The best snack EVER!!

Diagonally across the street from my office there is a juice stand headed by “Captain Jack.”

It took me months to start going here because there is another, bigger, juice-stand next store. But after going the first time, with the preference of a coworker, I never went next-store again. (Though I still wave “hi!”)

Also interesting, we’ve discovered Captain Jack and crew are coptic Christians while the guys next store are Muslims. Nothing to do with the deliciousness of their juices of our preference, but I wonder if it contributes to competitiveness, rivalry or other customers’ choices in any way.




4 thoughts on “The best snack EVER!!

  1. That’s one of the best things about it–it’s slightly different every day!

    From bottom on up: Strawberry juice, banana, apple and melon pieces, banana juice, mango juice. Topped with bananas, apples and dates.

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