the quick bomb *disposal* method. Clearly there was a miscommunication among the border guards. Some of them assumed her luggage was ‘unattended’.

        a quick search will show you that this sort of things happens alot over there.

      • I agree with you Jay. This story is bullshit. There are so many holes in her story that it’s quite easy to see that she got exactly what she deserved.

        She left her laptop, sitting unattended, in a public place, in Israel. I don’t believe the part about being told to leave it unattended and she just calmly walked away and went outside to sit down and enjoy the view. Years of work? And she just left it sitting there? Yeah right.

      • Israelis judge people every day, and hardly hear the other side of the history. I am not against Israel, because I recognize the right of all human being to try to live in peace and respectfully.
        I hope one day an Israelis like you would also be able to respect others point of view, and maybe live without a war.

      • I’m not sure if that’s the funniest or the most idiotic comment I’ve ever seen. A good reason? Have to wonder what ‘reason’ they’d say…

      • The concept of “a good reason” is subjective. It seems that they were harassing her, if anything. I think this because she does not even fit the typical profile of a terrorist. MALE, young adult, poor education, poor financially. There are exceptions, but this is the typical terrorist. VERY RARELY is a terrorist female.

      • This is just a scam by Apple to get people to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan. The Israeli government gets a cut.

      • “Well, maybe it was time for you to buy a Dell…”

        Wait… What?

        Of all the decent and reliable laptop brands… you choose Dell for that sentence?

        There must be something seriously wrong with you.

      • I don’t get it. What plausible reason could they have for shooting a laptop? If they thought it was a bomb, the last thing you’d want to do is shoot it, no? And if it’s data they’re worried about, confiscation and examination works just as well, although I vaguely remember reading somewhere that they didn’t even ask for the password. And even if they didn’t want to, there are other ways to get through to the files on a computer you’ve confiscated and don’t have to password for.

      • Why would not you keep your DELL to yourself and your snazy opion as well. By the way have I mentioned that Mac rules???

      • First @Blogger, sorry they shot your laptop, so no jokes

        @Daniel Sorry to say, she DOES fit the typical profile of the single (white) female, coming from a western world, with Arab connections or affiliations.
        I’ve been through airport security from my home town, and in Israel, and because of my profile, the “naive single female” with perhaps an Arab boyfriend, carrying electronics, that could be explosive, I too had to go through long security checks.
        Why? Because there have been several stupid bitches who brought in “packages” from their Arab boyfriends, fortunately they’ve been stopped, thanks to Israeli security.

      • Good point. I’ll remember to bring that up during future discussions about, for example, the Holocaust. I’m sure “they probably had a very good reason to do it” will settle this matter once and for all and leave everybody happy so that we can talk about nicer things. Now, where can I get these bullet-proof Dells?

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thanks…yeah…seriously…back things up…I’m sooooo lucky the hard drive is presumably Ok. They’re supposed to replace the laptop– I have a piece of paper with an address in Hebrew. It took me hours to figure out where it is, and now it’s closed…..really frustrating/nonsensica, but it should be OK. And hey, I will never forget this trip 😉

    • Truly, you are an adventurer.

      I am curious, though. What is the efficacy of shooting a laptop, verses… doing something else. Anything else. And were they purposefully avoiding the hard drive and aiming at, say, the batteries?

      • My first thought as well.

        If I wanted to destroy a laptop quickly, efficiently and completely, bullets would not be the answer. I’d say fire might be, or crushing, but certainly not bullets.

        Maybe they were just bored and cruel?

      • Hi there, I’m very sorry to hear about your unhappy experience with Israeli military personnel. I lived in Israel for a time as a young adult and had my fair share of run-ins with Israeli military and police–once I was backpacking in the north on the border of Lebanon and found myself staring down the barrel of an M-16 until I could find my American passport. The methods they use over there are more than a bit strict, I agree, and sometimes completely uncalled-for.

        Look at it this way, though: I was in Israel during the Summer War with Lebanon, and despite the falling missiles and threatened terror attacks, I still felt safer than I ever have in the USA. I think the security efforts have paid off, with statistics showing a 97% decrease in terrorist attacks since the implementation of the fence and other more aggressive anti-terror methods.

        Do I think the IDF was justified in firing up your macbook? Absolutely not.

        Do I think that Israel is a safer place because they show the discipline and care to inspect even the most minor suspicions and treat them as possible threats? Absolutely.

        I do hope you’re reunited with a new Macbook soon. Let me know if you have any questions regarding Israel. I made a full-length documentary on my experience and have blogged on it extensively as well.

        Shalom, Salaam, and may your trip be safe and meaningful.


      • when Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinians, they’re supposed to aim at the legs first. Maybe they have some secret procedures for shooting laptops too…

      • Chances are they don’t like Americans with attitudes, I would guess that’s why they shot the laptop, not because it was a “bomb” and not for security reasons but rather to illustrate to the “American Traveler” how it is.
        In fact it’s rather humorous and I could see my self doing the same thing to some smart ass.
        In addition if you own a Macbook pro 13 inch and you aren’t using time machine you’re a fool.
        30% hard drive failure rate on the white plastic ones and the failure rate has yet to be determined on the newer aluminum models.
        In any case, stay home until you mature.

      • Gunshots are the standard procedure for disabling a suspected explosive device. You don’t try to disassemble it (or even open it if it is a laptop) because it could be booby trapped. Gunshots will disrupt the detonation train so that it won’t work, or will cause it to go off prematurely.

        In other words, they weren’t aiming for or away from the HD, they were just aiming at the laptop in general, so that the impact would either set off or disable any bombs.

      • @John: “illustrate how is it”… lol
        they wasted hours of their officers time with a guy that posed no security risk and they wasted a grand of their state money for the fun of shooting a laptop and giving him a replacement.
        If they wanted to illustrate that they are hopeless paranoid dorks, well they succeeded.

        Agree on the backup though, very often it takes much less than a batshit crazy customs officer to lose your data.

      • Glad to hear your HD is ok. At the same time, I’m pissed because indirectly the American taxpayer will end up footing the bill to reimburse the laptop. (note to self: write to my congressman about foreign aid)

        @ John:
        Chances are you’re a hater, I would guess that’s why you finished your comment with such idiotic cheap shot. In fact it’s rather humorous that you followed your own advise & stayed home (apparently long enough to know the statistics of HD failure). In any case, stay away from the keyboard until.. forever.

    • The only thing that surprises me is the naïveté in your reaction to the border police.

      Take a good look at your blog. You have spent several months in Egypt, with side trips to the Gulf and Syria (a country that remains at war with Israel some 35 years after the end of the Yom Kippur war of 1973. A dictatorship that hosts more than one Palestinian terrorist group (HAMAS comes to mind very quickely) and others such as Hizballah.

      Your visit there includes a meeting with Syrian ‘extremists’ (The Syrian student Union) according to your own blog post, who view the Israelis as Nazi’s (sorry, Zionist Fascists).

      Your blog includes an anti-Israel slant when you discuss the region. You have a Fuck the Jews graffiti photo on your camera and then photo’s of the Gaza fight from this past January.

      You have a Palestinians in Palestine guidebook, Arab to English dictionary, Palestinian contacts, and a map of central Jerusalem with the locations of large numbers of civilians congregate. A city that has seen numerous terrorist attacks, including suicide bombers during the past decade.

      And you’re shocked by the reception you got from the border police?!?

      Lily, stretch your imagination for just a moment beyond your own young 21 years and realize that these “18 year old” security officers aren’t just some random civil servents marking time. They consider themselves the front line in protecting not just their homes but families including parents, siblings, children, and neighbors.

      You may not remember it, but it was just last year when Palestinians were driving construction equipment into cars and busses last year killing several people in addition to attacking a religious school killing eight teenagers. All of this took place in Jerusalem.

      The intensity of the questioning and the shooting of your laptop, may seem callous or over the top to you, but this is the response developed to decades of terrorist attacks. Who knows, maybe the shooting of the laptop was in response to something picked up by a chemical sensor that triggered a warning about a bomb. It wouldn’t be the first time that an innocent was used as an unknowning carrier of explosives.

      • Jacob blues.
        Do you really think shooting that laptop might have made the world a safer place? Do you really consider it was “… protecting not just their homes but families including parents, siblings, children, and neighbors.”

        For that matter, do you really think a terrorist would try entering the country with such obvious ‘anti Israel’ indicators?

        No, the real reason the border police act in this disgraceful manner (to those of us in liberal democracies) is that they’re socialised or institutionalised to be malicious to Palestinians. End of.

        It’s pretty evident that the laptop wasn’t legally destroyed- in the UK, for example, a laptop that proved terrorist intent would be kept intact (as evidence) and the owner arrested.

        And I’m afraid that kind of behaviour is self reinforcing- you believe your own dubious propaganda, and it reinforces the dubious propaganda of those you are against.

        Supporting a clearly malicious by officials is pretty poor, to be honest. It took a while, but we learned, in the UK, that to destroy terrorists we had to undermine their support. The only way this could be done was by respecting the rule of law and respecting the rights of everyone, including those with quite different backgrounds and views to ourselves. When soldiers and policemen acted outside the law, they were held accountable for their actions. Like I say, it took a while for that to develop, but in the long run, we’re now working towards peace.

        I find Lilly’s post and your reply very saddening.

    • Well, I never heard of any other computers being shot before in Israel. I guess you had something there that got the security guys worried. I think that by your specification of the soldier age and other details you do have something to hide. I think you just needed a reason to write something about Israel and what you had on your computer was probably that reason.

      • Seriously, you think they found something incriminating and decided to BLOW UP the evidence?

        The reason Airport security shoots a laptop is that if there is a possibility that its a bomb they figured that’s a good way to disarm it. if they found data-stuff on a booted computer that they thought was incriminating then they are probably commiting a crime by destroying the evidence.

      • Snort!!!! You are infirmed mentally or physically… does she sound like a terrorist? Don’t the Isaelis have xray and bomb detection devices? After all, it was ON THE FRIGGIN’ BORDER!!!

        You, sir, are a fool… paranoid in every way…

      • *Facepalm* about that comment. ever heard of Freedom of speech?
        even if he would write something negative about any country or person its his right to do so.

      • does she sound like a terrorist?

        Actually, yeah. Stamps showing visits to terrorist-infested countries, materials indicating anti-Jew sentiments, books suggesting that she intended to spend her time in the occupied territories rather than with the extended family; that all points to a pretty standard terrorist profile.

      • @ Michael and Phelps,

        You are both idiots. You are being hypocritical saying she doesn’t have the right to have anti-jew stickers or comments, yet you are already judging her as a “terrorist” and assuming she has “things to hide.” GROW UP YOU NAIVE A-HOLES.

        I am Jewish, and so is she. I may LOVE Israel, and follow some Jewish traditions, but I’m not going to call my friend a terrorist because she feels that the stupid war between Israel and Arabic countries is unnecessary and damaging to our world. Her opinions matter because she wants the best for the world, for all people, and that means no fighting over nonsense like traditions and culture.

        People like you, Michael and Phelps, are reasons why we have wars. Because you do not understand others and you do not WANT to. You live in your own bubbles, judging, and assuming anything you have been taught is correct. Open your eyes and rather than sit back and judge, make a damn change that actually benefits everyone else but yourself.

        I have never heard of this “laptop shooting” as procedure either, but it just goes to show how crazed we have all become in creating distance and hate, separating us from “different” people. I do not understand either why you have to SHOOT a laptop, to what? Get rid of “information”??? They could have easily ASKED her to show them what was on there, if they thought it was suspicious. You do not shoot and ask questions later. You do not go shooting people you think are suspicious without any clear evidence DIRECTLY backing up a reason, and even then, YOU DON’T FREAKING SHOOT. Gunfire triggers more gunfire, thus our dumb wars. Stop, people, and just LEARN to accept others, or accept their differences and just RELAX, AND ENJOY LIVING. Why waste your effort hating on others? If you do this, you clearly are so bored with your own life, that you indulge your negativity into others.

      • The goal was to intimidate a writer/journalist type who obviously had conversational contact with people who weren’t Israeli and are residents of the middle east – probably islamic. She *might* be a journalist whose writing *might* not adhere to an Israeli official’s/soldier’s view of the Gazan conflict.

        If short circuiting bad PR about the continuing middle eastern/Israeli conflict is your goal, I’d say it was pretty effective use of the soldier’s time. A damaged laptop is nothing by comparison. A thousand dollars is a small price to pay to trip up a literate person who *might* write from a non-Israeli viewpoint.

    • I read an article about what happened to you in Haaretz – http://it.themarker.com/tmit/article/9129

      I think there was a big misunderstanding and you should contact the american embassy in Tel Aviv and check how you get a compensation for what happened to your PC.

      You should understand that Israel is a country of western democracy in the middle of the jungle, and sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to defend the state from our enemies. Supposedly, the guards mistakenly suspected you were connected to anti-israeli (terrorist?) activity and that’s why you got this attitude. I hope they were wrong and that you’ll understand the security measures better next time.

      Finally, your remarks about shooting children e.t.c are quite stupid, and I hope you’ll learn to get info from better sources than your anti-israeli friends and biased media like BBC and Aljazeera . I also think that you don’t freak out when they tell you to take off your shoes at an American airport, right?

      • disclaimer, I’m from Brazil.

        I do not disagree with the comments you made in the last paragraph. (a cousin of mine went to the USA and danced samba in front of the guards to protest.)

        I’m trying so hard to understand how a police from a country which is, at least as you said, a “western democracy in the middle of the jungle” shoots first and ask questions later? How they destroy someone’s property without even investigating it?
        A comment somewhere down ours here states that “innocent looking luggage were used sometime as cloaks for bombs”. It’s not that you (Israel) does not have the basic tech-y gadgets/methods to examine it and find if it has explosives or not…

        seriously, one thing is the defence of a country’s soberany/integrity against terrorism and all, but another one is all this “we are superior and no one else is innocent around us” paranoia.

        ps: and that’s because I do not want to go off-topic to discuss the Palestin questions…

      • Eli, sorry but… I don’t get it… if there was any sort of explosive into the computer, it’d blow their faces out. And if there was significant information into the hard drive, the drive is inside tel aviv presumably with all its data preserved… so… what did these stupid guards prevent your country from, anyways? shooting a computer? does a computer presents any hazard that you gotta shoot it?


      • Yeah, like taking off your shoes is the same as destruction of property. “I hope they were wrong and that you’ll understand the security measures better next time” don’t even try to defend this kind of attitude, that was a clear sign of incompetence.

      • Really, Eli? You think shooting someone’s laptop, possibly destroying irreplaceable work and memories, is comparable to requiring travelers to remove their shoes at checkpoints? Really?

      • Taking your shoes off at an airport and getting your laptop shot up are not comparative in any way, shape, or form. The strangest part about it, is if the laptop was actually an explosive device, shooting it a couple of times seems like an incredibly crude/potentially unsafe method of disarming a bomb.

      • With all due respect to you and your country, and Lily’s previous comments notwithstanding (because I am unfamiliar with them) there is a fine line between security and a police state. I understand security, heck, I understand extreme security in the case of Israel, but there is NO defense for what was done to this woman. Even if she was a confirmed terrorist, it would have been far more effective to keep/investigate the data on the computer. If they had suspicious about her intentions, they could have asked to investigate the computer just as they investigated every other aspect of her life. Instead, having no intention of detaining the woman further, they chose to destroy her computer with no aim.
        Believe me, I am in support of Israel, and I have also been detained by Israeli Airport security for hours, and never complained once, because I understood their position. This, my friend, crosses the line. I’ve observed from years of contact with Israeli friends and colleagues that you tend to always assume the best of your security forces. If someone has been mistreated, or abused by security forces, it is simply assumed that the victim misunderstood, or was in some way at fault. By your comment “you’ll understand the security measures better next time.” you seem to be one of these people. There is a huge difference between taking shoes of, and destroying an innocent person’s person and expensive property for absolutely no reason.

      • Eli, there was no logical explanation in this case for what happened. America is an ally of Israel–one that it desperately needs. Stories like this can do nothing but hurt Israel’s cause in the court of American public opinion. This story is making the rounds of Apple fandom like wildfire and nobody who reads it will be able to effectively defend Israeli actions here. As such, it would strongly behoove Israel to reign in its security forces and try to ensure they act intelligently, logically, and fairly in the future. Actions like this are going to hurt your country far, far more than help it. And your defense of these actions is just as damaging; “Israel, right or wrong” is like saying “my mother, drunk or sober.” It’s not a very wise or far-sighted attitude.

      • This has got to be the stupidest response I’ve read to this entry. A “country of western democracy in the middle of the jungle”? What kind of nonsense is that? Israel is well known as a braggart and a bully, and by far the worst of their crimes against other countries have not been prosecuted. I hope you’ll learn not to be a sheep someday, Eli.

      • “You should understand that Israel is a country of western democracy in the middle of the jungle, and sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to defend the state from our enemies.”

        LOL … sure, so western and democratic they open fire on consumer electronics with live ammunition in public places. You are defending some ass-backwards antics, my friend.

      • Really Eli? When some media have the guts to call names, and depict Israel as not being the ‘Western democracy in the middle of the jungle’ as you describe it, then it’s automatically anti-Israel?
        Here in this part of the western democracy we call that ‘the complete picture’ without the ‘we are superior’ attitude.

        Thank you

      • It’s a good thing that they shot her laptop and not her. The Israelis probably used the excuse of:”The laptop was standing next to a terrorist (Israelie or Arab, take your pick) and we had to kill it. They probably had a Palestinian Human shield protecting them from the bad terrorist.

        If Israel was a democracy, they wouldn’t be behaving this way. A Democracy, The Iziies ain’t.

      • “western democracy in the middle of the jungle” …. if you speak about a jungle it shows your lack of respect towards other countries and populations and placing your own country on a higher level then everybody else. Which is partly the main reason to all your problems and at the end demands higher security measures.

      • I think that perhaps labeling someone an anti-israeli simply because they disagree with you is one of the roots of the problems found in the middle east. Do the rest of the worls a favor. If youre gonna kill each other then kill each other. Get it overwith and stop acting self righteous.

      • They shoot children, Eli, whether you know it or not or refuse to admit it. You should learn what your own people are doing.

      • “Israel is a country of western democracy in the middle of the jungle”?

        ha ha, that totally reveals you’re all a bunch of murderous racists, and ignorant by the way. In a western democracy the guards’ suspicions do not give them a right to behave like thugs.

      • I’m sorry Eli, but as an Israeli I can surely say WTF. Both about them shooting her laptop and about your reaction to it. It just gives Israel a bad name. I’m sure shooting the laptop was an honest mistake and she’ll get compensated – but it’s still a very weird mistake to make.

        Lily, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your vacation a bit more, and that you got compensated for your laptop

      • I think you should go easy on Eli, what he is trying to explain is that those people who shot the computer acted on their own. It is not something we do in Israel, every person has a right to property and right to privacy and what they did was illegal and if/when they delt with they can lose their job, but I suspect they are doing their mandatory service. You see, in Israel everyone has to do a mandatory service of 3 years (for men). I believe these were just punks who were serving at this border crossing without any desire to be there, and they felt enraged and justified to do something that is abhorrent and illegal. Israelis who read the article agree this is the case. Lastly, Israelis, be they from the authorities or lay people, are inherently impatient people, but they have much much lesser tolerance to the idiocy of blaming Israel for killing children like it is a war criminal, while Israel as a matter of policy and action spends the blood of its soldiers and the money of its taxpayers to avoid collateral damage. I am an Israeli and had served as a soldier in the IDF, I can tell you that as a matter of policy soldiers and commanders are indoctrinated to protect innocent lives of Palestinians. The problem, and what angers Israelis is that the terrorist who present a daily clear and present danger to Israel, shoot at us from within civilian population that is highly dense. So even if Israel had alien technology it would not be able to protect is own civilians without hitting some other civilians that are basically used as humans shields by the terrorists.

        So please, get your facts straight, Israel is definitely a source of much good, but like any other place it has some assholes who act in ways that are terrible, but nevertheless bear no representation of what and who Israel is a nation and a people.

      • So… the moment they suspect you might know somebody who doesn’t like israel that justifies shooting a laptop?

        Think people! they could have just asked for the password but they must have had a bad day and decided to do some target practice.

        I am not a racist person nor do i have any hateful feelings against Israel but this action is just another huge example of government BULLSHIT that just exists to make people feel like shit.

      • security needs to be very strict here. unattended parcels, packages, etc are routinely blown up if noone claims them.
        obviously there was some kind of miscommunication here, either with you and the security people, or between themselves, but you have to understand the security point of view.
        perhaps they were worried that if you turned on the computer it would blow up, or perhaps it was an accident,or of course it could’ve been young guys fooling around.
        i’m not saying it justifies killing your computer, but you obviously aroused their suspicions. it is quite normal here to be questioned when entering and leaving the country, when going past security checks at bus stations etc.
        depending on your answers you may get a longer check, interrogation, all your belongs searched etc.
        young people travelling alone, especially coming in from arab countries, with lots of arab visas in their passports are going to be checked thoroughly and unfortunately with good reason a lot of the time.
        hope you have a good stay regardless and get to learn more about israel. perhaps you will feel more connected.
        put this down to experience, and be prepared to answer more questions when you leave the country.

      • Ah, so the BBC is Biased? That’s odd…. because on any other subject, they seem to have some good information.
        Somehow i can imagine a border patrol fool to do this. Why? Because there’s so many stories just like this.

        Let me guess… you were smart enough to encrypt files, and therefor a suspect?

