Want to learn to cook, Iraqi style?

Ten students (American, Canadian and Norwegian ), our Iraqi teacher Azhar, a couple Iraqi friends and myself, are squeezed into St. Andrew’s modest kitchen. Some students jot notes, while others cut onions or mix a concoction containing surprising amounts of garlic, spices and oil.

It’s RLAP’s second Iraqi cooking class, a fundraiser to support out work providing legal, psychosocial and cultural advising, as well as English classes to refugees in Egypt.While working as a legal advisor can become completely consuming, we’ve got to escape our endless interviews and piles of testimonies once in a while. Cooking delicious food and earning money to sustain our work seemed like the perfect break from the routine.

One of the best perks of my work Resettlement Legal Aid Project (RLAP) is the constant flow of sumptuous and inspiring Iraqi food. From frequent parties on weekends–whether a birthday, holiday or a resettlement case won–to homemade lunches sent to work, there always seems to be something to celebrate and a willing Iraqi ready to prepare the goods.When the topic of fundraisers arose it seemed natural to share our wealth of food knowledge with the wider Cairo community.

Some highlights of our first two classes are:  19 students (and me!) with hints about Iraqi cooking and newfound lust for Iraqi food, expats buying meat, (there’s a stereotype here that many expats never learn how to cook and buy meat in Egypt)  hilarious translation bloopers (the first teacher who taught only speaks Arabic), new friends and connections(everyone seemed to leave the class with someone’s contact info).

And what caught me by surprise?

Cooking was only one of two draws to the class. More than one student loitered outside the kitchen, questioning our Iraqi friends about their lives rather than the culinary traditions. Working and socializing with Iraqis on a daily basis, it seems I’ve lost all sense of what thoughts about Iraqis and Iraq conjure for many other Americans. Will I get a reality shock back in the States in a few weeks?

Classes and menus are arranged on a weekly basis. Let me know if you’re in town and want to reserve a spot.

Otherwise, you better hope I feel like showing off my newly acquired skills the next time we meet =)

cooking dalmas

First class
Azhar completing the last touches on spiced rice
Azhar's cooking class!
Um Ali shows a lucky student what cutting tomatoes is all about

3 thoughts on “Want to learn to cook, Iraqi style?

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I’m (very sadly) leaving Egypt shortly. However, I believe someone from RLAP will carry on the culinary fun. Tour group class sounds totally possible….! I will pass on your inquiry.

  2. Hello,

    may you send me your contact details , name, cell phone, address to be able to contact you.

    awaiting your kind reply

    best regards,

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