Choice of words

I have a lot to say about my work in Egypt, the Iraqi refugees and other I work with and the status and image of refugees more broadly.  To begin, here is what I wrote for the Globe .

Though I was originally going to write this about a month ago, I postponed because I was concerned anything I wrote would be petty, not giving people an accurate idea of who these people are or what they have gone through, what they face or what they mean to me.

Also complicating things, is my role as a coworker, professional confident and employee. Though only a first person-blog entry,  (as opposed to a reported news article) the lines between journalist and advocate, subjective and objective have become tangled and hazy. Though it’s might be possible to accept what is without overanalyzing all the whys and hows, I prefer making things complicated.

So, more to come…later. I have an appeal and training material to prepare. (The main reason I’ve neglected blogging recently.)


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