      • Well, actually, I do not fly to the US because of all their paranoid (and as most independent security experts acknowledge mostly useless “feel good” ) TSA/DHS bullshit.

        Not that it’s that relevant, with the US economy in shambles and the USD so low, there is personally no sensible business in the US for me 🙂

      • If this story is true, there is no big misunderstanding. The guards shot the laptop simply to piss off the traveler, and for no other reason. There is no valid security reason to take a laptop and pop three bullets in it. They wanted to inconvenience and annoy.

        Glad no data was lost. I hope the author gives them as much trouble as humanly possible over this stunt.

      • Yes, that makes sense. We think you are a terrorist. We think you have information about terrorists on your computer. We might even think that you are planning an attack, so we will inconvenience you by destroying your computer, but leave you with all the information you need to continue with your suspicous activities. Have a nice day 🙂

        If both the BBC and Aljazeera are biased media, can you give any examples of un-biased media?

      • Remarks stupid? how about “western democracy”? come on!!! blow up a laptop? who can be THAT imbecile? yoour little “grudge” with palestinians is not very civilized.

        BTW, anti-israeli is not terrorist, you little DH, is just anti-israeli. So if I dont like you i’m an evildoer?

        You israeli ppl are too full of yourselves.

      • Pssssst… don’t the paranoid guards have x-ray and bomb sniffing devices? LOL… they put little boys on the border as guards and they act like little boys… shoot first then say sorry…

      • They don’t take your belongings and shoot them in the US. Granted, this could have been handled a little better by our protagonist, but there’s no excuse for destroying property because you don’t like someone’s photo. They didn’t just make her take her shoes off. They made her strip down to her underwear and shot her laptop, as well as interrogating her about her sex life.

        This was some kids on a misguided power trip victimizing an innocent traveler. I was considering a trip to Jerusalem in the near future… fuck that.

        I wonder what they’d do to my iPhone. I don’t speak Hebrew either.

      • I don’t mind taking off my shoes, and I can’t recall the last time somebody shot them or at anybody’s for that matter. I think Isreal put itself in the position it’s in, and if America’s not careful we’ll be right there along with them. I think we’re finally starting to figure that out thank heaven.

      • Alright Eli, I understand that your country has been at war for thousands of years and that you are very connected to the emotions of that conflict. It seems like a bit much to throw those biased comments into the end of your post “remarks about shooting children e.t.c are stupid…” we don’t freak out when people ask us to take off our shoes in the airport because EVERYBODY has to do it. Also, I find it interesting that somebody published an article about this incident and wonder whether or not it was published in defense, so as to look as though the officers or possibly their governing body might be sympathetic to this woman’s plight. I would also like to point out that outsiders like Lilly and most westerners don’t have any cue into your ‘independent’ or ‘unbiased’ media sources and that those sources are definitely biased regardless of who’s side they are on. Oh, and just a tip, next time you want your point to sound ‘unbiased’ I would refrain from calling someones remarks stupid. I am an American, and I do realize that Americans are sheltered from the perpetual war state in the Middle East but I also realize that people are only aware as they seek to be. This woman seems to be seeking at least.

      • I freak out when they make me take off my shoes in America (and in Europe, and every other place that has flights to America), I freak out when they ask me stupid questions or impose upon my liberty in any way. Yeah… I don’t think that’s weird. A reasonable person should. A reasonable person should also understand that Israel is not a democracy, but a theocracy – much like the Muslim lands that they’re so afraid of. Terrorism is a tool of the state, not of the people – the people resist terrorism. And now, I would say that this young woman has been sufficiently terrorized.

        An aside (and off topic): I wish my tax dollars would stop supporting a church I don’t go to (and any that I might go to).

      • The taking off of shoes in American airports is totally ridiculous, but I don’t freak out. It doesn’t make people safer, but the conspicuous display of authority makes some people feel safer.

      • Hey idiot israeli,

        we Americans wouldn’t have to take off our shoes at airports if your evil ziofascist country hadn’t committed a horrific false flag attack on 9/11 against my country and then used our blood and treasure to seek your “greater israel” … israel is a racist, apartheid terrorist murder state that is not a democracy and is the scumhole of the planet causing almost all the conflict (which your mafia state seems to always profit from) in the world … idiots and ziocreeps like you don’t seem to get it that the world is closing in on your serial war crimes and even America – whom you currently control – is wriggling free and we will force peace upon you … you will be living in PALESTINE, safe and sound and prosperous and happy if only you can be a good neighbor to the people who were there FIRST and not try to endlessly dominate and control the neighborhood with your vile supremacism which is a nationalist militarist perversion of what judaism really is

        israel was a mistake and it is collapsing as you look at it – hypocrisy and terror can only last so long



        You shoul have been refunded by the countries that helped and perpetrated the Olocaust not invading a country with the help of UN due geopolitical reasons and kicking the residents only coz it was the holy land !
        It was like Romans would have claim back the whole Europe and almost all middle east or Afrika coz they were there before today’s nations !
        Shame Israel and you country of barbarian chimps.

    • Hello!
      My name is Alaa, attorney at Adalah-The legal Center for Arab Minority rights in Israel, I work, inter alia, on cases of racial profilling and I have some similar cases were happened in the airport of Bengorion with Palestinians. I would like to talk to you if that possible. Plz contact me to me email.


  2. Look at the amazing part.

    your laptop got shot at. and it survived.

    if my laptop got shot at, not only would it die a sad miserable lil death, im fairly sure i would cry from the lost data.

    hows israel btw? =)

    • Look at the amazing part?

      That laptop now looks incredibly cool, practically a piece of art.
      Spruce it up right and sell it to an art gallery.

      Im not kidding when I say it looks reaaaaly cool
      yknow apart from the consequences.

  3. Hahahah oh mannn. Quite a way to be welcomed into “Guam.” That is definitely a story you will never forget. I’m so jealous you’re there. Can’t wait to hear more Lily!! Miss you!!

  4. I’m pretty sure that if that had happened to me, I would have gotten myself arrested. As it is, I’m not even going to write what’s on my mind. hehe. Hope you have a slightly less eventful remainder of your trip! See you soooooon

  5. They shot at your laptop?!?!?! Wow extreme measures much? Well I’m glad that your laptop is ok! And that the rest of your experiences in Israel are a lot better than that! Hey at least you have a great story to tell.

    • I know what happened seems completely bizarre if you don’t live in Israel, but maybe I can try and explain why this happened.. Obviously it was a misunderstanding – these sort of procedures of “blowing up” unattended suspicious objects in a controled manner were started because in the past there were incidents where inside of innocent looking bags or vehicles there were actually bombs hidden.

      If you want more information about this procedure:
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-Kvp3cQ8Gc&feature=related (in hebrew but you can see a video of what happens during the procedure)

      By the way, I have a friend whose school bag was blown up when we were in school – and the next day he had a much better excuse than “the dog ate my homework” 🙂

      • Stop trying to defend this people. She was order to leave luggage unattended and then they shot it because she did!!!! What way of thinking is that? The officers were clearly acting against her for the rather her “suspicious item” that is not professional at all.

      • haha,i know you ilanit! i remember that story. too bad they shot your mac, but at least you get to buy a new one! look on the bright side. and to be fair, your computer was probably a terrorist, because we all know in the future, the computers will take over and make us their slaves. have you not seen the terminator? i love israel and i applaud their efforts to save the world from computer terrorism.

      • But, they didn’t blow it up. They shot three bullets into it. If the Israeli method of investigating suspicious laptops is to shoot three bullets into it, then Israel has much larger problems then terrorist attacks.

      • The procedure/threat of blowing up unattended baggage is probably familiar to anyone who has spent some time in IL. Personally I think it is fine and right, as long as baggage is unattended. In this case this obviously was not happening. In fact what was going on here was obvious harrassment, probably caused by mentioned the publications and fotos.

        It is sad to hear such stories, but I hope that guy who did this got serious problems from his superiors (although I doubt it…).

        Hope you had a good time during the rest of your visit …

    • What does your affirmation suppose to mean? Americans are not murderers?? Americans are not terrorist? Only arabic people is terrorist?

      Anyway, not much different when you go to the USA and they treat you like a piece of shit. they get your luggage upside down and all messed up and wont even say sorry.

      I hope things like this happen more often to americans, so they can get a little bit (just a bit) of their own medicine.

  6. As an Israeli, I’m PISSED and ASHAMED. Man, I guess I would persecute the State, wish death to the jews, shit on the Western Wall, explode myself, go BALLISTIC if it happened to me!!! It’s really insane. No words to say how sorry I feel… 😦

    • I totally agree.. I am just shocked and ashamed… and would be furious if I were you!
      I’m not surprised now that Israel has got a bad reputation world wide. I wish I could do something about it.

      wishing you the best, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here.

    • Then you are one piece of shit israeli rinat and israel feels exactly the same towards you:) well at least i do… feel ashamed and pissed that you can call yourself jewish or israeli cause you are a disgrace:)
      Anyway about this blog that apparently you felt compelled to tell the egypt newspaper all about i want you to imagine a scenario where every single muslim or arab no matter where they are from feels immense hatred for having one of the smallest countries in the middle east while most of the middle east is populated with arabs and muslim then think about how you would feel when they tried to take that small piece of land from you and attempt to kill innocent women and children or an HOURLY basis, planning and attempting to commit terrorist attacks in areas filled with people that did nothing but be jewish then talk to me about “Extreme” measures we take on our boarders….
      That goes to all of you who never felt the constant fear and alarm jewish israelis feel.

      • נכון, ונכון מאוד לגבי לילי עצמה. שתחזור למצרים המפותחת, מודרנית ודמוקרטית…

      • Yeah, very nice to insult people and to be too coward to use to use the same language other people are using in these comments…

      • Have the guts to write what you want to write in a language she, and everyone else on this blog, can read. You right-wing b**ch.

        Israel is a country that was bequeathed a vibrant democratic tradition by its founders. Unfortunately it’s now populated by too many of the likes of “Israeli dude”, who don’t deserve the country they got handed to them.

      • And as for you, “proud Israeli-American”, you’re fortunate that not so many people in America would tell you to “go back to Israel” if you had the temerity to mention that you were mistreated by government officials. Or did you mean “American-Israeli”?

      • the translation is something about a “leftist bitch”, a very constructive remark. And it was very courageous to write it in Hebrew…

      • Brooksfoe man calm down give some respect to pples language, plz respect others rights as I do to you notice, no offensive language just my opinion … Opinion = ok offesive language = not ok. you can’t just go off at because he wrote it in anouther language there might have been a perfectly resonable explanation… Sounding like a racist pro intergration/ assimilation doesn’t make your arguement sound better, plz it’s called BREATHE the “as an israeli” she probably can understand it which is rather against your hypothesis their cowards for writing something she and u can’t understand soz that’s just u 🙂 besides if your sooo curious copy past into google translator or hundred other translators… Isreali American ignore comments on u leaving but hopefully you cnt understand them… Brooksfoe plz try show that you are everything over half of these comments have been trying to prove he may have just written isreali first as symbolism that he was first that then ammerican what you were saying would incite riots fights and terrorism by making said person feel like he does not belong, a important cause of riots over the years Sorry if anything I write here annoys or offends you feel free to be as offensive as possible if it makes you feel better but remember this is the Internet it’s rather sad if you have to
        ps love the comment rinat
        pps I dnt u understand what they wrote coz I’m lazy but notice I didn’t jump to conclusions

    • rinat you should be ashamed of your response. yes it was a bad thing that happened, but to say something like “wish death to the jews, shit on the Western Wall” makes the gunshot laptop event seem like a understated affair. what you just said is even more violent and disrespectful.

    • Translation of the two comments in Hebrew:

      כלבה שמאלנית

      Leftist bitch

      נכון, ונכון מאוד לגבי לילי עצמה. שתחזור למצרים המפותחת, מודרנית ודמוקרטית…

      True, very true regarding Lily herself. Return to Egypt developed, modern, democratic …

      • Ha! Sip, have you ever been to Israel or Egypt, and do you know anything?!! HAAAA, you are an ignorant bastard!

  7. Welcome to the Fourth Reich….take care man! remember 90% of Israeli Jews thought that killing over 300 children in Gaza was not enough!! It’s an insane country with sick bloodthirsty people.

    You have my respect and admiration for all that you do. Just be careful!

    • Yeah, we are a bunch of blood-thirsty demons. After we butchered them we ceremoniously drank their blood and ate their brains. You know, to gain their powers.

      Sorry mate, you were mislead by the press. It was the Hamas – the Palestinian chosen government – holding them at gun-point as living shields, sometimes shooting them to make a point. Not us.

      Don’t let the facts confuse you.

    • Relax Andrew – “insane country with sick bloodthirsty people”? the “90%” fiugure?
      what kool aid you been drinking and what glue you been sniffing?
      where you getting your facts?

      Nothing else but an idiotic, ignorant comment from a truly confused and misguided person who knows nothing about Israel, the conflict or the hope. Teach your children well hippy

    • antisemic! shame on you and on this hate reaction!
      4th reich?!

      what a twisted mind. you are a sick person! talking about bloodthirsty?! calling the victems 4th reich!? disgusting!

    • It’s so easy to sit in the comfort of your home and criticize a situation you do not understand.
      I’m not proud of this stupid action, but bare in mind that we are living in a crazy situation. you never had to see some of your friends get blown away while waiting in line to a club. or a bus explodes with one of your classmates.

      the majority in Israel believe in peace but we are not sure there is a partner on the other end.

      It’s easy being moral when you don’t face this issues. what were you doing when you were 18? I was drafted and had to serve my country. I did not shoot anyone but still you call me bloodthirsty, becasue that’s what the media want to show you.

      Bare in mind that there are 2 sides to every story and you always see just one.

      I wish us all good and happy holidays (to all religions).

      BTW- I’m sure you think we keep all arabs in camps, but you’ ll be surprised to see that we have arab neighbors all over the country. come and visit and see for yourself.

    • “90% of Israeli Jews thought that killing 300 children in Gaza is not enough”
      I’m cursious to know the source of this information, but as the both of us know such inflammatory disinformation needs no source, just idiots like you to disperse them.

    • Oh and where did that statistic come from? The fact that unfortunately innocent civilians died in operation Cast Lead is solely due to Hamas using their families and supporters as humans shields, to generate sympathy, and it clearly worked. Israel used tactics never seen before in modern warfare, dropping leaflets and making telephone calls to warn the terrorists that an attack was imminent and evacuation was necessary, but instead Hamas just gathered more people on those sites so that the death tolls would be higher.
      and if you think all Israelis are sick and blood thirsty, go have a look at the United states.
      Anyway, the Israelis at least believe that Palestinians have a right to live, the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and all Israelis

    • Remember, over 97% of Gaza Arabs thought that firing of 100 missiles every day for 7 years into another nearby country, hitting homes, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, would be ignored.

    • “Welcome to the Fourth Reich….take care man! remember 90% of Israeli Jews thought that killing over 300 children in Gaza was not enough!! It’s an insane country with sick bloodthirsty people.

      You have my respect and admiration for all that you do. Just be careful!”

      WOW blood thirsty people ??
      you forgot we don’t kill children for fun, we use their blood to make mazza bread. We do this immediately after we poison some wells and spread few deseases.

      I assume you based your “intelligent” response on a survey checking how we look at the events in Gazza last year. You also asked yourself how it is to live 7 years with 30 seconds alert to hide from missile attack AFTER we have withdraw from Gazza. And NO nothing I repeat NOTHING justify killing one child and I’m sure you are willing to use the same attitude to HAMAS terrorists that killed children at their sleep from point blank not by mistake with a tank from 2miles away.

      Am I proud of the acts of the security people – no.

      This is a stupid act done by ignorant peopel , there are million ways to make sure there are no security threats in the computer other then shooting it.

      Do I think we need to monitor our borders – yes there are still enough elements that would like to harm us.

      I’m sure you object every single time you see a US homeland officer go through all my stuff with gloves and electronic devices and then escort me to a physical check at each and every domestic airport just because I have a Israeli passport (would you fresh my memory – how many US citizen been hurt by Israeli terrorists ?).

      Again, I can’t apologize enough that your first impression of Israel was a bullet through your macbook. I just hope the rest of your stay will show you that Israel and Israeli’s are totally different.


    • Oh, in these words, right? Check first what American Army does in Afghanistan, bombing hundreds of people from the air at a wedding. The IDF is the most humane army in the world. The Arab people in Israel have all the rights, which they couldn’t have in any of the 22 Arab countries.

      You probably forgot also about 7 years of rockets on Israeli cities which were deliberately targeted (War Crimes) on civilians by Hamas.

      Check also here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=hamas+using+human+shields&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B3GGGL_enIL288IL290&ie=UTF-8&aq=0&oq=hamas+using
      for the reason why children sometimes die in the war here. Or here: http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/MFAArchive/2000_2009/2001/6/Tel-Aviv%20suicide%20bombing%20at%20the%20Dolphin%20disco%20-%201-

    • “An insane country with sick bloodthirsty people”…..

      Gee, Andrew, I thought for a moment you were talking about Gaza….

      Anyway, it is sad this is the image you have of Israel. I would go on and rant and rave at you, but your poor misguided miserable and uneducated comment makes me, well, pity you.

    • Where did you get that ridiculous statistic? There is no such survey. If you post such lies, no one will or should take anything you say seriously.

    • The main reason for 300 dead children in Gaza is that Hammas use civilians as a human shield…

      What about the thousand of kids from the area around Gaza strip the suffered for 8 year from missiles falling on them every day! I want to see you trying to live a normal life when you need to run to the shelter a few times a day.

      I’ll never justified killing of kids but you need to understand that It’s Hammas fault as much as it’s Israel’s.

      “We can forgive Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their chidren more than they hate us.” -Golda Meir, Israel’s Prime Minister 1969-1974

      Lily I’m sorry for the bad experience, Enjoy Israel…

      • Steve, my dear fellow human, use your BRAIN.

        For 8 years, Hamas has fired small rockets into your country. These rockets, over an entire period of eight years, have never killed a total of 50 people…NEVER!!!! 8 years…less than 50 dead……so you get the idea. (And steve, dont you dare say the rockets have killed more than 50…I beg you to show me proof!!!)

        So “Israel” decides hey, lets be just!!! Lets get them back….by killing over 1300 people…more than half civilians….in just 3 weeks!!!

        Calculate the number of civilians in Palestine killed in the last 8 years…..and compare it to the number of Jews….and tell me…..who are the REAL terrorists??? Is the # even comparable???

      • Human shields? Maybe because they are normal people, not an army?
        damn… i am trying my best not to reply to all these stupid jews who think its normal to just take someone’s land and cry about terrorism when the people who’s land has been taken take right into their own hands because the international community feels sorry for the jews because of the holocaust. Fck you! If i’d live in palestina, i’d be militant aswel. Doh!

      • Mr. YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

        No one said it’s OK that 300 kids are dead…
        I don’t know where you live but try to imagine 8 year of you not able to walk around freely cause in any second missile alarm can start and you’ll need to find a place to hide.

        Name my one country in the world that will not respond after 8 years of missile falling on the cities. There is not such thing as “small rockets”, any rocket can kill and do damage!

        The reason for the respond wasn’t because all the casualties, it was because intelligence info that point out the Hammas is getting heavier artillery that can threat the biggest cities in Israel and can make more damage.
        In Hebrew we have a say that says: If some one coming to kill you, wake up earlier and kill him first.

        You can blame mostly the Hammas for injury and killing of civilians cause they are shooting missiles from a civilian areas and Israel response to those areas.

        You can’t say Hammas use humanitarian ways, just look how they holding in prison one Israeli soldier for 3.5 years and asking in return more then 1000 prisoners the most of them are in charge of kill a lot of Israelis.

      • Steve,
        Do you think its more criminal to hold a soldier captured for 3,5 years than 10 000 civilians in prison without a trial? And dont tell me that they are terrorists- because you have no idea- they havent had a trial!
        My god, sometimes this “we are always right” tribalism scares the shit out of me. Count me out of “we”, ok?

      • Do you know the American Sentence “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”?
        well Hamas are Terrorists.. and they are using the Palestinians people as “HUMAN shield”..
        thats why they are hiding in schools, and in neighborhoods staffed with lots of citizens. they want that the israeli army will accidentally hurt civilians! they don’t care about their people!

    • and a 100% of palestinians, and apparently most of the world thougt it’s ok to shoot rockets at israeli cities.

      i hope lilly enjoys her stay in israel despite this moronic incident, and will galdfully help you with compencated for the computer if hebrew is the issue.

    • Andrew, are you for real? have you ever been to Israel? spoke with an Israeli? know ANYTHING about us?

      Hatred doesn’t need much. Just people like you.

    • Just to let you know, I’m an Israeli and my whole family as well as everyone I know does NOT think like that. We think that one child or any person dead is one too many dead and we want this conflict to end but we also understand that the fundamentalist fanatics will perpetrating their murder, simply because they hate. We blame Hamas for inflaming and oppressing the Gazans who deserve better governance and human rights.

      • It’s not simply because they “hate”. You ignore all history and context in order to create a present moment where you can feel justified in the moment for the murder of civilians that are not Israelis. And you have to keep creating these present moments, totally devoid of history and context, to continue to live with yourselves and continue blaming others for your own sins.

        Sad dangerous clowns, you have become.

      • dude, your nickname gave completely opposite meaning to your comment.
        also, just ignore that kid, it’s just a provocation.

