Egypt vs Algeria for the world cup

Today there are an abnormal amount of Egyptian flags blowing in the wind, hanging from car windows and painted on children’s faces.

It’s around 4:30 p.m., 3 hours pre-game time and the horns in the streets are already louder than I’ve heard to date….maybe they’re trying to be heard in Sudan, where the game is taking place.

Here’s what our beloved Tahrir looked and sounded like after the game Sunday. Egypt won 2-0 but needed to win by at least 3 in order to proceed to the cup.

Today’s the much anticipated final shot!



2 thoughts on “Egypt vs Algeria for the world cup

  1. The Algerians here in France went crazy. They parked their cars in the streets and celebrated for 2 hours last night. Go Eygpt! Let Lilly experience the celebrations and let us sleep!!

    p.s. I forgot how I stumbled across you blog but I love reading it. Nice to see what others are thing/doing in their study abroad experiences.

    • Hi Kate,

      Cool to know you’re reading my blog! Yeah…I’m sad Egypt lost, though Egyptian friends have said it might be for the best because of the chaos and riots which would of inevitably broken out with a win =/
      After the match there was complete silence. The whole city seemed to wash off face-paint and expectations and slip back into to normal life. So bizarre. They didn’t even boo when Algeria scored.

      Anyway enjoy France!

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