My way to work (11/17)

I love going to work in the morning.

Not only because I love my job, but because my trip there (only 20 minutes!) is always filled with interesting sightings and people.  Whether an especially precarious load atop someone’s head on a bicycle, clothes waving in the wind or half-understood conversations with the neighborhood tawla champ or a fruit-seller, my walk is never dull. The short journey is always filled with waves, smiles and sabah el-khair (good morning).

As I become more comfortable with the sights and sounds, I increasingly notice how beautiful and unexpected things are around every corner.

I feel like I could walk this way my whole life, and something new would draw my attention each time.

Cutting through the alleys, I stall to gaze at an unexpected courtyard, a nursery? with flowers painted on the walls, men polishing elegant furniture, or  knots of garlic or bright clothes catching the sunlight.

I talk about Cairo a lot to friends and family across the world. I want to convey my passion, the beauty, the community, the ‘differentness.’  But there’s only so much words can say.

So today, enjoy the walk with me!






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