    • You mean the 7th Reich or the 10th? if every occupying state is a Reich so the 4th most be the UK the 5th is the US, oh! and off-course Russia and most of the European countries, wait a minute i lost count…

      (and by the way, isn’t antisemitism is against the law?)

      • Just a tiny fyi…I actually agree but to clarify, antisemitism became popularized as term specifically focused on the Jews after WWII, however both Israelis and Arabs are technically Semitic if you’re speaking from an ethnic sense. To be antisemitic then is technically a misnomer if you’re speaking only of those that are Jewish. 🙂 Fun fact.

      • Exactly! Antisemitism as rightfully so against the law.
        But it should also, and urgently, be made against the law to treat any kind of criticism against Israeli as antisemitism. That’s just plain abuse of the whole idea.

      • To Jeda
        Anti Semitism is a term made to exclusively describe hatred towards jews, and jews only.
        The people I know who try to minimize the power of this terminology by claiming it is directed against all people with semitic decendants are usually those who are exactly that – Anti semitic (Jewphobians).

    • wow… what a sickening post. How can you even compare? If you did your research… Andrew… you would find out that the border police is quite… you can say.. traumatized… as bombs have been smuggled in basically by any possible means. Better to destroy an innocent laptop, than risk it blowing up in a restaurant or something. Things like that did happen… and what’s worst is that sometimes the owner of the laptop does not even know.

      Truth is… 90% of Israelis are sick and tired of being shot rockets at for over 8 years, and did not want the unfortunate death of so many civilians to be in vein, like it ended up being. The operation resulted in nothing because the IDF pulled out too soon… If it would have destroyed Hamas, things would have been better for those children that did survive

      • Don’t be ridiculous – if they were worried it would “blow up” they wouldn’t have tried to set off the explosive by shooting at it.

        I’ve lived in Israel – these are out of control, unsupervised, armed teenagers on a power trip. They need a good spanking.

      • I think you misread.

        Of course they would set of the explosive in a safe zone by shooting at it with an explosive-specialist robot. That’s the point. blow it up in a pit and prevent it from blowing up beside people.


        Iv’e also lived in Israel and I can assure you that these are one of the most disciplined soldiers, even at their young age.

      • Just a small comment about the procedures, it’s not that one of those “out of control, unsupervised, armed teenagers” as Jan says took his Rifle and but three bullets in the laptop. Once they suspect that something is a bomb, it is handled only by a robot in a secure environment that fires rounds specifically to set any possible explosives off. It doesn’t explain why they might have thought that this laptop had explosives in it…

      • Unfortunately there appears to be an unspoken policy within the Israeli Immigration/border authorities of randomly destroying laptops. My supervisor was an unfortunate recipient of this behaviour. White Canadian Male 50 years of age works as an geneticist, unaligned with the conflict – laptop taken off him and trashed probably from the butt of a rifle. Luckily he worked for a major australian university and the embassy was quick to avoid bad press from the incident and replaced his laptop with a brand spanking new one. He luckily had backed up his hard drive the day before.

        The individuals involved with this current incident and their supervisors should be suspended without pay and ordered to attend ethics/behaviour workshops.

    • you hateful, unpleasant, nasty person andrew, everything you said in your comment is factually incorrect. you are very, very thick.

  8. This is a down right scandal. I don’t know why it is that I’m surprised: I live here, I know exactly how xenophobic and generally barbaric Israelis, especially young ones, are. But this… This is just sheer, evil and illegal vandalism. Punks. I wish I could apologize on their behalf, but I can’t.
    If you’re still in Israel, I’d love the opportunity to meet up with you and interview you about this, for both my Hebrew blog and the English group blog I’m a part of. If it’s possible, please drop me a note. I’m in Jerusalem, but very mobile.

    • Don’t believe him, he just wont to fu.. you ( i can’t balm him you look very hot and sexy)
      I would also like to bite your apple 🙂 .
      “interview you for my blog” yada yada yada …..

    • I guess you know some barbaric Israelis (maybe even it takes one to know one…).

      I have been through the Israeli security checks many times, and so have many friends of mine (some of them non-Israeli and non-Jewish). Never have I – or them – suffered an experience like that, which probably suggests that there have been something suspicious about this laptop (perhaps residual of suspicious material).

      Now what do you suggest dear sir? That in the name of trying to appear nice to the world, Israeli security authorities should be less alert of security risks? Should I remind you of constant terrorist threats?

      You are either innocently naive or intentionally trying to defame Israel.
      Either case, you are just wrong.

      • Suspicious . . . . right.

        What sort of suspicion would a laptop induce that someone would shoot it?

        Sensitive information valuable to Israeli Intelligence? I am willing to bet they would want to inspect the laptop, not destroy it.

        Perhaps the inside of the laptop had plastic explosive inside of it, waiting to go off? Yeah, I would hope the Israeli army is not so hopelessly incompetent that they would go shooting at suspected bombs.

        No, really, there is no valid excuse as to why the guards would shoot the laptop, other than to cause problems.

        I have noticed people defending the paranoid outlook of Israel “enemies all around us, etcetera” Let us not forget that the Israeli people are just as much to blame for the continuation of the conflict as the Arabs surrounding them.

        Didn’t you kill off you own Prime Minister for trying to make peace? Don’t your settlers insist on pushing farther into Arab territory, guaranteeing that peace will never happen?

        I am neither arab nor jew, and so I say to Hell with both of you. I guess the truth is neither the Jews nor the Arabs love their children enough to seriously pursue peace.

        Think I am wrong? Then make peace, I dare you.

      • HM,

        No civilized society can live in such a constant state of paranoia. However, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you, either.

        Israel *may* be a quasi-democratic country; but the so far unsurmountable problem it faces with the other inhabitants of the region is that it *did not come into being* in a democratic manner. The existing inhabitants of the region at the time of the formation of the state of Israel had no say in it’s appearance within their borders.

        Had Israel been formed by a consensus of the folks actually inhabiting the area it now comprises; things would have been *much* different.

        Also, had Israel embraced rather than alienated the non-Jewish inhabitants of the area during it’s formation, rather than (in effect) displacing them or making them into some sort of “second class citizens” in fact if not in law; you probably would not have this problem.

        People who feel they or their ancestors were cheated, were pushed out of their homes, subjected to social ostracism, etc, are not going to be ‘good neighbors’; at least not until *they feel* they have been suitably compensated, on their own terms.

        I understand the Jewish people feel some sentimentality towards the area of Palestine. However, one must remember the *original* people who became the Jews were not it’s original inhabitants. The people who *became* the “Jewish people” came out of Ur (ie Iraq); according to Old Testament texts. Even though ever since there has been a presence of the Jews or their ancestors in Palestine, it wasn’t until after the time of Moses that the actual land became “theirs”. And, if one believes the Old Testament; that came about via a “genocide” that would have done the Nazi’s; Soviets; Chinese; Cambodians; Rwandans; or any other folks who have gone down that route proud. Though, of course, that was ok… …God allegedly *said so*.

        In any case, the Hebrew people lost control of Palestine almost 2000 years ago, so any historical claim to that particular piece of real estate *today* is rather thin. That’s why the rest of the area sees the state of Israel as an interloper; consisting of land “stolen” from it’s “rightful owners”.

        What probably *should* have happened is that the UN, at the end of WWII, should have gone and *solicited* the member nations to voluntarily donate an area for a Hebrew homeland; so the resulting new country could have been created by consensus. That was not done; and, had it been, I suspect the *location* of that country wouldn’t be located anywhere near where the state of Israel is today.

        However, what’s done is done. And now we (ie the world, not just the Israeli’s) have to deal with the result.

        The crux of your problem is that a good sized percentage of your population is arrogant and very vocal. They feel superior to those around them. I’m not going to go into whether or not such feelings are justified, or even justifiable, but they exist. There is no point in pretending they don’t; as the entire history of the Jewish people is rife with examples.

        But the secret to peace isn’t really a secret. Prosperity brings peace; but only if it’s on *both sides*. You can look at many, many wars in history; and generally it’s obvious that *one side* is usually “better off” than the other; and it’s usually the side that *isn’t* prosperous that ends up creating or continuing the conflict.

        Why? It’s simple. If you’ve got a lot to lose, you usually don’t want to risk it. And if you feel you have *nothing* to lose, then you might as well go ahead and see what happens.

        That’s exactly the positions Israel and the Arab Palestinians are in. The Israeli’s have too much to lose, the Palestinians, nothing. *That’s* what you need to change. Once the Palestinians have enough to worry about the possibility of losing valuable things, *they* will curb the extremists themselves; rather than risk them inciting something that might cause them loss.

        You need to be constructive rather than destructive.

    • אתה חתיכת חרא מהלך, אנחנו ברבריים?? אנחנו שונאי זרים?? תגיד מה עובר עליך, באיזה פאקינג בועה אתה חי?

      • As with all thos comments it si just a ranting of expletives.

        Oren, if you want to insult someone, why not do it in a way they will understand it ? And more fundamentally, when was an insult an argument ?

      • Hey oren, did you know that in some of the more Nordic languages, your name means ‘unclean’? Maybe you need to spell it backwards…

        But I thank you for sufficiently hiding the dirty contents of your dump here.

    • You have no idea what happened. They thought she was suspicious so they made sure there were no bombs in her laptop, but left the hard drive in tact. I know, everybody in the airport there is always nice.

      • I guess scanning the laptop for explosives and whatever else can be done does not enter the minds of Israeli border guards? Why blow it up when there are multiple other ways of finding out if the machine was a bomb?
        If I was more of the paranoid type, I would think that this girl had some friends the border guards did not like her having, so they decided on a bit of harassment…

      • Man, that is SO lame. If the Arabs say all the non-muslims are attacking us and we are doing Jihad to protect ourselves. What does Israel say… In my opinion pretty much the same. All the non-Jews (yes NON- Jews) are against the very existence of Israel So lets just blow laptops and stuff, and fire on civilian buildings. Israel is NO better than a terrorist state.

      • You’re giving them far, FAR too much credit for knowing where the HD is located in that unit. I’m an Apple tech and I wouldn’t have known for sure where & where not to put a bullet to avoid the HD. These guys were just being dicks–don’t try to rationalize, excuse, or otherwise mitigate their actions.

      • Ah, but how many times have they taken you for a “few” questions?
        i usually get the glorious number six treatment, which means that i get strip searched every time i enter or leave the country. When they insult me saying: “how is a white arab?” it’s usually not the best impression on their “niceness”.


        (for people who don’t know Ben Gurion airport, the security checks you get correspond to numbers given by just examining your passport, 1 being virtually no checks, 6 being strip searched)

      • Yeah sure,

        every military knows where the hard disk in a laptop is. And they can aim for it ro miss from a distance. I suppose they were shooting from a distance, because they were trying to set of the explosives in the laptop.

        Couldn’t agree more with the other Jan..

      • Bear Jew, really?

        Are the Israelis so stupid as to shoot at suspected bombs?

        When they do in fact own sophisticated bomb detection equipment?

        And bomb sniffing dogs?

  9. Alsalamu Aleikum. Israel is a colonial state which was built on the land of Palestine in 1948 , it was stolen and renamed to israel and majority of its people were kicked out and replaced with zionist immigrants from all over the world who shared no ethnic bound together. Therefor i find it insulting that a Muslim refers to this country as Israel. We should call it what it is: Occupied Palestine.

    • shut up fanatic!! Israel historically was in that land! Palestine was the name given by the Romans when they tried to destroy them but they could not and now they are were God wants them to be.

    • Pretty sure I have scriptures dating tens of thousands of years back that would argue that statement. That was Israel’s land long before your prophet came in and started murdering his own family and tribe. While Israel may be over-zealous and aggressive, they have adapted to it after hundreds of years of your barbaric acts. Neither side is right, but at least their religion doesn’t encourage pointless violence against all who dare to disagree.

    • really? I bet you know who gave it the name Palestine… it was the Greeks at the 5th century BCE, Herodotus. and he refereed that land as a ‘district of Syria’. Arabs took over Greater Syria in the 7th century and used the ancient Byzantine administration name. there is no connection with the origin of the name to Arabs. the origin came from the ancient PLISHTIM which lived in this region. there were never “Palestinian people” – that is an invention took place at 1948. those Arabs were belong to Jordan(west bank and eastern Jerusalem), Egypt (Gaza), Syria (Golan heights). this region was never owned by any one, but when the British colonialism ended they decided to divide it – gave the Jews a country that was historically belong to them, and return other lands to Arab countries: Gaza strip to Egypt, west bank to Jordan, Golan heights to Syria. there were never any possibility that a second country will be established for Arabs (or as they now call them selves “Palestinian”).
      like i said before – thats a new invention.

    • “Stolen” from whom?

      From wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Palestine#Travelers.27_impressions_of_19th_century_Palestine

      Travelers’ impressions of 19th century Palestine

      Alphonse de Lamartine visited Palestine in 1835, “Outside the gates of Jerusalem we saw indeed no living object, heard no living sound, we found the same void, the same silence … as we should have expected before the entombed gates of Pompeii or Herculaneam a complete eternal silence reigns in the town, on the highways, in the country … the tomb of a whole people.[32]

      The satirist Mark Twain wrote a humorous account of his visit to Palestine in 1867, and wrote in chapters 46,49,52 and 56 of Innocents Abroad: “Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes. Over it broods the spell of a curse that has withered its fields and fettered its energies. Palestine is desolate and unlovely — Palestine is no more of this workday world. It is sacred to poetry and tradition, it is dreamland.”(Chapter 56)[33] “There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country”. (Chapter 52)[34] “A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action. We reached Tabor safely. We never saw a human being on the whole route”. (Chapter 49)[35] “There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent – not for thirty miles in either direction. …One may ride ten miles (16 km) hereabouts and not see ten human beings.” …these unpeopled deserts, these rusty mounds of barrenness…”(Chapter 46)[36]

      Ans so on..

    • Really? Considering there was never a palestinian state. Never a palestinian currency. No real mentions of arab Palestine in history before 1969.

      And before 1969 Arabs in Palestine were called Arabs, and Jews were called Palestinian.

      In fact El Al was called Palestine Airways before being renamed.

      So when you refer to Occupied Palestine you mean the land that Arabs are living on in what is biblical Israel? Jordan too?

      About that ethnic bound, there have been DNA studies that show there are many genes that we share.

      Stolen? You mean that the Arab league attempted “to line the streets with the skulls of jews” and they failed? By the way thats what Arab radio stations were playing before the attack.

      I am sick of people trying to change history. Read a book before you comment or just blindly listen to what your people tell you.

    • Rhetoric begets rhetoric. You have no point, only regurgitated information.

      Try to form a single, unique thought in your brain sometime.

    • With all due respect, the modern history begins at the turn of the last century, not during WWII…Just after WWI, the region of Palestine was already being overpopulated with the major influx of immigration, let alone the millions that came over during WWII and after. As others have stated, it’s not so easy to classify historical misrepresentation with modern conflict and Zionism.

    • Aleikum Salam ya Muslim.

      “……was built on the land of Palestine in 1948”

      To bad you skipped class that day at school. Or did you? Please remind me, when was “Palestine” a state before 1948? Ah yes, you are right – it did not exist. It was created as a result of the UN separation plan and the creation of Israel.

      Oh, but what before that you say? Well let’s see:

      – Southern Syria
      – Land occupied by Turks
      – Land occupied by Romans
      – Land occupied by Bazantine

      Get the picture?

      There *is* no “Palestine”. There *was* no “Palestine”.

      We, the Jews, the rightful owners of this land, have historical proof going back 3,000 years that this is our homeland and we were there before you, long before you.

      You know? In 1948, the arab nations, urged the “Palestinians” to leave the country so that they could “wipe out” the Jews and then you all could come and return to the spoils.

      Guess what? That created the refugee problem. Oh by the way, the ones that did not run? Did not leave? They are citizens of Israel today and enjoy a quality of life that “Palestinians” could only dream about.

      So my friend, do your homework and maybe stop going to the mosque long enough for the Imam’s hate to stop ringing in your ears so you can think clearly.

      PS – All this, from a left wing Israeli that would like to see the two countries living side by side….

      • Angry Joe.

        You say:-

        “When was “Palestine” a state before 1948?”

        There was no state called Palestine, Palestine was land that has been part of many empires or has when it was a state tributary to empires. The empires include Egypt, Babalon, the Hittite empire, Rome and Turkey. This list is not complete. But whatever state held the sovereignty, that state had laws and under those laws people owned property in Palestine, and had the right not to be dispossessed of that property. That the people who lived in Palestine did not themselves had full ownership of the sovereignty of the states under which they lived, does not mean that they did not have property rights under the laws of those states.

        Under the Ottoman empire the population of Palestine was several hundred thousand with about 30 thousand of them Jews. More Jews immigrated in the nineteenth century but I do not know whether the Turks allowed this to be unlimited. After the first world war, the league of nations gave Britain and France mandates to govern part of Turkish empire and Britain was put in control of what are now Iraq, Jordan, Israel and the occupied territories. Under its mandate Britain had a fiduciary duty to the inhabitants of this area to protect their interests, but unsurprisingly subordinated this to its own interests and the interests of those it favored.

        Under the Balfour declaration, Britain stated its intent to create a state for the Jews in the mandate territory but the boundaries of the proposed state contained a much smaller area than Israel has ever in its existence been confined. However the Balfour declaration contained words about protection of the rights of non Jews already living in the area that was to become Israel. It proposed two states, one for Jews and one for Palestinians but it did not assume that non Jews in the Jewish part could be expelled and their property confiscated.

        You say:-

        “We, the Jews, the rightful owners of this land, have historical proof going back 3,000 years that this is our homeland and we were there before you, long before you.”.

        According to the Old Testament in the Christian Bible which is a translation of your Torah, the Jews after the exodus from Egypt killed all the previous occupants, the canaanites. If 3000 year ago ownership by your ancestors justifies your return and your expulsion of all temporary inhabitants then why cannot descendants of the canaanites do the same to you? They were there before you just as according to your Israeli national justification myths you were there before the Palestinians.

        One of the nice things about Judaism today is that it does not try to convert people. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Islam and Christianity. However back in the times of the Roman empire Jews had migrated from Palestine out into the empire and Judaism there was a proselytising religion which recruited among gentiles. Most of the early development of Christianity occurred not in Palestine but elsewhere in the empire among the congregations of such diaspora synagogues. The Jews in these congregations would have had some genes that could be traced back to Palestine but most of their ancestry would have been gentile. Also their were some nations where whole populations converted to Judaism. European Jewry’s descent from 3000 year ago Palestine is cultural rather than genetic. The Romans may have expelled some Jews from Palestine because they found the rebellious tendencies that came with their attachment to the land to be a problem, but they would not have expelled all of them and the population left would have expanded to refill the land. When Rome adopted Christianity as the state religion many Palestinian Jews would have converted. In the 6th century Islam arose ans spread across the Middle East, most of Palestine’s population, Jew or Christian would have converted to Islam. Who are their descendants today? The people you call Palestinian Arabs of course.

        So the Zionists who today are the majority in Israel have less descent from Palestinian Jews of the Roman Empire era than do the people they dispossessed, the Palestinians.

        You say:-

        “You know? In 1948, the Arab nations, urged the “Palestinians” to leave the country”.

        Before Israel’s war of declaration of the sate, the majority of the population of the area inside Israel’s post war borders was Palestinian and they would not have agreed to allow further immigration that would have made them a minority. Getting rid of enough of them to make Jews the majority by a good ratio was a prerequisite to establishment of the state if the state were to be both “democratic” and Jewish. Not surprisingly the 1948 war was accompanied by massacres and historians now admit that their were explicit plans to expel Palestinians at the time of declaration of the state. When carrying out an ethnic cleansing you do not need to kill that many, only enough to encourage the others to start moving. Arab radio stations told the Palestinians to flee, and I have no doubt that one of the reasons is that Jewish death squads had notified them of their intentions. In any case it seems to me that fleeing an area that is about to become a war zone seems a pretty sensible thing to do.

        You say:-

        “Oh by the way, the ones that did not run? Did not leave? They are citizens of Israel today and enjoy a quality of life that “Palestinians” could only dream about. “.

        Some of the people who fled remained within the borders of Israel, but their property was confiscated just as it was for those who fled outside the borders. Israel refers to these as “Present absents”. The economic conditions for Palestinians living inside Israel are far behind those of Jewish Israelis. The state discriminates in favour of Jews and against Arabs in spending tax money, in allocating subsidies, in funding education in confiscating land and in employment. Some Israeli politicians including its current foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman are canvassing the idea of expelling Israel’s Arab “citizens”.

    • Why then do neighboing Muslim states force Palestinians to live in refugee camps while the Israel allows Palestinians who are citizens to live with full rights and where they please?

      Your arguments will only lead to further bloodshed and should be condemned.

    • Well, no. Israel existed along with Palestine long ago. When Israel was rebuilt there, Jews only got what belonged to them before – their land. Plus, Palestine isn’t even recognized as a state compared to Israel, so sorry, but you’re wrong here. And I am not a Jew or Zionist or whatever, so don’t even start on that.

      About the post: it’s clear that I would freak out if they did that to my laptop. I’m having a trip soon, so I’ll better go back up all my data 🙂 But still, have fun there 😉

    • When Zionists moved to Israel in 1948 they did so legally seeing as the British controlled this land. Much of the land they purchased was from absentee landowners not even living in the land of Israel but rather in places like Beirut or Damascus…the Palestinian and regional Arab leadership boycotted the UN resolution 181 calling for the partition of the land….what came next was war and ethnic cleansing on both sides…to the victor goes the spoils

      • “To the victor go the spoils”?!? Be careful. Under that reasoning, if Palestinians get hold of nukes and take out Israel, they’re entitled to it. Seriously–try to think before you type.

