They’ll be killed in the morning

There are always a few animals visible in my neighborhood–donkeys, stray goats etc, however tonight, walking home from an Egypt-style Thanksgiving, an unusual amount of cows, sheep and goats stood tied in the streets.

Tonight is the eve of Eid-al Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice, a Muslim holiday commemorating biblical Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son to God. Many families who can afford to, will kill animals around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m (after the Eid prayer) and not eat more than 20 percent of the meat themselves. According to Islam, the rest  is divvied up between the poor–i.e. the sacrifice.

As I began snapping pictures my Egyptian friend began getting defensive about the tradition. My purpose, my curiosity is in no way to criticize Islam or the practice. For me it’s not about religion at all, but rather about making the connection between what we eat and where it comes from. Though for months I’ve walked past hanging animal carcasses nonchalantly, I have not seen animals killed or the whole carcasses butchered. Though in the States I often look for cage free and organic labels, like many I am happy to eat meat without much thinking about where it comes from or how live beings turned into yummy dinners.I have never looked into the eyes of an animal that would later end up on my dinner plate.

Here’s some of the animals I saw walking home tonight. They’ll be killed, prepared and and feasted on tomorrow. (PS This post was Mostafa’s idea).

5 thoughts on “They’ll be killed in the morning

  1. I know what you mean, i feel so bad sometimes when i look on my dish and think about those animals we killed. Life is a kind of sacrifice, its sad but this is how things work, the only thing i try to do is to consume with moderation.

  2. You dont have to eat meat. Its not really healthy. All the animals suffer without exceptions. And its bad for the planet and even the humans (food goes to animal farming instead of human beeings).

    Once i watched a touching movie called Earthlings (free on google Video). Since then i’ve never eaten meat again 😀

    greetings from germany (berlin)

  3. they look cute to me =)

    alright , its not ‘KILLING’ , and if you go back and check the Islam beliefs you will find out that sheep were created ( or were down to earth ) just for the scarifice ( instead of prophet Ismael ) , ehh , what do you know !

  4. Take a look at the middle picture and you will see many orbs floating in the atmosphere. These usually represent paranormal activity, which would make sense in this particular case since animals have spirits too and the location is probably populated by the spirits of animals already sacrificed or just killed.

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