      • Well, actually read some actual history books (this one happened to be a Ph.D. thesis 😉 ).

        Jews were immigrating illegally after WWII to the Middle East, and the curious and surprising part is that they used the same smuggle routes through Italy that Nazi SS criminals were using, so there have been documented cases where one floor in a house was occupied by smuggled Jews, and one was occupied by smuggled Nazis at the same time.

    • Your remark towards the situation of the artificial nation Israel is similar stupid as was the action of these imbeciles in uniforms. I’ve been several times to Israel, spoke with israelian citicens of jewish, palestinian, arabic and other backgrounds and read articles of arabic, zionistic, british, UN and other origins from the whole last century (jewish immigartion started even before WW1, and then they were welcome idiots for paying real money for useless barren and swampy land). And as an apparent muslim you need to learn that a considerable part of the palestinians aren’t even muslims but christians. So: cut the religious crap and learn about the facts, will you? Thank you.

    • Palestine never existed. The PA never accepted the UN resolution. Israel is a land, given by G-d over Heaven and earth to His nation for all time. The modern state of Israel is the precursor to us reclaiming that land in order to live there and do G-d’s will as His nation of Israel.

      • Seriously? ‘Given by G-d’? Do you know how many people all over the world have died (in vain) over such so called religious claims?

      • I’m living in the middle of Europe. And let put things clear: what the Germans did during the second world war wasn’t of course acceptable. I am no extremist.

        But since 60 years (already) the Israeli really think they are divine in this region. I’m supporting the Palistines – as more and more Europeans do. Maybe this example (‘destroying computer’) shows how freaky the Israeli become.
        Israel can do what they want due to the protection of America. They think that all the others (except Jews and America) are the bad guys…
        I hope this can be stopped quickly.

        Israeli must finally live peacefully with their neighbour countries. As long as these aggressions are tolerated the situation will not change!

      • You are a superstitious primitive who uses the concept of a god to justify your own barbarism. Your religion is pure….pure B.S.

      • God is spelled GOD…..for future references….

        Just to be sure, you were Gods chosen people, and thats why you lost your land for 2,000 years??? Thats why you were, and still are, persecuted across the world no matter WHERE you go???

        I think the story where God sent Jesus to you, and you killed him (because you are and always have been arrogant people), and then He, God, cursed you for eternity…that story makes more sense.

      • And what about Santa Claus, or the voodoo lady? when are you guys going to enter the 21st century and leave your superstitious mumbo jumbo where it belongs. In other words, the history books. You can not base the existence of a state on on an old book about an incompetent father figure somewhere in the sky. The whole conflict is a perfect example of how chaos theory works. Action – Reaction! No God, no winners, just losers.

      • In re: Ezra and your big, magic friend in the sky… Great, just great. Justifying major events of today, based on Bronze Age magical thinking.

        The world will be (or at least it could be) a whole hell of a lot better when the total ridiculousness of silly superstitions of some religions are a thing of the past.

        The three Abrahamic religions are the worst of the lot. These three were essentially based on some wacky ideas that some bronze age people thought up, probably with the aid of schizophrenic or other mental breaks from reality.

        These three religions that all have roots in this magical thiinking are particularly egregious in their cruelty. Worse this is masked in some sort of religious “holier than thou” attitude with very negative actions toward each other and non-believers.

        I will probably annoy most everyone but, in my view, these three religions are the root of much evil currently and certainly have been the root of much past eviil (Think, Inquisition or many wars based on religion, for past examples) . I do not care, but the magical thinking is all silly. At least, it would be silly if it did not lead to such serious problems that drag everyone else into their stupid world.

        Consider the Catholic church aiding, abetting, and covering up the fact that many of their “caring shepherds” of the religions flock raped children. Consider the intolerant, ignorant, bible-thumping Evangelical Protestants that abuse others that are just a little different from them–even co-religionists– that my country has too many of (US); further, consider that these are the worst of the global climate science deniers and obstructionists in our Congress and elsewhere, often justified, in part, with allusion to their magical-friend-in-the-sky. Consider the Islamic extremists that try to justify blowing up people in the name of some divine, all-caring creature Lastly, consider the Jewish nutcases-extremists (like Ezra?) that think that *their* particular nutty version of the Abrahamic God somehow justifies a difference between them and God’s “UnChosen” peoples of Islamic, Christian, or non-belief, largely based just on some genetic descent from a small subset of shepherds from around the Levant, but not the descent from a second subset of genetically quite similar shepherds.

        We humans, from before the Bronze Age to the present day, are just an extremely tiny blip on the vast reach of biological and geological time. If we do not quickly get over some silly superstitions that create much of current mischief in the world, we may very well become a temporary blip and soon make ourselves extinct.

    • and Aleikum Salam. “the land of Palestine”… tell me, habibi, what kind of country was Palestine? who were its people? who was the head of state? what kind of currency was there? anything?

      You can’t. That’s because the word “Palestine” was first used when the romans decided to punish the Jews who tried to revolt against them by changing the name of Judea and Samaria to “Provincia Syria Palestina”.

      is Philisteen an arabic word? is it in the Qur’an? No. the word comes from Hebrew… and, ironically, it is derived from the word Palash, meaning invaded.

      a Jordanian and a Palestinian are no different… as both lived in the British Manadate of Palestine before ’48. When Britain pulled out, they divided the land (in favor of Arabs).

      so before you go on insulting Muslims who are a little bit more educated than you, try to learn a little bit here and there. There are many Muslims today who are proud to be Israeli. They might not always agree with their government’s actions (who does anyway?) but they would not trade their Israeli citizenship for any other.

      If you want proof, ask Lily to ask Muslims that she meets in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv if they would rather be citizens of another country, and she will tell you ~

      • More propoganda myth by a racist zionist. What else do you expect from then. Like a famous propagandist once said: “If you repeat teh same lie over and over, people will believe it.”

        Palestine exists my friend and you better get used to it. Palestine is as Palestinians as Apple pie is to the USA.

    • Not quite true actually Muslim. Palestine was established by the Roman Empire as a Roman state. Before the Roman empire Israel and Judah existed and before that just Israel and before than Canaan so that particular region has gone through several name changes and different inhabitants throughout history. Palestinians were not always there contrary to what you believe. But if you want to hold that mentality every country is an occupied something else because almost every country that exists today was taken from someone else. That is a fact of history. In any case this still sucks and the security guards were being dick heads and her laptop should be replaced.

      • Really, Are you a language teacher? He could have just read your reply to learn how to spell it, but you’ve used all capitals. Usually not very professional for a language teacher 😉

    • Good luck, this is a very positve and constructive apparoach. THis for sure will help to build an independent state aside Israel (like it or not). For sure, the Arab wrold has a lot of to offer to this state as an example such as human rights, freedom of expression, justice etc. Do you feel so good hating so much an on the same time being so hypocritic? so blind?

  10. I agree with muslim, although i find it insulting that anyone (regardless of their religion) calls it Israel.. It is Palestine and will always be Palestine. I doubt you will have a good time in Occupied Palestine because it is colonized by Zionist pigs.

    anyway.. all the best to you and I’m happy that your data was saved..

    good luck.

    • I really admire your spirit and enthusiasm about the issue and about trying to share awareness about Palestine and “Israel”. I’m a Palestinian Muslim who lived in Palestine my whole life and suffered from the occupation on a daily basis. But I would respectfully like to add that it’s stereotyping and inaccurate to call all the Jews living and occupying Palestine as Zionist Pigs as there are many who were born and raised in occupied Palestine “Israel” and were raised on the idea of this land belonging to them and have never heard the facts of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. So I think these people deserve more respect than putting them in the same category with the ones killing children and unarmed people in Gaza and the West Bank.
      With all respect.

      • I must disagree, the land has been there far before anyone named or claimed it. In reality the current situation is the after effect of two world wars and Britain and France double dealing the Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, the situation cannot be helped, but both sides need to stop being so hateful towards their fellows. Both sides murder, lie and fight dirty, but if they worked together the middle east could potentially not only be peaceful, but a world superpower. (Besides, both religions stem form the same forefather, I know it’s not easy after all that’s happened, but until there is peace both sides will suffer, also please do not hate all of a religion for the few that have done wrong, hope you can see my stance on this, even if you do disagree.)

        Anyway I’m hardly surprised by this, the security is very tight over there, however this is plain stupid, if your laptop had dangerous information destroying it is moronic. If it had been a bomb..well… yeah. Should get an external hard drive and back up your stuff with time machine! Hope your trip is/was otherwise safe and good.

      • Dear Maher

        There isn’t a group of people called palestinians.
        There are only groups and tribes of arabs immigrating into Israel some 200 years ago – to work for the turkish Ottomans building their railways from Egypt (El-Masri), from Jordan, etc. That’s about it.
        The Romans were the ones who called this land Palestine.
        There was never a people called Palestinians and there was never a state called Palestine, it just didn’t exist.
        Isarel didnt occupy a thing – it is just a mere lie which You and other antisemites use over and over again, so other people would think of it as the truth…
        Back in 1967 Israel freed the Gaza strip from an Egyptian occupation, and it did the same to Judea and Samaria – freed it from the hands of Jordan.
        Egypt and Jordan respectively rulled upon the land for 19 whole years.

        To sum things up – may the arab leaders start to take care of their civilians and population instead of investing so much hard currency in terror, and may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel.

        Make love, no war,

      • Thank you Maher for being respectful. I think we can work with people like you to create a good life for all of us. Of course I don’t believe we “stole” this land any more than the Spanish “stole” their land from the Moors. I don’t want to see any person hurt in Gaza. I don’t want to see your freedom of movement being taken away from you either, and I think your people should have freedom to govern yoruselves without us having to police you. We need to build mutual trust and solve our problems without violence. How about soccer games instead?

      • Maher,

        Kudos for taking a peaceful and decent point. Most people who make any mention of this conflict have little to no understanding of the facts on the ground, which is that people from both sides of the conflict have been manipulated by the previous generation and the media (which has political and financial motives) to believe certain “truths”, which are not ACTUAL truths.

        In my opinion, neither Israelis nor Palestians are right.

        No man, woman, or child could possible own land, or claim it as a homeland for a specific group of people based on tribe, culture, or religion.

        Land is the source of life. Life is a basic human right (as in, you do not have a right to kill me, or remove me from lifegiving resources). Therefore, the whole idea of private property (interdiction from utilization of any land for self-preservation) and the idea of national borders runs counter to any notion of basic human rights.

        With that said, Israelis and Palestinians both have an inalienable right to protect themselves against credible threats.

        With regards to this particular case:

        Palestinians notoriosly use carriers who will no arouse suspicion in order to deliver bombs (and kill) Israelis. What better of such carriers than a European-looking Jewish girl from the United States. For their own safety, Israelis have learned they must respond with drastic measures in order to prevent such attacks.

        Some Israelis, being fallible humans as they are, get angry and frustrated and resentful — just like Palestinians and anyone else faced with seemingly random violence against one’s friends and family. Many Israelis are particularly resentful and angry towards non-Israeli Jews who take a stance that is sympathetic to Palestinians. They (perhaps understandably) consider them traitors.

        Any Arabic writing on this (obviously) Jewish girl’s computer (or photos of anti-semitic graffiti) could, to an Israeli who is particularly resentful and angry, seem like incontrovertible evidence of pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli feelings. As such, especially in a group setting, such individuals are liable to act thuggish (mob mentality). To be honest, I’m shocked that these soldiers didn’t go so far as to perform a full body-cavity search on Ms. Sussman. Not that she deserved it — just that people (be they Americans, Germans, Sudanese, Columbians, Peruvians, etc) in this situation have done worse. Its human nature.

        We are, as humans, a disgusting breed with a penchant for emotional pain, fear, anger (and subsequent revenge on the nearest available target).

        Lily — you could easily have foreseen the controversy that might arise with your Arabic stickers. I Imagine that somewhere inside, you wanted to get a rise out of people. I know no other reason why whatever feeling/emotion you wanted to express needed to be done in a language other than English. To convince Arabs of your love for them as fellow humans? As a conversation piece?

        The fact is — Israeli nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity — they’re all the same. They are utterly meaningless labels under which directionless individuals can unite for a single cause of destruction/subjugation/”saving” of the “other”. And even if you argue that’s not what they are at their essence, that is the ultimate cumulative effect of their exploitation by individuals grasping for power: Netanyahu, Sharon, Arafat, Bush, various Popes, Nero, Saddam, Charlemagne, Henry VIII Bin-Laden, Graham, Lieberman, — the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and will forever until a more civilized philosophy of non-violence and human kindness at all costs takes root.

      • “There isn’t a group of people called palestinians.
        There are only groups and tribes of arabs immigrating into Israel some 200 years ago – to work for the turkish Ottomans building their railways from Egypt (El-Masri), from Jordan, etc. That’s about it.
        The Romans were the ones who called this land Palestine.
        There was never a people called Palestinians and there was never a state called Palestine, it just didn’t exist.
        Isarel didnt occupy a thing – it is just a mere lie which You and other antisemites use over and over again, so other people would think of it as the truth…”

        Actually my family kept extensive records and traced our immigration to the region around 1000 years ago. My grandparents grew up with Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and spoke Hebrew, English and Arabic. They used to live peacefully in unison and called themselves Palestinians because that was the region they lived in. I think it is you who is fabricating lies, then throwing out accusations of antisemite to discredit others. Or perhaps this is just what you are taught in the schools, because they don’t want to give you any reason to think badly of Israel. Don’t forget that the Arabs are also a semitic people.

      • Wow, honestly, I thought the story was extremely disturbing…then I read some of the comments and realized that the story was something we should expect simply as “normal security measures Israel takes to defend itself.”

        As for the “Palestine” or Israel” debate..

        Israeli Zionists, please use something God ACTUALLY DID GIVE YOU- no not your so called “Israel,” but your BRAINS!!!!!

        After the Romans kicked your annoying people out of THEIR LAND since you Jews couldn’t allow peace in the land, the people who remained their BECAME KNOWN AS PALESTINIANS. When you say that there is no such thing as Palestine, you are denying a 2,000 year old title. Do you honestly have brains??? Many of those PALESTINIANS, not all, became Muslims later on..and many became Christian….and I’m sure some even became Jews. They were the PALESTINIANS. So now that we have established the fact that 2,000 years ago PALESTINE was established, lets move on to what actually makes a difference.

        HOW CAN A HUMAN BEING (and yes, that implies every Zionist, or Zionist sympathizer is not a Human…you guys are something else) justify coming to a land that 2,000 years ago was “yours” (lol, haha, do you guys even know anyones name that lived there at the time???), and then saying “HEY EVERYONE WHO HAS LIVED HERE FOR THE LAST 2,000 YEARS!!! PACK UP YOUR BAGS AND MOVE OUT, WE ARE BACK!!!! And then you expect everyone that has lived their for centuries to say “oh sure…here, take my home, my farm, my property…its all yours!”

        So in conclusion, Zionists are theives (since in modern day definitions stealing is defined as taking something that does not belong to you).

        And honestly, if you guys really were Gods chosen people, would he cause you to lose your land for 2,000 years, get killed by Hitler, and then shoot innocent peoples laptops??? Honestly, lets start thinking 🙂

      • Maher,
        People who occupy our land and kill our children and blow up our houses should not be respected. They should be exposed and treated with the contempt they deserve. Zionists are colonizers who have no right to claim an inch of Palestine which exclusively belong to the Palestinian Arabs. Don’t fall for their crap about Jews being in Palestine for 3000 years. It’s all lies. When the British claimed Palestine in 1918, Jews made less than %8 of the population and even then most of them were not natives but rather emigrants from Eastern Europe who fled the so many pogroms against Jew in Eastern Europe. There is no Jewish connection with the land of Palestine no matter how they try to spin their religion. In the 13 century, a rabbai from North Africa visited Jerusalem and he could only find 12 Jews living in the city working as water carriers. People need to learn the facts instead of the Zionist spin which is nothing but lies perpetrated by a huge propaganda machine that has been in operation for over a 100 years. What they do is to brain wash people; Jews and non Jews into believing that Palestine is their promised land. There is no such crap. The 2 pillars of Zionism which are a people without a land seeking a land without people and the promised land are both phony and were invented to serve Zionism objective which is to bring Jews from their native countries into Palestine at the expense of its native Palestinian Arabs. Zionism is a racist ideology that does not care about even Jews. It’s time for people to wake up and put an end to this lying machine.

      • To David Dutch and all the people supporting his claim;
        I didn’t write what I wrote to argue the existence of a people called Palestinians or a place called Palestine or to take charge against the usage of the word “Israel” to call this land because even fighting this is like your try to deny the existence of Palestine and Palestinians.

        David Dutch, you argue that there were never a people called Palestinians and others argue that even the name of Palestine came from a Hebrew word. Well, can you tell me where were Israelis and your holy promised land of “Israel” before 1948. Again I would like to add that I’m not a historian or not even closely capable of defending the name of Palestine the way it should be defended because I don’t know all the facts and dates and truths but I like to think that I have enough to respond to your comment for now.

        Prior to 1948, the dream of a country for Jews was only a dream in the minds of the Zionist parties leaded by Theodore Hertzel who first came up with the idea of creating a country for Jews and suggested many places for this country but finally chose Palestine because it would be easier to convince the world of the Jews right to this land. Before 1948, Muslims, Christians and Jews used to live on the land of Palestine in peace and under the name of Palestinians. Then Belfore Promise to the Zionist organizations to give them the land of Palestine after withdrawing from it took place in 1948 which manifested the birth of the Jewish state of “Israel” and Al-Nakbeh (The disaster) for the Palestinian people because of the killing of hundreds and the Diaspora of hundreds of thousands either as an internal or an external immigration to nearby countries.

        We’ll I think I’m done with the history lesson for now and back to your claims. I can assure you my family line and the tree of my family goes way back in history in this land than yours does. I’m even almost sure that if you go back to your grandfather and ask him where he came from he would definitely name some East European country or some other place but definitely not Palestine. So if you just wanted to make the claim of the absence of a people called Palestinians couldn’t you at least make one argument in favor of the existence of people called Israelis or a place called Israel prior to 1948?? And before saying that there is no people called Palestinians, could you really deny the 4.5-5 millions still living in Palestine and call themselves Palestinians or the nearly 6 million refugees living in refugee camps all over the Middle East without and identity or a hope for a decent life because your ancestors gave them the choice of either being thrown out of this country or being killed in it. Could you really deny the existence of all these people or all you wanted to do is to make an uneducated statement about the existence of a whole group of people “And by this I’m not calling you uneducated but just calling your statement uneducated because it not even close to being an argument you could support”.

        Dear David, this is just a glimpse of the truth which the whole world is asking us just to forget and let go of and admit the existence of a place called Israel or else the whole world will deny our existence. I can’t deny that there’s a place where 5-6 million Jews live and the entire world call Israel, I can never deny it and I would be a fool for trying to. It is the legitimacy of the existence of such place which I can argue and with an open minded bias person I could definitely convince.

        I just wish you are brave enough to come up with a comeback to this response if you read it because I would really love to respond to any reposes against what I just wrote.

        P.S God doesn’t favor one human with faith over another because of his religion; it’s people’s deeds what God is concerned about. So I humbly think that it is offensive to God when you say that Jews are God’s chosen people.

        With all respect and admiration to anyone who contributes to making this a productive conversation not a pointless argument. And I would like to say as a last word that this isn’t only a matter that should concern Palestinians and “Israelis”, it’s a matter that should concern everybody for, as MLK said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


    • Now, who’s being narrow-minded here?

      Some Israelis were just born on this land, live their lives and hope for better. Many even hate the state, second your opinions, want a better future for everyone…

      Your statement sounds but ignorant.


    • there is no such thing palestine!! it’s fiction!!
      most of the arab that lived in israel are orignaly from jorden, and the arabs in gaza are form egypt… israel is the land of the jews!
      you are asshall and mother fucker , your mother is a pig and hore, and becuse you suporting the muslims , soon you will get fuck by them

    • Get the facts stright UN resolution divided “Palestine” (for the Jewish and Arabs) which was occupied by the british the ARABS nations around didn’t like that and open a massive war from all fronts against the Jewish and lost… when you loose you pay. Next time don’t start what you can’t end.

    • This is just the sort of language and sentiments that have brought over 60 years of pain and violence to the region. Have you learned nothing from history?

    • well, I’m sorry that the UN resolution from 1948 is insulting you. well… no really.

      BTW, calling 7 million people whom you don’t know “pigs” says more about what you are, then what they are.

    • It will always has been Israel much before Mohammed was born, Jerusalem was never even mentioned in the Quaran, in fact when Jordan ruled Jerusalem until 1967, they didn’t even thought about making Jerusalem their capital since as a city it wasn’t important enough…

      Zionism was all about returning to home land, the jews didn’t started the war on 1948, it was the arabs.. it was the arab Mufti of Jerusalem and the arab leaders who promised the arab people on the eve of the independance declaration that they will wipe off the jews from Israel, but luckly enough it didn’t happened and many arabs run away to what otday are the fugitive camps.. guess what happened to the ones who didn’t run away?? did the “zionist pigs” sluttered them? well no, they are civilians of the state of Israel, get all the right, go to universities and if you will bother to ask them, they don’t really want Hamas or anyone else to take over Israel, they leave in the highest economic level from all the region (except the golf countries), enjoy total freedom without any islamic shaaria rules..

    • i totally disagree with what u just said, “occupied palestine”?? wat is that??
      its israel given over by the united nation of the world and if muslims dont agree with that, why agree with anything in UN? like ahmadenejads speeches?

      it is eretz yisrael

      but….glad u got your hard drive : )

      • Lol, you seriously should go to school.

        THE UNITED NATIONS DECLARES ALL OF THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES (WEST BACK, GAZA, ETC….) TO BE A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW!!!! But “Israel,” the terrorist under the cloak of democracy doesn’t care now, does it?

        I really hope you are a child younger than 2 years old, because you sound like one.

        Wanna start learning???

        Read this from the UN WEBSITE!!!


        This is why I hate “Jewish Zionists” as your title claims….ignorant.

      • The UN Genereal Assembly vote was not approved by the Security Counsel. It make for good rhetoric though. Only military force decided if Israel deserved to be a country or not. Also it is through military force that Israel continues to be a country. But isn’t that the way of the world?

    • what makes you better not racist if you put al zionists in one cgae as pigs? Not all of us agree with the occupation of palestine but Israel state is a 62 years fact, and no good will come from pursuing its destruction instead of construing Palestine aside Israel. Despite cruel occupation on behalf of Israel, Arabs in general and Palestinians especially can learn a lot from Israelies, agriculture, Medicine etc. Be little more positive, hate has no good outcome.

    • Its Israel. Should we break up Iraq and recreate the countries of Sumeria and Assyria?

      Perhaps we could just get rid of most of Europe and the Middle East, and call it the Roman Empire. They ruled the area for quite a long time.

      Isreal has been Israel for sixty years or so, and kicked the crap out of Syria to prove it. Perhaps its time you accepted they aren’t going anywhere and try to make the best of it.

      But I forget, you can’t do that. You are so blindly stuck in the past that you will never let it rest.

      I wonder how many more Palestinian children will have to die or have their legs blown off or their arms mangled before you see sense. I wonder how many Israeli children will be splattered against the ground or watch their life’s blood drain away before the both of you decide to stop it.

    • Oh, I forgot how accurate the Palestinian rockets and suicide bombers are. I think they have only killed Israeli Soldiers. Isn’t that amazing? All those rockets being shot over and suicide bombers on buses…and not one single Israeli civilian has been killed.

    • Lying will do you no good!,

      Arab terrorist shoot on each and every day at their own paople and at the innocent civilians of Israel – That’s the Truth!
      and you know it! – more Muslims are killed by other Muslims by the hundreds each and every day, either in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, you name it…

      and again – telling lies will do you no good.

      May the arab leaders start to take care of their civilians and population instead of investing so much hard currency in terror, and may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel.


      • What about Israelis killing palestinians? You want to tell me that killing innocent children is protecting your citizens? Don’t worry friend, in our days we have access to information. We all know what the zionists do. Killing, evictions, abuse of basic human rights, provocation… How do you want the palestinians to answer that?

      • “may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel” OK, so please explain how shooting six holes in a laptop and angering a friendly, visiting American will help achieve that goal.

      • I’m sure building walls around a civilian population is a big solution now, isn’t it??

        Kind of reminds me of something similar in our history….oh yeah!!! The Nazis!!!!! Didn’t they do that to the Jews, not even 70 years ago???

        But I’m sure you have an excuse right??? The people behind the wall are inhumane….inferior….”dangerous”……….hey…isn’t that the same thing Hitler said about you guys??? I guess it puts you and him on the same scale!!!

      • Israelis DO NOT kill civilians,

        there isn’t even one Israeli who wakes up in the morning and think to himself / herself ‘let’s kill an arab”. All arabs kileld by Israelis are either engaged in active terror, or that terrorists took refuge next to them. period.
        The small rest percentage – are pure mistakes, and whomever make mistakes – pays for them – in a court of law.


        I should remind all of you that there were years, back in the 70′ and 80’, that Arabs and Israelies could sit together and talk, eat, work and laugh. The moment the arabs increased their terror acts – is the exact moment arabs (and Israelies!) strated to die. the wall was built, and security measures in the Israeli side increased.

        Even If you REALLY have access to information – you won’t be able to follow the names of the ARAB terrorists, simply because the huge amount of people (?) amongst the ARABS who practically WORK IN COMMITING TERRORIST ACTS.

        SAD, but thats true.

        The arabs hate Israelies more than they love their own people…
        otherwise – there would be peace a long time ago.

        In some known cases terrorists hide explosives inside laptops, either their own or innocent tourists exploited by them. Thats why, from time to time, Israelis are forced to blow other people’s laptops… thats the degree the ARABS took israel into. you can nevr be too careful.

        Two facts for last
        1. Israel has such military might it can blow up the entire gaza strip and annihilate everything in it. It always choose not to, even if it’s own soldiers are in danger.
        Why? – because jew sacred lives. plain and simple.

        2. For 19 years (1948-1967) “Palestinians” were living under an Egyptian and Jordanian cruel and ruthless occupation. WHY DIDN’T YOU REQUEST BACK THEN FOR YOUR OWN STATE ? they killed your people, controlled your everyday life etc. and all of a sudden, just because Israelis freed you in 1967 you suddenly remembered you want a state ?

        As I was saying – STOP SPREADING LIES.

        Allah-hu-akbar, and everything is done by Allah, especially the establishment and existence of the state of Israel

        may peace be upon us,

      • David Dutch.

        I hope a tiger does not attack you because if we apply the same restrictions to your defence against the tiger that you apply to the Palestinians in their war against Israel you will not be able too defend yourself very well.

        If you are every attacked by a tiger you are not allowed to counterattack at any parts of its body apart from its teeth and claws. The teeth and claws represent the Tiger’s military forces and are OK as targets but the rest of the tiger’s body is civilian and you are not allowed to target it. Oh but when the tiger kills you its stomach and intestines will digest you and the nutrients will be distributed to all other civilian parts of its body as well as to the tiger defense forces, namely teeth and claws.

        Palestinians do not consider that there exists such a thing as an innocent Israeli any more than Israelis admit the existence of an innocent Palestinian.

        Wars exist between collective entities, nations or peoples and ruling civilians off limits is at lest silly, at most hypocritical. Hitler was right to bomb a civilian city, London just as the allies were right to bomb Dresden and Hiroshima, both civilian cities.

        Yes it is OK for you Israelis to use F16s and helicopter gun ships to kill Palestinian civilians but you cannot then turn around and complain when a Palestinian splatters himself over the landscape to kill a few innocent Israelis. Anyway I think we are missing the main motive of Palestinian terrorists. I do not believe that they now entertain the hope of getting their lands back. They know that the land is lost, the only motive is revenge and they are willing to continue a conflict that results in 100 of them dead for one Israeli. But that one dead Israeli gives them such joy that it more than matches for the loss of a hundred of their compatriots.

  11. Since your hard drive survived the ordeal, perhaps Apple would be interested in using your experience in an ad campaign. “Takes a licking and keeps on…”

  12. God gave Israel to the Jews thousands of years ago, so they can blow up your computer or do whatever else they want.

    Why are you surprised?

  13. It´s funny, in a lot of countries known as “Third world”, you won’t ever see anything like this. I would like to know what Hillary Clinton thinks about this? By this days she is threatens Latin Americans countries about been “flirting” to Iran.

    • Federico, in many third world countries people wouldn’t be shooting macbook pros, they would probably have little concept what one actually was, they would be shooting actual people. And as for Hilary Clinton, she hasn’t threatened Latin American countries, she warned them about legitimizing the regime of a ruthless dictator by inviting him to state functions as Brazil did. While you’re at it you can stop using inverted commas incorrectly too.

  14. This isn’t uncommon – there have been people who have their laptops blown up with some kind of explosive in a huge “bomb pit” they have at the border. I would love to get in touch with you about what happened and to try to do an investigative piece – get some answers – about what happened to you.

    After you’ve been here awhile, you’ll realize that the question “why” is sort of stupid when it comes to this insanity. For most Israelis, they view the world as “why not, if no one will stop me”.

    • >For most Israelis, they view the world as “why not, if no one will stop me”.

      That manner of thinking is most certainly not unique to Israelis.

  15. They treated you with respect when they fired on your laptop, and I consider you lucky because they didn’t arrested you and toke you to secret prison in Israel to investigate you on the lines of what happened with a lot of people who visited Israel.
    They could do worse than this to you,,,,,you are super LUCKY.

    • Yes, she’s even luckier she didn’t visit Iran and got tossed to prison for life and accused of being a spy.
      But then again, we never EVER judge a Muslim country. We’re too SCARED.

    • lucky would be if you go to some other respectable country and instead of shotting your laptop, they receive you like they should…

    • It is so healthy to live full of lies, just from what you hear from the democratic, free arab communication media. Good luck with your future education

      • I’ve never seen elsewhere the extreme degree of amoral rationalization by which an entire people lives each day, with each breath they take, as I see in Israel.

        You must have your consciences buried so deep because you don’t ever want to find them again. If you did, you couldn’t live with yourselves.

    • With all due respect, this is not Iran. No secret prisons here and once it’s clear you’re not a terrorist we apologize for all inconvenience caused to you at the border – and please enjoy your stay in the Holy Land! Apparently she’ll even get compensated for the laptop.

      By the way, I always upload all my files on gmail, I recommend everyone to do the same (especially if you’re traveling in the Middle East with a laptop 🙂

      Another point – I want to ask the various Muslims and Arabs here who call Israelis and Jews names like ‘pigs’ or ‘colonizers’ or whatever – how would you feel if someone called you that, and don’t you think you’re inviting the kind of angry response people have for you? After all the way you treat others is how they’ll treat you. If you’ll be respectful to Israeli we’ll be respectful to you, and everything can be solved with dialog. Peace 🙂

  16. This is pretty messed up what they did, but reading through the comments here it seems this post was hijacked by people who don’t really give a shit about you, just happy to say something bad against Israel. Stay safe, from what I heard from numerous people Israel is beautiful country and is full of friendly people.

    • From what you heard from numerous people?
      I guess I’ll take Lily’s account instead of your “numerous” accounts from “people” as evidence of what Israel is all about…

      • Wu Ming: You can take my account. I’ve been to Israel. Many times. And it is indeed a beautiful country full of friendly people that include Jews, Muslims, Christians and others!

    • What’s wrong with people being jealous about them being able to afford travelling and having an opportunity to learn about foreign countries? And being happy for them not having lost their work or worse?

  17. Have the replacement laptop checked for monitoring/reporting software and hardware.

    Do not use it for anything you wouldn’t openly reveal to a hostile stranger until you’ve done this.

  18. This happened to met too as I was leaving Israel through Taba. I have pictures here:


    Yotam Feldman, a journalist from Haaretz wrote an article about it. you can see the English translation here:

    You should contact him, maybe he will write an article about you too.

    Also, they will reimburse you, but only if you stay in Israel and wait to collect the money. It’s a huge pain in the ass. Anyhow, if you have any questions feel free to contact me. You have my sympathy. my email is flo0dland at yahoo dot com

    -Katie Miranda.

  19. I didnt(couldnt) actually believe the words. But the close up shots were shocking. (reminded me of Mumbai terror attacks – cos the bullet holes there were shown constantly on the telly).

    I have to say I’m shocked.
    At the liberty they’ve taken with your personal belongings, and at their stupidity in shooting the laptop.
    Frankly scares me off visiting Israel. Even tho, as an Indian who is been for closer ties with them (vis-a-vis Secuirty/terrorism initiatives)

    If your lappie actually any bit of explosive tagged to it, or a trigger – those idiots might have triggered that off. What kind of security system is it that lets these idiot cowboys(for lack of a btr term) get away with that?? (And to top it all, they miss the hard drive? WTF were they shooting at then?? the display?)

    Both the abject lack of respect for property rights, and their stupidity in doing that boggles my mind.

    My sympathies. glad that your HDD was not affected.

    PS: no about page here(kinda disappointing). Also ur link in of the comments points to a blogger-based blog.

    • I wonder what would have been more terrible – the marks on a piece of equipment or the holes created on a human by an IED hidden in a laptop?
      Funny that an Indian scrutinizes Israeli security measures and mentions the Mumbai incident on the same breath – looks like you have answered your own question.

    • THIS reminded you of the Mumbai attacks where people were murdered?! What sort of person are you who equates the shooting of a laptop with the shooting of people?

  20. Alex – israel is indeed a beautiful country with many friendly people. So was Moussolini’s Italy, and as I understand, so is China. Mynamar is attracting lots of tourists, even with the Junta and all. Just because israel is a military with a country does not mean one can’t go shopping or dancing in a disco. Lots of soldiers do just that after a hard day of work at a checkpoint charlie. Blown laptops would be the least of the worries of some hapless arabs who dare to transgress the rules by, say, trying to go to work. or, heaven forbid, bring a sick patient to a hospital. The trick in Israel is not to open a discussion about arabs or muslims. There’s a bit of a phobia about that – something they learn from infancy, so they can’t really help that.

    It’s important to remember that just because it’s a militant ethnocentric theocracy does not mean that the restaurant business is bad. Besides, the people are lively enough, though to see them really animated, broaching the topic “gaza” would make them downright animated.

    • Carmel, my sister happens to work as a medical doctor in an Israeli hospital. A large percentage of her patients are from Gaza. For free. No, we did not shoot them or harm them in any way. They are treated much better here by us than they are in Gaza by their own government. By the way, Israel did not harm them in the first place. These are your normal need-a-medical-care people.

      The reason that we have these ‘checkpoint charlie’ is that some of the Palestinians try to sneak bombs into Israel. Then these pure souls blow themselves up in the middle of, say, a bunch of 16-year old girls waiting in line to enter some night-club. I know, it happened not a 100 yards from my house.

      Happened before, and will happen again. Such is the situation in Israel.

    • Didn’t you forget Nazi Germany, or even today’s Iran?
      I would love to visit the Euphrates river in Iraq but I’m afraid I’ll have to part from my head in the process.

      if only the USA had implemented this type of security on 9/11, alot of families would not be missing their loved ones today.

    • You draw parallels between Israel and Mussolini’s Italy and China, but one key difference is that Israel is a democratic country with a government elected in open and free elections. It takes drastic measures to ensure the safety of its own citizens in the face of terrorists who aim solely at killing innocent members of the israeli public.

    • To all those responding negatively comparing the incident and the Jews and Israelis to Blood-thirsty theocratic-zealot- kid killer maniacs, let me just remind you that:

      A) For security guards and soldiers who have illegal aliens and terrorists slip by them daily, Ms Sussman seemed wierd and odd

      B) To the lowlife who compared us to China, Myanmar and Italy during the 2nd world war I say: You are an ass, because Israel compared to Switzerland, Belgium and the UK is paradise!
      C) It is only a theocracy towards Jews: Towards gentiles it is fairly free and nice
      D) Those who say you cannot talk about Muslims and Arabs freely in Israel, are like those tourists who come to America and say you cannot talk about the African Americans – Its a free state, 15 percent are Arab, they are members of Knesset, and the vast majority live in peace with us White-Jewish-Fascists-Zealot- thugs that shoot Laptops
      Oh and BTW – For the records, Israelis dont enjoy shooting Arab kids – They are too skinny, we miss them all the time and and we love them too much anyways…

      Get you hateful antisemitic facts straight!!!!!!

    • Carmel,
      From what you wrote i understand you’ve never been in israel, nor heard about it from unbiased source.
      Let me tell you as an israeli that did serve in the military that :
      a. not only there is no islamo-phobia, there is a very active debate on the rights of palestinians and there are many groups of jewish israelis dedicated to guard their human rights and well-being (bezeelem, shalom achshav, machsom watch).
      b. the checkpoints you refer to (“some hapless arabs who dare to transgress the rules by, say, trying to go to work. or, heaven forbid, bring a sick patient to a hospital”) are there for a reason – they maybe cause a bit of annoyence to the palestinian that pass through but they do stop the terrorists that try to get into israel in order to kill civilians.

      We are not the perfect nation but we do our best considering the circumstances, i guess this are not the sort of problems one might run into in berlin or france so i don’t expect you to understand, but next time you might want to try and see the other side of the story.


    • Thanks for comparing with Musulinie’s Italy! Israel is in a bda shape , no doubt about it, but e are still far aay from Italy or China. Yes, we are not immune and it can happened, but what US does in the sake of freedom (to who) is much worse than shooting a laptop to a provocative American girl , ho cares about that?

    • Dear Carmel

      I read your comment and it is full with plain ignorance.

      1. Israel is a democacy, and a REAL one, unlike any other arab country in the world today.
      2. Almost any Arab country governing system resembles the situation in Moussolini’s Italy, Mynamar, Syria ,Iran, Hizbullah’s Lebanon, and let us not foregt the nice folks of Hamas at the Gaza strip, etc. – a small group of people with big guns make the rest of the population miserable, poor and hungry.
      3. The arabs forces Israel to defend itself to a degree in which it is an obligation to check even innocent tourists laptops…
      4. I hope someday the arab leaders will start to take care of their civilians and population instead of investing so much hard currnency in terror, and may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel

      Make love, no war,

      One last thing, dear Carmel – Don’t spread lies, as the only thing true in your comment is your name… (Is it?). Try spread love instaed, it works for the rest of the world.


      • >3. The arabs forces Israel to defend itself to a degree in which it is an obligation to check even innocent tourists laptops…

        Nobody forces Israel to act the way they did in this case. Stop trying to justify this atrocity.

  21. It is so sad that your notebook got shot. It is even sadder that terrorists leave bombs in bags to blow up people. In Israel, any unattended bag is may be a bomb. Therefore Israelis take great trouble to clear the area around the bag and blow it without anyone getting hurt.

    I’m so happy for you that you can live your whole life ignorant of the evils of terrorism, but sadly, Israelis do not enjoy this luxury.

    • It’s hilarious and tragic that a country that routinely bombs children and murders civilians to punish them for the actions of the few, has the stones to refer to the fight against occupation as ‘terrorism’.

      Had you read the article, you’d see the laptop was left where they instructed, and then, after having complied with the orders, the laptop was blown up anyway. This isn’t terrorism prevention. This, my friend, is the actual terrorism. Blowing things up for no reason other than to make people more scared.

      Intimidate journalists and make your own people paranoid so they will vote to continue the massacre of the innocents forever, until there is no one left to fight for the stolen land. That’s the plan, right?

    • Wow! Ella’s comments are the most shocking of the batch, even more offensive than AntiZionist’s pig comment. This is EXACTLY the mentality of sheep living in a police state. “It’s Ok to do X because our opponents are worse.” I wonder where she developed such an enlightened world-view. Maybe that summer she spent in Israel at bubbie’s house, or maybe she and her AEPhi sisters came up with it all on their own.

      As far as Lilysussman being able to “live [her] whole life ignorant of the evils of terrorism,” too late for that.

    • I’m so happy for you that you can live your whole life ignorant of the evils that Israel inflicts on its neighbours, but sadly, Palestinians do not enjoy this luxury.

      There are two sides to every conflict; to fail to understand both sides is beyond negligent.

    • In Gaza, however, any unattended bomb may be a bomb. But the Arab Untermenschen – think of those 300+ little terrorists so beautifully ‘blown’ by the IDF.

      It is so sad, Ella, that you are so filled with hate.

    • You are right. I like you answer. I would not be so polite… she should have known not to leave her bag unintended, tell her side of the story, which is not the whole story…,and complain.

    • Ella dont make excuses, first of all the way to defuse a bomb is not by shooting bullets at it.
      In fact your argument of trying to equate what Israeli security did with terror and justify it,puts you and the security guards in a negative light. They could have just detained her until they scanned it or ask her to open the computer in the same manner as they did with her purse.

    • You don’t disrupt an IED by shooting at it. Doing so it a great way to get yourself killed.

      Bullets won’t set plastic explosives off unless you get a lucky hit on the blasting cap, only other explosives can reliably set it off. You place a small charge on it and detonate it from a long way off, preferably using a robot. You never handle anything you think might be an IED.

      This was nothing but mindless vandalism by people who shouldn’t be allowed to handle firearms or carry pointy things.

    • Just remember how and from who Israel got their land, also remember what Israeli militants do on a daily basis to Palestinians families, luckily Israelis do not enjoy this “luxury”

      • Dear Lexsky

        We do remember all the “Palestinians” (just call themeselves so, there isn’t a people by that name…) killers.
        Main task and job of the majority of them – kill jews, hate jews, murder jews. all of the arabs deal with terror. plain and simple.
        I wish it wasn’t like that. but the arabs force it upon Israel.
        Nowdays the Arab seem to think that terror shall overcome, that the “mukawama” shall win…
        Terror will never win – since Israelies sacred lives, and muslims sacred land (which is NOT theirs to own!)
        Israel’s point of view – Terror is just irritating and NOT an existential threat, but since it sacred lives – it must do all it can to protect its people.

        Meanwhile – and this is the most important thing, dear Lexsky – Israelies live, invent medicines, explore space, develop new computer processors etc. and help the world become a better place.
        And the arabs ? – deal with terror, cry out loud (lie!!) for their so called “stolen” land (which is NOT theirs!!). and Yes – they drill some oil. thats true…

        This is the sad truth dear Lexsky – as long as YOU will lie about everything – you will remain fucked, since yout situation is a result of your hate and ignorance.

        Israel shall overcome and it will prevail everything.

        One last thing – for 19 years (1948-1967) “Palestinians” were living under an Egyptian and Jordanian cruel and ruthless occupation. WHY DIDN’T YOU REQUEST BACK THEN FOR YOUR OWN STATE ?

        Love yourself a little – stop lying, make love, NO WAR.

    • Yeah, sucks that Israel and Palestine are at war and killing innocent civilians on both sides.

      For the author, it sucks that the Israeli security force thought that shooting her laptop would stop a bomb. Ask anyone what the proper response for taking out a bomb and their answer will not be, just shoot the damn thing.

      • Dear Oren

        Your own post is a pure example of false accusations.

        Yes, the laptop was destroyed, and why ? because the Arabs use and exploit innocent tourists in order to commit terror.
        Plain and simple – if there was no arab terrorism – her laptop would still be intact.

        Your post is a just a mere pathetic attempt to whitewash the sad fact that terror forces Israel to defend its citizens in every possible way, even if it is shooting a laptop.

        Sadder is the fact that all of the soldiers’ behaviour is based upon that arab=terror reality, and it had forced the security officers at the border to shoot her laptop.

        But the most sad thing ARE YOUR LIES.

        Make love, no war (and especially for you – NO SPREADING OF LIES AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS!)


    • Ignorant of the evils of terrorism? I love the way some people will justify any behaviour in the name of some sort of defense, and then accuse others of ignorance. This is nonsense. I am not a pragmatic Arab, and I understand the reasons why Israel does what it does, but to accuse people of ignorance when these idiots go too far? What does that serve other than to highlight how incredibly paranoid, dumb, and myopic these people can be…
      Posts like these make me sick. Rationalizing such an action is akin to rationalizing something as repellent as the holocaust.

      • That’s where you’re wrong, Nidal. There is quite a difference between destroying a laptop while aiming away from the HDD and reimbursing the owner, and an act of genocide. I think the only person being myopic here is you, and I’m afraid that you don’t really understand the weight and effect when mentioning the holocaust, regardless of argument.

        You *are* right about one thing though, these soldiers are paranoid. They are paranoid because they have to take any threat seriously. They are paranoid because they have been attacked by these types of bombs more often than not. They are paranoid, Nidal , because it is their responsibility to protect their citizens, and if anything happened it would have been their fault.

        The border soldiers are rude, vulgar, and aggressive; and it’s a shame that her computer was destroyed. However, these soldiers were not trained to be nice, or caring. they were trained to neutralize any possible threat to civilians.

    • I just wanted to correct your statement about unattended bags. Lily said she put her bags down when and where she was instructed to put them, while they questioned her. Then at some point she was alone waiting when she heard the announcement. That is when she looked for her stuff… So, it’s not like she left her bags unattended under some bench in the open, she left them under the supervision of the authorities at their request. I might understand the situation if she had left her bags unattended in a public place, but it sounds like that couldn’t be further from the truth.

  22. So if they really thought it was a bomb would killing it kill the bomb too? Much like war this destructive act is insane.

    Ignorance rules. Intellect not so much.

    Make sure to get a new Mac, not a refurbished one.

    If someone stole your laptop you would have lost all your data and hardware. How could you be so clueless about the risk of losing it if all your life is on it and irreplaceable?

  23. No one should be surprised by Israelis destroying a laptop, look what those animals have been doing to their hosts, the Palestinians, for years.

    There is no respectable argument for the actions of Israel. I am glad the US is awakening to the terror they support.

    • Have you ever seen a blown bus with body parts, blood and guts spread all over the neighborhood? Have you ever seen the color on a restaurant floor after a suicide bomber exploded to many little red pieces?
      It’s very easy Rob, to sit in your protected environment – which was taken from the Indians many years ago – and preach about the “bad Israelis”. Two weeks in Israel, you may start realizing that things are not always as they seem.
      Travel to the city of Sderot. People are genuine and nice there. I’m sure you’ll come across an 8 years old child, who still pee’s in bed because he’s terrified from the rockets that are being fired daily by the ”peaceful” Palestinians living in the Gaza strip, targeting him. Can you guess how long it will take a group of Texan’s to restore order if they were fired upon from a Mexican territory? About 10 minutes, and the US army will not even be called.
      Lily, I am sorry for your lost, I have no idea why it happened, but Israeli border patrol agents, do not shoot peoples laptop out of enjoyment. From reading you story I guess you will be fully compensated for your laptop. I’m sorry you wasted so much time. But your time is a small price to pay in our effort to protect peoples life.


    • Please don’t get me started on everything that is wrong with this post. I will assume you are not evil, just ignorant.
      Firstly, you refer to the Israelis as animals. Well, unless you are referring to the millions of Israeli Arabs that live as legal citizens of Israel very happily and have an active part in the democracy, I assume you are referring to the Jews, and really, unless you want to be called a Nazi, referring to Jews as animals is not a good idea.
      Secondly, you call the Palestinians the ‘hosts’ of the Israelis. Do I need to remind you that Israel is a world recognized state who have sovereign authority over their land: they have no hosts. If you disagree then you had better go argue with the UN, because they passed the resolution that allows Israel to exist.
      I would also like to remind you that as soon as Israel declared independence, their ‘hosts’ along with other major Arab nations declared war on them, because they didn’t believe Israel had, or has, a right to exist. They started it, Israel needed to defend their citizens.
      Unlike Hamas, the elected leaders of the Palestinians, Israel believes that the Palestinians have a right to exist. If it were up to Hamas they would kill all Jews and destroy Israel in an instant. Israel only takes the necessary actions they do in order to protect the lives of their citizens, something which your beloved US of A would definitely do if they were in the same position.

    • Hosts? See my post above for what “Palestine” was in 19th century.

      We’ll see what US will do if Mexico will throw rockets on US civilians or will blow in US buses. There will be no Mexico anymore.

    • You certainly have decided to bring peace with your remarks. What sorts of ‘hosts’ blow up buses and restaurants with innocents as the victims? What sorts of hosts kidnap teens and do not allow the red cross to visit them?

    • “Hosts”??

      The Palestinians are acting like animals, blowing up people and historical sights for years. Even other Arab countries don’t like them or want to give them land, now they are insisting on taking a piece if Israel?

    • rob, you are EXTREMELY ignorant, not to mention racist…

      Given a palestinian man and a jewish man in israel, how is the palestinian the ‘host’?

      And let’s entirely ingore palestinian terror while we’re at it

      And pardon me, but who the hell are you to declare “There is no respectable argument for the actions of Israel” ? What gives you this remarkable insight and power?

    • Yes and when the peaceful defenseless palestinians arabs and muslims you love ohh so much you little retarted dipshit kill american citizens and then celebrate those murders you can bitch more about the monster that is israel… try using google or youtube to search for the thousands of videos arabs PALESTINIANS celebrating the events of 9/11 you pathetic piece of ignorant white trash

      • Um… Ok. Good fact that one. Most humans (except obviously rob) are animals you supremacist fool. Oh, I assume you don’t see humans as animals, do you?

    • Ya, the US is the example of respecting human life and rights, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, black people in the south wwhat else. You americans have no right to critisize for the sake of honesty!

      • You’re on Mac, you therefore have TimeMachine – if you have it setup properly (5 minutes max) then all you need to do is plug in your external and everything will be backed up transparently.

        If your mac gets shot in the future, you can get a new mac and use TimeMachine to restore your new mac to the exact state your old one was in when it was last backed up.

        The key thing is remembering to plug in your external drive. 🙂

      • This is why backups really need to be automated to be effective. If it depends on remembering to do it, inevitably problems will happen after you haven’t backed up for a long time.

        It’s also worth adding that a backup isn’t _really_ a backup until you’re confident you can do a restore from it — that means you need to do regular tests. Like with that blinking button on fire alarms. 🙂

      • there are always two sides to a story….there is more here than meets the eye!!!

        Your actions (passport stamps,etc…) rang alarm bells, & better your laptop then some innocent bystanders getting hurt by an exploding device….


      • As I know people like you you were quite provicative, arguing about the right of palestinians to fight etc. While you might be absolutly right you ignored the sensitiivty of some Israleis to this topic. I have had bad expeirence in the US reminding them that September 11 did not just came becuase Osama woke up crazy one day….learn the lession baby

      • I’d also recommend storing all your data on a network drive. Gmail is what I use – your data is stored in the “cloud” and is redundantly backed up there too.

        Second point – sorry for what happened to your laptop… Israel should have better procedures of identifying bombs in laptops than shooting them – in most border checkpoints this is done simply by electronic scans. Urgh… I really hope you’ll get your money back.

  24. I’m so sorry to hear this. Hope this was a specific case of wrong conduct and they teach them better.
    Insha’alla you will get a MAC AIR as a replacement.. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Israel :).

    • Thanks, Maher. It’s good that you’re okay, Lily. Do you think it happened because they didn’t understand why you wanted to come to Israel? Maybe they thought you were Jewish or Muslim but when you didn’t fit into their classifications (the ones they are trained to use when interrogating people), it threw them off. Who knows. Hopefully you have all of your data and you’re enjoying Israel and the West Bank and Gaza.

    • It is so sad what the arabs had done to the Israelies… reading your story I am overwhelmed regarding the strong measures the Isrealis have to take in order to save their lives…

      May the arab leaders start to take care of their civilians and population instead of investing so much hard currnency in terror, and may peace come upon this tiny country of Israel.

      Make love, no war,

  25. Darn! I was just about to invest 6 billion dollars into a new settlement in Israel. (Freeze, What Freeze?) It would of had its own Israeli roads, Israeli wall, Israeli army and police to evict the current landowners into the street (not mine) and bulldoze their homes with my CAT bulldozer (gotta clear the land somehow!). My money comes from reliable sources in another country that can be traced to legal sources-so why would they want to blow up MY laptop!!! I got land given to me by a higher power who could not ever think of anyone else other than our zionist people! We are the only ones that matter. Right?

  26. Oh, God.
    I’m so ashamed I could ask for forgiveness, but I don’t support idf anyway.
    I do hope this gets interviewed and reaches the media, as I’ve heard of several awful cases of tourists being treated like that.

    The f*ck, what do they expect? Human rights are being violated every day and hour on this land, and the army expect to scare anti-zionists with questionings, to convince the world through deception?!

    I hope you’ll have plenty of the /other/ side of Israel, of the people who aren’t… these people. Hope you enjoy your stay.


  27. this is a macabre question … but do you have a photo of the bottom of the mac — showing the bullet exit?

    we have an opportunity for a customer looking for machines to ruggerdise for field operations — basically for natural environments monitoring .. and with this being a unibody mac its a great place to start.



  28. i am an israeli who has invited several muslim friends from countries like Turkey, Pakistan, the UAE, and the US to come visit me in israel. they have all come and had wonderful experiences here. at the border, they did undergo some extra questioning, but not one of them encountered rude soldiers or had experiences like this. i suspect that the guards were suspicious based upon something in your profile and that was the reason they did what they did. however, none of it is directed personally at you or your beliefs. in fact, my pakistani friends said that the guards were very pleased that they had come all the way from karachi to visit israel. we want normal relations and we want to be an equal part of the middle east with our muslim cousins.

  29. Found this story today and am amazed at what happened….. its been a few days now, how has the rest of your stay been? Is Isreal as pretty as I am told? How goes the quest for a replacement laptop? And all the other usual questions regarding travel…..

  30. OK, so take it to the Apple Store and ask them to repair it.. just to see what happens.

    Glad it was only the laptop that suffered the gunshot wounds.. could have been much worse.

  31. You can make a lot of money by

    1. Sell it in ebay. You are already generating a fair amount of internet publicity. But if Israel gets wind of this auction they might seize the laptop. You smuggle / mail the laptop outside the country first.

    2. Make it an exhibit at an art show or something. Could get a good lot of publicity.

  32. actually blowing it up I could understand, if they though it was a bomb — but why on earth did they shoot it? was it trying to get away?

  33. You are disturbed by the word fuck next to the star of David? Good God why? Be disturbed at what the satanic zionist Israeli regime has been doing to the world, not at how a frustrated, starving, jobless, orphaned Palestinian expresses his emotions.

  34. Dear lilly,

    I’m Israeli and this is awful and outrageous! and a symptom of a very distorted mentality, and part of a wider obsene policies towards people and their dignity.

    I’m sure you know – we’re not all the same, some people here devote their lives to defend human rights of Palestinians and to protest to evils their country is doing (I do wish there were more of them…)

  35. I’m sorry to hear that your laptop got shot… They must be pretty edgy given all of the security problems that they have. You know with Hamas and Hezbollah on the other side of their border. Its great to hear that they will compensate you for the laptop.

  36. Maybe Apple will sort you out. You should forward them a copy of this. It would not be good for business if this prevented people from bringing laptops on their trips abroad. You could of course put it up on ebay and make a mint. Someone would buy it for sure.

  37. you’d be well advised to take this post down UNTIL you actually get compensated – this post was just picked up by a major Apple-oriented website in the US and will certainly be seen by hundreds of thousands of folks in the next couple days.

    Sorry to hear about your laptop, what bullshit.

  38. I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been through. I hope the rest of your trip is a lot more satisfying.


    Put the laptop up on Ebay!!! You’ll get more than enough for a replacement 🙂 !!!

  39. If you don’t backup as often as you should, and you have regular internet access, perhaps you should investigate a service like Mozy.

  40. What Israel did was wrong. Yet, it was necessary. Palestinians and Arabs have been violent in all their pursuits. They constantly promise to settle down if only given this much property from Israel. They get it and then complain it is not enough. Israel has been modest in all dealings and only gets back-stabbed. It’s only fair that Israel starts fighting back a little dirty. Palestine is thinking with a middle-eastern mindset, while Israel tries to modernize itself with western ideas. Israel is given no other choice, but to conform to their middle-eastern thinking. Your laptop tells those rebellious Arabs… Warning! We will fight back.

  41. I am very sorry your laptop was shot. It also saddens me to read some of the hatred in the message posted by others.

    I am Jewish and have relatives in Israel. Sadly, until there is peace, measures like this are most likely necessary to protect innocent lives. I wish it were not so.

    I wanted to thank you for being so understanding. If more people were like you, there would be peace in the middle east. I hope that your laptop replaced quickly and all your data is still there. May one day travel be safe and without burden for all people in the middle east and measures like this no longer necessary.


  42. I’m sorry to hear what happened to your poor MacBook. May it rest in peace in digital heaven…

    At least you got your hard drive out of the wreck, if my HDD got blown up, I would really be in a fit of rage, mixed with tears and fury.

    I look forward to hear about your computer’s replacement? Another Macbook Pro or MacBook?

  43. This is insane! I am still struggling with the objective of shooting the labtop if it was potentially a bomb. In what way is shooting a potential explosive advantageous? Cannot wait to see you soon! Sam.

  44. Are you people even reading the post????

    Lets look at what the writer admitted to on her blog. First, she had a hand drawn map pinpointing a location in Jerusalem. She had a photo on her phone saying Fuck next to the Star of David. She had a passport which showed visits to many countries hostile to Israel. These are just the points the author mentioned. I’m sure there is more left out on her part. ie suspicious nervous behavior etc.

    USA officials would have handled the case in a similar manner and the USA doesn’t have suicide bombers trying to sneak in everyday.

    Admittedly they should have let her remove the hard drive before destroying the laptop; however, when dealing with people’s lives you cannot be too careful. Personally, I have found checkpoints to be very thorough but fairly respectful. Its unfortunate that you experienced this when you had nothing to hide; however, its likely that the limited evidence at hand as well as your behavior contributed to this. Being nervous or even upset at being questioned can raise suspicion.

  45. better ur laptop gets shot than some innocent people get blown up by a terrorist. u must have forgotten where u were. in a place where people live with a daily threat of terrorist attacks. in fact multiple daily threats.

  46. Simply Go dig yourself you and all the israelis ashamed by their own people, I am french and Israeli and proud of my people.

    When you’ll understand the kind of threat we have on a daily baisis maybe you’ll think that’s security is not a joke!
    All the Muslims and antisionists here, you’re right palestinians and muslims want peace and all the world’s harm is because of us…just check the news!and again thanks for 9/11..stupid people!

    btw:I hope ur happy now to have some buzz on ur loosy blog!

  47. I cannot understand why it was necessary to shot a laptop and yet save all the data! I mean, surely they shot it because they wanted to destroy it!! Maybe they don’t know that data is saved in a hard drive .. and they just thought that by shooting the monitor they will destroy it. LOL, it’s hilarious, however I feel sorry you had to go through this!

  48. Sorry about your laptop but remember however violent and unwarranted the actions of the Israeli military are, and nine times out of ten they are, these are not a true representation of the majority of Israelis.

  49. You should backup your harddrive. It can break without israel security also. All by it’s own. Then your work will be as much lost as with bullets.

  50. Makes no sense: you kept the data. Madness. Why are they shooting stuff up, paying for it, with no actual change, bar the hassle?

  51. Should have known better. As a security specialist based in France, i can only attest that there is no other that is efficient to deal with suspect objects. Do not leave suspect objects anywhere.

    As a side note, I feel the criticism of Israel is unjustified. All whom I encounter actually praise Israel for their world’s first-ever attempts to put together a security strategy in an asymetric battlefield. They have actually killed much less colaterales that the Palestinian did in the last 8 years (per French military reports) with much deadlier weaponery.

  52. dear lily
    I am so sorry to hear that the idiotic state of israel has let you in instead of sending you to a neo natzi concentration camp or make you a flesh present to sex offenders for a sentece of cum filling you up for life.

    we kill children? i would have aim better to your head… calling yourself a jewish and bring antin-semic material.
    go to gaza and stay there with your so called friends in the hamas BITCH

  53. Hi Lily,
    First things first,
    Welcome to Israel and i hope you enjoy your stay!

    I have read your post and seems like you are a little upset (obviously) but you should remember that Security of any border is something not to be taken lightly.
    by visiting any country you are basically allowing them to search you and your property.
    For example the US government (DOHS specifically) has the right to search your laptop
    and take it if they please without any explanations or cause (http://www.engadget.com/2008/08/01/laptops-can-be-confiscated-and-searched-at-us-border-without-cau/)
    Shooting your laptop might have been a precaution based on some (hopefully) reasonable doubt.
    terrorism is a worldwide plague not limited to israel, but unfortunately Israel suffers from it a lot and on a daily basis – not long ago a female terrorist stabbed a security guard at a checkpoint (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPyAMSh_yLo).
    There is no proven way to detect any terrorist, and the fact that you had all those artifacts (Picture of David star with graffiti and an arab keyboard) made them suspicious of you.
    Frankly, i would have been as well.

  54. Are you sure they were aiming at your laptop? I mean… was it in your arms?

    As per people here who commented describing Israel as such a bad place, why would you want to visit? Or for that matter why would you even care about this place? Ya, England “gave” the land… (only after this was the first ever place English soldiers lost in battle). Further, Mrs. Zusman, you name seems a bit Jewish to me. Perhaps you’re one of those Self hating Jews which are ingrained in the Jewish DNA? and as per your laptop or any other piece of luggage which was suspicious I welcome any cautious reaction and prefer that on allowing some koo-koo fan into the country. I like the koo koo’s just were they are right now – on the net, sipping coffee and raining keyboard fire. Perhaps the best thing for you was to turn around and skip your “visit” alltogether, no?

  55. Israel has very restrictive policy about unattended luggage, and they done that shot because they suspected it being a bomb. Please forgive them, because they done it by mistake, and were not able to guess it just a computer inside. If they offered to pay you for the fix than everything is alright.

    Oh, and enjoy your stay!

  56. What are you whining about.
    Trying to enter a country that suffers from muslim terrorism with enciting pictures and suspicious objects. you got exactly what you deserved.
    And lets not forget that Israel is the only developed, democratic country in the middle east. So all you muslims and palestinian loving clowns. Just try to keep quite.
    Oh, and king david and king solomon (the Israelites) were here thousands of years before the palestinians ever existed.

  57. ones coud think it is an AL-CAIDA blog , sure you know none about israel, which is a beutifful cauntry with great people, and wich is more democratic and moral then any other nation you all stupieds come from .

  58. I want to believe that it was just an isolated incident, though I’m not sure. I have a friend who worked as a guide in some Arab countries and her passport has those signature and she was questioned as well, but the solution I found for her was simply giving her my mobile phone number: this way the El Al security could (and did) call me as her contact.

    But now I will be honest about my real political agenda: A good Mac is a dead Mac! 🙂

  59. Hi, lucky you.
    I wish somebody shot my laptop, he is so old,
    and you got a new one,
    OMG I’m on my way to Gaza right now.

    Israel is not just shoting, bomming and stuff.
    but i guess you already know it.

  60. Я в шоке! Человеческая глупость помноженная на оружие в руках дает чудовищный результат. Надеюсь что у вас все получится с компенсацией.

  61. Sorry to hear about your lab. This is not suprissing, since Israel is fludded with fanatics, who will blow up themself & educate their childrens to be a “Shahids”. So, if you are angry, blame those terrorists, not the Israeli security.

  62. Your story is horrific; no doubt… the soldiers should be punished.

    At the same time, your words and actions affect every Jew in the world.
    your blog didn’t make headlines because your laptop got shot in a border station by a soldier, it got the headlines because it concerns Israel…

    your words fuel anti Semitism and hatred to Israel, which will eventfully effect you as a Jew traveling outside the US.
    I can only hope that in your time in Israel you were able to be open and see how human and advanced Israel is compared to our neighbors in the Middle East.

  63. yo friends.. LILI is a big big hubge layer.. she does’nt know what she want’s from her life.
    poor goirl. keep living like homeless in cairo.. and dont forget to stay there

  64. Hi.

    My apologies on the behalf of my idiotic countrymen. I’m really interested in Cairo, I was there very briefly last year and I’d love to go again. Please email me if you got time.

  65. It seems that you are not aware to the situation in Israel or just shut your eyes to reality which is very common for foreigners.

    FACT 1: in Israel ANY suspected object paper/bag/laptops is considered to be a bomb unless proven other wise. You can ask your friends from Hamas why… back at the 80s they used even porn magazines as BOMBS the one who picked it up.. RIP same goes for shoes, bags, trash cans!! And any other possible object.

    FACT 2: Israel is not Sweden don’t dream staring at the sky at the border unless someone is looking for you, other wise you might get shot – it’s most recommended to be on the Israeli side we have the bigger guns and more ammo.

    FACT 3: might be a little shock for you but Israeli soldiers are Horny they asked you those questions to get familiar with you. Looking at your photo it seems they were out there quite a bit at least 4 weeks without seeing home meals.

    FACT 4: Don’t come to a country for a visit with a political statement written all over every belonging that you have it make people nervous imagine you are a suicide bomber and it was written all over but no one paid attention to… use your brain it’s important for your survival.
    TIP: don’t go to CHINA with a T shirt stating FREE TIBET you might get lost and never be found.

    Having said that they made a MISTAKE and you should be compensated BUT you should remember BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.


    Roi L.

  66. The ultimate case of Mac bashing. They’re probably just sore Microsoft spies. Lily, I hope you know that your story is plastered all over the Mac websites. Not only should they pay for the new MacBook (Air or Pro), but also any data transfer and setup fees the vendor charges.

    To give 18 year olds such responsibility is just disturbing.

  67. Not the least bit surprised. I used to think that the Israeli learned nothing from the Third Reich. These days I’m thinking they learned a great deal, and strive to be better at it than they were.

  68. They pay compensation when they do this shit. iF you want I can put you in touch with a friend of mine that this happened to who got compensated and she can tell you how.

  69. Sorry about the laptop. Genuinely.

    I must say, though, it’s mildly amusing that alongside all the comments accusing Israelis of being xenophobes, there are the ones calling Israelis “bloodthirsty” “pigs” and “animals.” Based on the comments, in fact, it would seem that it’s the anti-Israel ideologues have a problem with being hateful bigots, while many of the Israelis here seem to be characterized not by hate, but by overblown shame and desire for acceptance.

    Yes, there are problems in the country — one of which is a clash of ethnicities (not too uncommon in the world), in which the extremists from the Palestinian side are sent to blow themselves up among civilians in cafes. Unfortunately, what they are taught is not too different than what some of the comments above say.

    Do Israelis have overzealous airport security? Yes. I’ve loudly argued with them in the past. But, this bizarre incident aside, their job is to save lives from what is unfortunately a very real threat.

    So… bring on the venomous replies. (But don’t forget: It wasn’t god or England who gave Israel to the Jews. It was Jews who moved back to their ancestral homeland, backed by the league of nations and then the united nations, which recognized that the basic human right of self determination should apply to Jews, too.)

  70. Hey Lily.
    I’m Israeli, and i feel so ashamed of what the security has done to you.
    I have nothing more to say… so amazingly stupid that we put other people through
    these kind of things.
    ….and…. well…..welcome to Israel =]

  71. I travel a lot for business. When I travel overseas, these days, I leave the laptop with my “life” on it at home. Instead I got a cheapo POS pee-cee, with only the “pertinent” files on it, backed up on a thumb drive. If that idiot box is lost, stolen, or (more likely) seized/destroyed by the types of overzealous border guards we’re seeing more of these days, it’s no great loss.

  72. ohhh…the lengths people will go to take out their jealous PC frustrations on the Macs 🙂 def an idea for Apple to consider for a commercial!

  73. Kinda telling how a story of overly aggressive security folks brings all the Jew haters out of their holes. Maybe explains the Israeli ‘paranoia.’

    Anywho…sorry to hear about the laptop.

  74. If I wasn’t an Israeli I could believe you, but this story sounds like a fairytale to me,
    No one shoots a laptop unless it considered as real threat (or left alone in the crowd, What can i say, here its not the US, we do have threats and bombs sometimes).
    They wouldn’t do it especially for a US tourist, Maybe you were wrong and try to enter Gaza strip instead of Israel? from them you can expect everything.
    Maybe your attitude at the border made them suspicious?
    Israel only shoot to defend herself, not as an hobby (Not like the US itself in Iraq,Afghan and more …….).
    Enjoy life, and see the whole picture, Israel is not an angle, but we have no choice, ask your Arab friends, who shoot on civilians for 8 years? and much more

  75. That’s why everyone with a brain should erase Israel from his (travel) map. Don’t go to Israel. Don’t buy from Israel. Don’t supply them with whatever. Just leave them alone.

  76. I am sorry to hear this.

    The bright side of things is that you did not lose any data (i.e. your hard drive was intact). Also good to hear that you have other options such as an external drive. However another option for you might be cloud storage such as Google Documents, Zoho, Dropbox etc.

    I cannot think why they would do that but from personal experience, officials in the airports work long hours and at times are ‘on edge’ so the slightest thing can ‘tick them off’ (if you excuse the expression). I recall once going back home I had to stop in Germany. I was carrying with me two notebooks (one Apple one PC) and I spent the best part of an hour explaining to the officials at the airport in Munich why there was a reason for me to carry two of them. In the end after 2 x-rays they had to apply some sort of solution on both notebooks so that they can detect whether there was any explosives in them or not. That in itself was weird to me since they had x-rayed the machines and I switched both of them on so that they can see.

    Still your experience tops everything and if you want to take the funny side of it, you are now left with a unique souvenir. 🙂

  77. Wow, OK… Cross off Israel from my list of places to visit. If I have to go through all that to go on vacation, I’d rather go to Afghanistan.

  78. Hi Lily Sussman,

    You don’t have an “About Me” link so we don’t know much about you. You event is on http://gizmodo.com/5426794/im-sorry-but-we-blew-up-your-laptop so you should get quite a bit of action on your blog today. Also you may want to track “visits” instead of “hits” on your blog. “hits” the number of elements loaded (pictures, called files, etc) and where a visit is how many different IP addresses have visited your site. You have an interesting article at http://www.boston.com/news/world/blog/2009/09/cooking_kindnes.html and http://www.boston.com/news/world/blog/2009/08/_by_lily_sussma.html .

    How is your language studies coming?

    Jesus loves you : )


  79. This is some seriously Effed Up BS. And on more than one account.

    1) The fact that the security there is a bunch (or majority) of 18 year olds… Seriously? Who, while may still be mature for their age (considering the situation they live/work in), are still nothing but a bunch of young, reckless, hormone-driven idiots like every young adult on the planet.

    2) You’d think that people in their position would get much more or better training than that, especially when it comes to handling questionable property (Could have confiscated the hard drive for an inspection. Or what if the laptop was rigged?)

    3) Regardless of whether or not Israeli or Palestine shot it up, the people who work there and are responsible for the actions taken are complete and utter morons.

    As for some of the commenters that talk about how all Israelis are zionist pigs and what not, while I certainly can not condone acts committed by the Israeli Government/Military, I’m sure tha most Israeli don’t know any better. And as such, is it not fair to say that Palestines may have taken some part in a violent act with or without the intent of causing civilian casualties?

  80. Unfortunately terrorists frequently attempt bombings in Israel, as well as terror attacks pulling weapons out of “hidden” spots and jumping security (example: http://wejew.com/media/7057/Arab_Woman_Stabs_Israeli_Officer/.

    Fortunately (thank G-d) the security services successfully defeat 999 out of 1,000 attempts. However, this does lead to a certain overzealousness on the part of the security services. Given the number of attempts, this is completely understandable.

  81. I’m pro Israel – but this is total bullshit and completely wrong. Israel has been so put on the defensive by the Muslim “join us or die & kill all Jews” whack-jobs that they can’t tell a harmless traveler from a threat. Israel needs a moral overhaul, big time. Someone has to end the police state there.

    As for the Anti-Israeli comments weaseled into the comments above – Israel is a sovereign State, and that’s it. Get over it. Land is taken and declared someone’s land all the time and that has gone on from the beginning of history to this moment. No one wanted that dead land until the Jews had the guts to make it lush and livable. Muslim extremists just hate Jews and always have.

  82. I am too terribly sorry to hear this. I’ll admit my ignorance about their strict security policies but that’s just too much now isn’t it? But I’m sure you’ve thought of that to yourself too and it must have been frustrating.

    On a personal note, I really admire the fact that you managed to get through the whole ordeal.

    On another personal note, this makes me wonder if journalism’s really my field. If you could hit me back with a reply, I’d really appreciate it.

  83. He Lily,

    I’m very sorry for the fucking stupefied Israeli IDF… the smelly, stinky; lousy…
    I live in Tel-Aviv Jafo. if you need any help with your mac or the government refunding
    contact me… i have friends in apple Israel and i me self own a macbook pro..

    good lack any how

  84. Wow. Macbook destroyed because it had Arabic text on it and you’d taken pictures of graffiti.

    Everything I hear about Israel makes it sound like such a free and wonderful place.

  85. You’re lucky this had not happened to you in some north American country!

    Quite a few non Americans spent many weeks in FBI custody for much less that that… among them were even a dozen or so Israeli’s who spent several weeks, arrested in maximum security bases, after Sep. 11th suffering the unfortunate luck of having Middle Eastern accent and dark skin.

    Why don’t you try and pretend to be non American once, and show this attitude when entering the US at J.F.K…. hell! First apply for a US tourist visa at the Consular department of the US embassy in Tel Aviv, going only half the way of your attitude.

    You will be surprised to find out that the Israeli security staff suddenly seem rather nice, which says a lot.

    Now to the facts: they didn’t “shoot” you Laptop – they treated your bag the way “objects suspected as bombs” are treated: we have a lot of these and the procedures of handling them “were written in blood”. A right wind Israeli citizens bag would have been treated the same.

    For the more balanced reader – you know, those annoying people actually looking for the behind the story fact – it seems as if you really pushed for the chain of events, eventually happening, to occur. Many hundreds of tourists cross that passage every day – few of them are Americans or Westerners at all – and still the miraculous shooting happened to you? How come those rude, merciless Apartheid agents actually picked on the young American Jewish girl? Aren’t they supposed actually to shoot possessions of Arabs, or at least those tourists from countries where there are only few commonly read blogs, mostly not in English?

    Oh… and BTW: following your logic, or “people shooting my laptop must also shoot kids, women etc.”? what should I deduct about the American people trusting on those many clips showing US cops pointing guns at drunk drivers, sometimes actually shooting them? Or all those daily cases where common Americans get up in the morning, going to work and shooting all their work mates? Where does that habit comes from? I ask sincerely as an Israeli who spent all his life here – actually in a mixed Arab-Jewish town – people shooting people is a scenario that seems to be almost taken from a Hollywood movie. Check the statistics about that; they are out there. You will see I am right.

    PS: don’t play the same tricks on the Egyptians. Trust me.

    Happy holidays.

  86. You got off easy, I would have had you hold it while it was being ‘inspected’.
    So now you can blog about how Israel shoots at unarmed women, children and laptops. Get a life loser!

  87. You leave your laptop unattended, then its suspicious,
    shooting at an object to check if its wired is a standard procedure.

    at least you got what you were looking for – attention.

  88. i hope they teach the security folks what to aim at when shooting.I am glad your hard drive survived and glad for the mac advertising. 3 bullets and the mac survived at least the data did survive. good story

  89. Wait, you do have an Egyptian boyfriend? And you live in Egypt? I had to go through a lot of questioning to get on a flight back to Israel–after spending a few days in Egypt to see the pyramids. I can’t imagine if I LIVED in Egypt. You’re lucky they only shot your laptop. Israel is a cool place, but they take security VERY seriously, for obvious reasons, and you raised a LOT of red flags. If you look at it from their perspective, you’re lucky they let you in.

    But, hopefully your story will prevent incidents like this from happening in the future (or reduce them). If you’re going to Israel, have a place to stay, paid for, verifiable (printed receipts, etc). Do not live in an Israel-hating country. Do not be a single female who looks like an anti-Israel journalist. Do not have pictures that portray Israel in a negative light. Do not have maps of the central bus station!!! Expect hours of screening, and be pleasant.

    In downtown Cairo, on every street corner, they sell Pro-Hitler books, talking about how great Hitler was, they have books with the Star of David with knives in it and blood poring out. And Egypt is the moderate middle eastern country, that serves as the go-between for other arab nations. As ridiculous as it all may seem to Americans, it’s no joke to them, and this should be thoroughly considered before going there. Also, you should study Israeli culture and Judaism before going to Israel (as you should study local customs before going to any country). That you didn’t know anything about Israel or Judaism before going there was also odd.

    If I were you, I would have been pissed that they broke my laptop. Livid, actually. You’re handling this better than I would have. Anyway, lesson learned.

  90. sorry for your laptop and your lose, but u know very well that in israel, leaving unattended objects is a serious thing. they have signs very everywhere saying to don’t leave unnatended objects. I think u should be mature enough and assume the responsibility of losing the laptop that way.

  91. It sucks that this happened. Obviously a case of the wrong people taking matters in hand.

    Having said that, those of you who choose to lash out at the whole state and its people are guilty of the exact same type of bigotry.

  92. I’m sorry to read what you’ve been through at Taba border. I hope you’ll be compensated and your trauma will be long gone. As for other replies here: well I can’t call it anything but hate to Israel (Zionist pigs, killing children etc’). I guess people should learn a bit more about the conflict in the middle-east and be a bit more modest before they shout empty slogans to the air. In the country where you live Lily (Egypt) they shoot to kill refugees from Darfur and Erithrea on daily basis. They shoot them when they try to cross the border from Egypt to Israel. They discriminate the Koptic Christians, in other words bad things are being done all over the world: US, UK and yes, also by other Arab countries and by the Palestinians. It’s so bizarre to portray Israel as the bad guy in the hood. Other countries are not better, no worse, specialy a country in a state of war. Israelis are not saints, nor do the Palestinians.

  93. Humm… Curious… Did anything else have three holes in it? So they took it out of your bag and just shot up only your Apple laptop? Sound like a jealous rage to me.

    That’s what you get with a mandatory military service. You get a kid with no business in armed service carrying a weapon and acting like judge, jury and executioner. Slippery slope here. Heading full steam to a German like Gestapo. Quite ironic really.

  94. it seems like she is a liberal pro-Palestinian student who thought she could learn more about the “Middle East conflict” (i.e. the Arab world versus Israel not the Palestinians vs. Israel) by studying in Cairo, not in Israel, answered their standard questions in a suspicious manner, answered their further questions in a more suspicious manner, and was furthermore carrying anti-Israel/Jewish materials on her person. It is furthermore suspicious that she is white with this kind of obsession.

    This is not the whole story – far, far from it. The Israeli government does NOT just shoot everyone’s laptop who comes through Ben Gurion or any other border crossing.

    If you’ve ever flown an El-Al flight you know Israel takes security extremely seriously. If there is something that is even remotely out of place it is isolated and double-triple checked before they even think of letting it on board, let alone allow it into the country.

    Israeli airport security makes American airport security look like a joke. Even now, post-9/11 it is very easy to conceal small knifes and past American airport security checkpoints – in Israel they would have found it by checking the stuff on your key ring, making you strip almost down to your underwear, unpacking your luggage and repacking it, besides letting bomb-sniffing dogs near it and letting it go through an x-ray machine deemed too expensive to implement in American airports. El-Al planes have been secured with everything from reinforced cockpit doors to air marshals to anti-missile flares since decades before 9/11.

  95. I’m sorry, but with all do respect, you left your bag unattended. What did you expect to happen??? You have to understand that Israel is a place where everything is checked for explosives. They even check your bag at the entrance of every coffee shop, even at the hart of Tel-Aviv. It’s not because Israelis just like blowing things up. In Israel, never EVER leave things unattended. Even when you think it’s fine, it’s not!

  96. To ms. Zusman:

    Did you ever stop to think that the things found in your bags mimic exactly things found in the bags of a terrorist attempting to enter and blow up a bus station in Israel? (the pictures of “fuck + magen david”, the map detailing a bus station, the route,etc) The other issue is that the fact that your computer ended up shot tells me you were probably not too cooperative with the security agents. I assume that instead of putting them at ease you probably took the stupid attitude of “well if they shoot kids all day, no wonder they shot my computer”. Your support of such a foolish remark says everything, explains your approach to Israel, and explains why the security personnel did not trust you. Just do us all a favor and dont come to Israel!

  97. Plenty of ignorant comments here to be sure, but they’re obvious to any rational reader. As to the laptop shooting, that definitely sucks, but think of this in context. The same thing can happen at any international border crossing. The U.S. DHS, for instance, is very open about its policy that it can confiscate indefinitely any data device being brought into the country for further inspection. If you get it back at all, it may not have bullet holes in it, but it’s equally frustrating (without providing good photo opportunities). Regardless, this is why savvy international travelers follow the advice to not carry valuable or sensitive data on their laptop when traveling and backup before you go. Better luck next time.

  98. Sorry for the damage caused to your computer and the overall experience, however there is another side to the story. In the past explosive devices were inserted into electronic equipment owned by unsuspecting young Western women who were on their way into Israel. The owners didn’t know nor suspected of anything. Only through the vigilance of the Israeli security people these atempts were foiled. It happened! Even a lap top can hold enough explosives to blow up a bus. So, when a piece like your computer is determined to be suspect, rather than to try and disassemble it and risk the lives of the explosive experts involved , the unit is shot at by a remote gun in a protecetd place. Had it been a bomb it would have exploded. This time it wasn’t. There are millions of tourists who come to Israel every year with their computers without any problem. Unfortunately for a few, sometimes something extreme like what happened to you occurs. To compare that to the shooting of kids, etc., is sheer demagoguery and unfair. Enjoy Israel in safety and peace (thanks to the Israeli security people.)

  99. Israel, as the main target of islamic extremists, is a country under threat. Just read some of the replies to this thread, putting israel in commas and denying it’s legitimacy..
    I can understand your anger, but if you stop for a minute, and think what kind of people has the potential to come from peaceful countries such as Jordan or Egypt, you might understand why this border is so tense.
    Did you ever stop to think that the things found in your bags mimic exactly things found in the bags of a terrorist attempting to enter and blow up a bus station in Israel? (the pictures of “fuck + magen david”, the map detailing a bus station, the route,etc) The other issue is that the fact that your computer ended up shot tells me you were probably not too cooperative with the security agents. I assume that instead of putting them at ease you probably gave an attitude of “well if they shoot kids all day, no wonder they shot my computer”. Your support of such a foolish remark, and it is a very foolish remark, says everything, explains your approach to Israel, and explains why the security personnel did not trust you.
    I don’t say that they should have blown up your computer, and I have to agree that they need to take better methods to check one’s luggage, but many Israeli men, women and children died in terror attacks and that’s why the security is so strict and sometimes unpleasent.
    I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay in Israel. It’s a great place to travel and live in.

  100. I strongly suggest you contact the nearest US embassy and file a formal complaint. Given our country’s support of Israel, I’d like to think citizens traveling to Israel wouldn’t be treated in such a manner.. not to mention what about the risk to other people in the airport if a bullet ricocheted? Unacceptable. I hope you get all involved in a heap of trouble.

  101. I know its been said frequently above, but what possible logic was there in blowing your laptop up by shooting it 3 times? If it was packed with explosive then it would have taken out a large chunk of the surrounding area!
    I think you should try to claim the insurance on it, see if they have a clause for “bullet-holes”. You never know! 🙂

  102. surprise surprise – one mention of anything about the middle east and the first punch is thrown by the muslim side about how horrible Israel is…typical…just saying

    I think Ella hit the nail on the head…she didn’t say anything in anger or hate…she just said that we have to deal with the potential of being blown up everyday…no name calling bull****

  103. you want to know why they did it ???

    thats why !

    -Zuheir Mohsen (Arabic: زهير محسن)-

    “The “Palestinian people” does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a “Palestinian people”..”

  104. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    you want to know why they did it ???

    thats why !


    google>> “samir kuntar”

    a lebanese terrorists who killed a 4 year old girl bashing her brains out with the butt of his riffle.

    “samir kuntar” earned TWO university degrees in israeli prisons at the expense of the Israeli tax payer.

    ONLY IN ISRAEL ! ! !

  105. Dear World,

    It appears that you are hard to please. I understand that you are upset over us here in Israel. Indeed, it appears that you are quite upset, even angry and outraged. Indeed, every few years you seem to become upset over us. Today, it is the brutal repression of the Palestinians; yesterday, it was Lebanon; before that it was the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Baghdad and the Yom Kippur War campaign. It appears that Jews who triumph, and who therefore, live, upset you most extraordinarily.

    Of course, dear world, long before there was an Israel, we the Jewish people upset you. We upset a German people, who elected a Hitler and we upset an Austrian people, who cheered his entry into Vienna and we upset a whole slew of Slavic nations – Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians, Romanians.

    And we go back a long, long way in history of world upset. We upset the Cossacks of Chmielnicki, who massacred tens of thousands of us in 1648-49; we upset the Crusaders, who on their way to liberate the Holy Land, were so upset at Jews that they slaughtered untold numbers of us. We upset, for centuries, a Roman Catholic Church that did its best to define our relationship through Inquisitions. And we upset the arch-enemy of the church, Martin Luther, who in his call to burn the synagogues and the Jews within them, showed an admirable Christian ecumenical spirit.

    It is because we became so upset over upsetting you, dear world, that we decided to leave you – in a manner of speaking – and establish a Jewish State. The reasoning was that living in close contact with you, as resident-strangers in the various countries that comprise you, we upset you, irritate you, and disturb you. What better notion, then, than to leave you and thus love you – and have you love us? And so we decided to come home, to the same homeland from which we were driven out 1,900 years earlier by a Roman world that, apparently, we also upset.

    Alas, dear world, it appears that you are hard to please. Having left you and your Pogroms and Inquisitions and Crusades and Holocausts, having taken our leave of the general world to live alone in our own little state, we continue to upset you.

    You are upset that we repress the Palestinians. You are deeply angered over the fact that we do not give up the lands of 1967, which are clearly the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Moscow is upset and Washington is upset. The Arabs are upset and the gentle Egyptian moderates are upset.

    Well, dear world, consider the reaction of a normal Jew from Israel. In 1920, 1921 and 1929, there were no territories of 1967 to impede peace between Jews and Arabs. Indeed, there was no Jewish State to upset anybody. Nevertheless, the same oppressed and repressed Palestinians slaughtered hundreds of Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Safed and Hebron. Indeed, 67 Jews were slaughtered one day in Hebron in 1929.

    Dear world, why did the Arabs – the Palestinians – massacre 67 Jews in one day in 1929? Could it have been their anger over Israeli aggression in 1967? And why were 510 Jewish men, women and children slaughtered in Arab riots in 1936-39? Was it because of Arab upset over 1967? And when you, World, proposed a U.N. Partition Plan in 1947 that would have created a Palestinian State alongside a tiny Israel and the Arabs cried and went to war and killed 6,000 Jews – was that upset stomach caused by the aggression of 1967? And, by the way, dear world, why did we not hear your cry of upset then?

    The Palestinians who today kill Jews with explosives and firebombs and stones are part of the same people who – when they had all the territories they now demand be given them for their state – attempted to drive the Jewish State into the sea. The same twisted faces, the same hate, the same cry of “idbah-al-yahud” – “Slaughter the Jews!” that we hear and see today, were seen and heard then. The same people, the same dream – destroy Israel.

    What they failed to do yesterday, they dream of today – but we should not “repress” them. Dear world, you stood by the Holocaust and you stood by in 1948 as seven states launched a war that the Arab League proudly compared to the Mongol massacres. You stood by in 1967 as Nasser, wildly cheered by wild mobs in every Arab capital in the world, vowed to drive the Jews into the sea. And you would stand by tomorrow if Israel were facing extinction.

    And since we know that the Arabs-Palestinians daily dream of that extinction, we will do everything possible to remain alive in our own land. If that bothers you, dear world, well – think of how many times in the past you bothered us.

    In any event, dear world, if you are bothered by us, here is one Jew in Israel who could not care less.

  106. I’d be quite happy with a shot-up laptop, pretty unique souvenir.

    And seeing as this is on Haaretz you’ll probably get a visit from Netanyahu and twenty-five new laptops so I think you’ve done alright here, thanks for your account.

  107. Sorry to hear about the laptop, and even more sorry to hear just how paranoid the Israeli people are. Then again, we’re maybe two steps away from the same kind of paranoia here in the US. It’s good that the hard drive survived, though. That’s really the most important aspect to any computer.

    Anyway, just remember, there is a lot of history intertwined with religion all bundled up in zealotry, from all sides. Israel, biblically, is Israel (okay, before that it was Canaan, but God did promise Canaan to Moses and the Hebrew people). Historically, well, again, we have religion and zealotry. The sad thing is that after what has happened to the Jewish people throughout history we have become paranoid and feel like we must spend everyday fighting for our existence. Even here in the US, if you are Jewish and outside of heavily Jewish areas you run into some nasty anti-Semitism. And for what? Because, we don’t believe in the Christian or Muslim faiths. Because, we believe in the God of the Old Testament. At least here in the US people, on both sides, tend to be a bit sane in how they project their particular biases.

    Sorry, don’t mean to rant, just wanted to add a little perspective to those who have commented negatively about Israel and the Jewish people, hopefully create a little understanding.

    The end result is that, until we Humans can learn to live and let live, there will always be these conflicts, even in the US. Me, personally, I don’t care what one believes in, as long as they treat others with respect and consideration, and don’t try to convert.

    Hope your stay in Israel is safe, quiet and rewarding. I haven’t been myself, but know those who have. They’ve had a wonderful time, and luckily weren’t near any conflicts.

  108. hey lily
    my name is arik, and i am living in israel, i have just read about what have happend and i am shocked, i am really shock….
    it is preety fucked up!
    now i want to adress to all the mother fuckers who just called me zionist pig or fucking jew or what the fuck it is not the issue…
    i will tell u a bot about myself, my name is arik i am 26 years old born and raised in the land of israel… i hate the occupation , i hate the fact that i cant go to lebanon for a walk, i hate the fact that my country is being rulled by those bullies who think power is the only way, i hate the police here, i love the land , i love my parents , i love my camera so much and i really love my girlfriend, i am not doing any army bullshit thanks to my good friend the reffer ganja weed and shortly the holey plant of alla god ha shem and all the others, i am just like u my friends BUT i am a israeli jew… no! i dont want to take over the world, no! i dont have any shekel on my tuches BUT i wanna live in peace so my mother fuckers antizionist freind dont include all the jews u fuckers it is not our choise to be born as we had dont just hate, hatered is for stupid people, and i guess u r also…..
    anu way if u r still here…. listen its not only if u come to israel u get fucked by the police, i am getting checked alot in my country dispite the fact that i am a jew (or if u like to call my a pig its ok cause u r stupid anyway) 6″4 blonde guy i mean i am a regular non suspicious kind of guy…. i am getting checked cause i have long hair!….
    so it is not new the way they act…. its not only u… they r doing it for time to time to their “own people”…..
    for the ones who said that we stole the land, u should go and read about the what the british decided 5/6 to the arabs 1/6 to the jews, they disagree and war began…. we won and this is life, so stop fucking cry! about the occupation, as i said before i am against it, but this is a natural response to fear…. the jews r affraid my freind, for about 80 fucking years they r being attacked by the arabs…. so they r afraid….
    u should also read mark twain, u will find out that israel palestaine or chupochupo as i like to call it was an empty land! u could barely find some1 here……
    i will love to make a discussion with any of u about israel ok ok chupochupo…..
    i was born here i love to love and i hate the haters dont be judgmental….
    “muslim” and his friend as whats his name said in the movie “totaly baked” fuck u fuck u fuck u and fuck u to – lily i am sorry to this on your blog but i am really pissed when i am being called a fucking jew!

  109. I wonder what would happen if you go to any Arab country dressed as a traditional Jew does and should, with a stamp on your passport from Israel. You wont be complaining about a shot computer, thats for sure. They’d kill you on the spot, or be refused entry.

  110. Wow. I would cry if they had done that to MY MacBook… I mean, even though you got lucky enough to recover your data, it’s painful to see such brutality taken to your own computer…

  111. It’s a shame you’re giving a stage for muslim extremists to take place here.

    Israel is a country surrounded by enemies domestic and foreign. to leave your bag unattended is a mistake, and a kid’s bag got blown up in an elementary school when I was young for the same reason.

    when 30 people die in a bus because some fucked up muslim decided to kill himself and some Jews with him, don’t be surprised that you dear laptop has been shot by the suspicion.

    It’s a great country even if there are fucked up people on our side too, I’m just gr8 that they doing it for my safety!

  112. If that what they do to a computer imagine what they to the Palestinian people. These people think they are above the law and they are willing to kill infants like they did in Gaza. Nasty Occupation in the 21st century.

  113. I have lived in Israel and seen bags and clothes destroyed. You never leave a bag anywhere. They have to deal with people blowing up checkpoints, movie theaters, cafes and bus stops. These are not military posts. These are bus stops with small children and the elderly. Then a second bomb goes off to hit the people who rush in to help the wounded. This is a country that has been forced to defend itself everyday, since 1948. Yet when my wallet was lost a guy drove across Jerusalem to return it to me, with all the money still in it. Not all the soldiers handled you correctly true. But as the saying goes you only forget your bag once in Israel.

  114. It made the headlines in Israel as well. Contrary to what some previous posters believe, most people here find it down right outraging and scandalous. Though it was not done out of spite, it wasn’t a very bright move either, to say the least.

    Welcome to Jerusalem by the way. I assume your hostel is in the vicinity of Jaffa Road. As you get around there, keep in mind just a few years ago, many Israelis and foreigners were killed in numerous suicide bombings along this seemingly peaceful and noisy route. This might give you some insight into the overtly-paranoid security culture Israelis have come to accept as a natural part of their lives, though it’s a relatively recent development.

  115. greetings from malaysia.. this story is a truly insane story. allow me to translate it into my mother tongue. i am sharing your amazing stories with my fellow countrymen

    hope you get a new mac soon..

  116. Hi Lily,
    I’m from israel and wanted to tell you – your story got headlines in one of the major news sites.
    I guess that shows that even in here people thought it was serious matter.
    But i just wanted to say that we had our share of grim history regarding bombs hidden in bags, so the procedure taken in case of a bag left unattended is to treat it as a bomb. it might seem a bit extreme precaution but this procedure has saved lives before, and what is the price of mac compared to the life saved?
    I’m really glad you’ll be compensated, it looks like a really expensive laptop.


  117. Do not get an AIR. Get another Macbook. And so glad they missed your HD (bet that is what they were aiming at!). I forwarded this article to a artist friend. I would keep that shot up for a display of nonsensical violence to computers!

  118. Its really sick to see how this comment board has become filled with hate and pure antisemitism. Its totally sickening.

    Maybe before you all express your outrage you should try to understand the reason that Israeli security shoots laptops and other devices. And that is, of course, suicide bombings. Before Israel erected its security barrier it faced roughly 1 suicide bombing every day. EVERY DAY. Now the country is more cautious. The military shoots suspicious objects in case it is a bomb. In most countries they do not do this because the threat of a suspicious object actually being a bomb is so low, they just inspect it. Israel finds dangerous items trying to cross its boarders every single day, and if it spent time trying to investigate each one, it would have a lot of blown up security officers. Instead, it shoots them to set them off in case they are dangerous. Perhaps if there were less people int he world like people in this comment thread Israel would not need to shoot people’s laptops.

    The only thing I see as a problem here is that it is difficult to get reimbursed. Reimbursement should be provided freely.

    • This is a quite reasonable way to deal with UNATTENDED luggage, I agree. But I’d like to point out one thing: this very luggage was NOT unattended. That is: the owner of the luggage was well known to the security officers and that owner was at hand. If even the luggage technically was unatended at that moment – the officers made it unattended themselves by requesting the girl to leave it.
      If there is a suspicion that there might be a bomb in the luggage – there exists an old and well known way to deal with it if the owner is nearby: the owner is requested to handle/open/turn on the thing himself. In a special room or even in the bomb pit if there is a suspicion that the owner can be a suicide bomber. I live in Russia and was once inspected by Putin’s guards when went to a show Putin was going to attend. They did exactly that: requested to show my things, turn on my mobile phone and show that it was in a working condition, all by my hands.
      As for this case with the blown up laptop, i’m sure these were jerks who wanted to take revenge on the girl/upset her, formally covering their butts by instructions.

  119. Sounds like they were very professional. You can certainly understand why security is a priority and they err on the side of caution. What’s more upsetting than reading about your experience is reading the racist comments in response to it. The Arabs in Israel enjoy more civil liberties than any other Arabs in the Middle East. Would you rather be an Arab woman living in Israel or Saudi Arabia?

  120. i enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed even more by seeing your destroyed laptop pictures. im happy this happened to you, we dont need more pro-terrorist scum in our country. this goes for the rest of you on here planning a future trip to israel. dont you guys have something better to do than bash israel all day long? stop being jealous

    and please do reply to my post, i will enjoy reading your comments

  121. Frankly, I think you’re terribly naive and foolish. It’s sad that as a Jew you know nothing of your own heritage yet you obviously pursue visiting and learning about the people who openly profess to hate you and wish to destroy your people. There’s nothing wrong with learning about them, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that you haven’t the understanding to temper that with learning about your own culture, too? To go to Egypt, Syria, UAE, and all those other places and then to waltz into Israel with no sensitivity to the issues you are facing (what are all your “client” notes anyway that you are bringing in from the Arab world, may I ask?), seems just dumb. Look at how the American hikers are being treated in Iran — what makes you think it’s different for you? This is a serious conflict here, and you expect that all the suspicious baggage you are carrying will not be looked at with suspicion? Israel is a very fine place and works very hard to protect its people, who have have barely survived, or are the children of survivors, of horrible, horrible treatment at the hands of the rest of the world. One must therefore err on the side of caution. Too bad you have given a platform for all the Israel haters, who are always looking for a way to blame tiny Israel for being a haven in their own historic homeland for a people who have been so persecuted throughout the ages. The self-righteousness of all those Israel haters — and your own little spoiled American sense of entitlement — should be seen through a more serious lens.

    • Entitlement? I guess you are not interested in American visitors unless they visit your country and travel the world in ways you deem fit.

      But if you want to talk entitlement, as an American who could give a rip about your conflict, I think the best answer is to stop our billions of foreign aid to the region and see whose sense of entitlement is offended.

  122. Sorry, I have no compassion to you. Buy the way, majority of responses you have got do not have compassion to you either. Why? Because the hype of the story is easy to reveal. You have got exactly what you asked for.
    Be happy having you HD salvaged and getting money compensation. Israel is a civilized country even so you want to prove opposite.
    Just an advice – you are not ready for political career – you have not learnt to be a liar – take an extra curriculum course

  123. It is too bad they did not blow your head off. Then you would have grasped that Israel is surrounded by enemies who want every Jewish man, woman and child dead. Israel is not New Zealand or Iceland but trash like you cannot grasp it.

  124. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ancestors are tossing in their graves. They were dreaming to have a Jewish state. What their descendent does? Shits on Israel like an Arab enemy. Congreatulations! Now you have joined their ranks!

  125. of course it’s quite crazy that they shot your laptop — but imagine it had been a bomb, I don’t think that all types would go off when shot like that (for example, did your battery explode? They don’t even seem to have hit it, and it’s quite easy to blow up a battery to injure somebody…)
    So not only did they go way out of line with this action, it’s also completely useless.
    (But at least they didn’t do it to destroy your work out of spite, then they would have made sure they got the hdd)

    Didn’t they even ask you to switch it on and click around like TSA does? (it would be quite easy, they could have put you in a room, if it was indeed an iBomb, you would have blown up just yourself…)

  126. Sorry to hear about this, I’d be upset about it if it happened to me. But while we have all this Isreal bashing from our Muslim brothers, lets not forget what would happen should a Jew, let alone an Isreali Jew, should step foot in Saudi – its not the laptop that would be tortured and killed although I’m sure it would find a new home soon enough.

  127. I have travelled to Israel many times, and have never had my lap top destroyed or shot at.

    Yes, when I was in Egypt, I had a street urchin attempt to steal my wallet, and in Jordan, a police officer stopped my car and attempted to garner baksheesh (a bribe) from me.

    Oh! By the way, Jordan used to be called Trans-Jodanian Palestine. Palestine used to be called Judea. Let’s call Jordan Palestine, again, and called Israel Judea.

  128. Everyone seems really focused on the laptop, and rightfully so, but I’d like to ask another (possibly stupid) question. Maybe I’m uncultured, or maybe I’m prejudiced in some way, but *why* in the world would someone willingly fly into an area in ‘conflict’ like that? We know things like this happen. People get questioned, ‘tortured'(?), have things confiscated… shot at, even… and that’s just at the airport.

    I wouldn’t willingly fly into something like that if my own mother lived there. I understand that the people who live there and have spent their whole lives there call it home, and there are issues with immigration, govt, etc., but I can’t fathom why someone would willingly throw themselves into that part of the world.

    I kinda see this as me walking into South Central LA or Oakland at 3am and then being surprised when I get mugged or harassed by the police.

  129. ”They quizzed me on Judaism, which I know nothing about”

    O no, god forbid u will know anything about your own religion…
    Got some issues a ?

    Egyptian border police shoot and kill Muslim African refugees every week just for trying to cross into Israel. It’s a fact.

    But who cares? Lets slender Israel again, every body else does.

    Nimrod your name fetes. Looking for lay? Traitor.

  130. Hi,
    First let me say I am happy that you recover your data pic and so.
    Sec, please read this links :
    and I am sorry to say there are so much more links like this two.
    Now to my main point.
    You are right this is no way to act like thay did, but just for one sec. hold on and try to think about the sec side … terror is not deliver just by an Arab guy shooting with an AK47 …
    Some of the terror attacks where Cary by women’s and yes 13 year old boys…
    So we need to check any one, you visit many Arab country’s before you arrived Israel, you add some interesting pictures with you…
    So yes you where categorized as a treat you where scan and check, I don’t know nor I understand what the poor laptop did 🙂 but I am sure you will get a new one I am sorry that was your welcome to Israel, and I invite you to contact me if you need any help or info on Israel
    Ilan M.

  131. You never had the “privilege” to hear the sound of a lost bag exploding in a bus station, the silence afterwards and then the screaming of wounded civilians – school kids, old men, women…. the blood… body parts and more.
    An abounded bag is a target for the police bomb squad everywhere around the world. It is a well done job that they shot your silly bag and stupid computer. It could have been a bomb left in a bag as well.
    Your respond is childish, ignorant and it is a sure thing that you didn’t understood anything about life in here. I’ll say more since your name sounds Jewish – you are exactly the kind of people that used to be called Jid in Poland. No pride, no legacy and no respect.

  132. This comment from an Israeli friend, who also happens to be an Apple technician of long standing, observed to me: “I was just thinking how similar Israeli border guards are to Apple Geniuses. They’re both so over-trained that they can’t think, and they both destroy Macs. The only real difference is the weapons they use to get the job done.”

  133. That’s what happens after Israel experiences decades of blown up tourist buses, movie theaters, outdoor markets, pizza parlors, cafes, and shopping malls. You’ll please forgive a shot-up laptop, but Israel is sick and tired of Jewish blood being sprayed about the landscape.

  134. Wow, I read about this on gawker… I can’t believe this happened to you. I assume you are jewish by your last name (as am i). This is shocking. I hope they get you another one.

  135. Hi, sweety (Lilysussman’s). Look to those answers, and look to this things, those are your friends and this is what you are:
    rob said: “look what those animals have been doing to their hosts, the Palestinians, for years”
    Mohammad Ameen said:”I consider you lucky because they didn’t arrested you and toke you to secret prison in Israel to investigate you”;
    Golem said:”they can blow up your computer or do whatever else they want.
    Why are you surprised?”;
    Freitas:”These guys shoot every day at unarmed people, even children”;
    Maher said:”Palestine and “Israel”. I’m a Palestinian Muslim who lived in Palestine my whole life and suffered from the occupation on a daily basis”;
    Freestyle said:”From Israel, with love.. bullets, blood and tears”
    This is an anti-jewish, anti-semmitic and anti-zionist blog. People entering this blog are the anarchists, muslims and anti-semmitics. And you, please, do not even come back to Israel, there are so many beautiful and friendly countries in the region like Lebanon with Nasralla and Haled Mashal from Hamas, Syria with Asad, Yemen, Somalia, Aphganistan and Iran. Go there, take a chance, just keep on your head from a cutting.
    P.S. I never liked a Mackbook! Microsoft forever!!!

    • I am a communist anarchist, an anti-Zionist and an Orthodox Hasidic Jew.

      Yes, and I respect Muslims. In fact, the terrorists, whom I despise, are not traditional Muslims, just like so-called “religious Zionists” are not traditional Jews. The most traditional ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups are vehemently anti-Zionist.

      You hateful post and the very fact that you compare anarchists to antisemites just shows how stupid you are. Anarchism is a progressive left-wing platform that rejects all forms of nationalism. Ukrainian anarchists were most actively defending the Jews from pogroms during the Russian Civil War. Even the late Lubavitcher Rabbi, undoubtedly a very commited Jew, who was himself a right-winger, praises them in his letters.

      BTW, those letters are written in the Jewish language, also known as Yiddish. Can you read Jewish? Most likely not, because Zionism and traditional Jewish culture are diametrically opposed.

      P.S. Micro$oft must die! Linux rules forever!

  136. As an Israeli here’s a tip: Leaving your bag unattended will get it blown to pieces by police in 5 minutes and p*ss many people off since the police has to close the street/station.
    It happened to many Israelis, the police don’t go and check the bag because it’s too dangerous. A robot picks it up and shoots it with a shotgun, if it explodes it’s a bomb and if it doesn’t it’s your laptop/personal belongings.

    Have a nice trip.

  137. So sorry this happened to you, and the fact that they gave no reason is outrageous.
    However, I must also say that I am just shocked by all the vitriol in these responses. I would rather not get into a debate about politics, but I must add my 2 cents regarding Israel/Palestine. The country was Israel for thousands of years before the 12 tribes fled into the diaspora. in 2005, I spent 7 glorious weeks in Israel, and aside from the overabundance of Jellyfish, and the heat stroke in Eallot, I had an amazing time. I studied, ate, and drank with Isralies, Arabs, Palistinians, Egyptians, and people from other places as well. I think that as an American Jew, that is saying something. I am just as horrified about some of the things happening there as everyone else, but no one has the right to say some of the terrible things I have seen in these responses unless they have spent an extended time living there. Once again lily, glad that you are ok and wish you the best.