Cairo, meet my Boston.

There’s nothing like a best friend from across the world  to connect personal realities in different which often feel utterly disconnected and non-cohesive.

While the idea that I have different “lives” across the world is something I resist, It’s true that it’s often hard to forge connections between lifestyles, friends, scenery and activities, which are vastly different. Life as a novella, sometimes seems more fitting.

Showing Jess my street, apartment, favorite juice stands and Sudanese restaurants, (where I can never order quite what I want) Boston, the choices I made to be here and the continuity of my life and identity felt more tangible.

Seeing Jess  accept the anomalies of Cairo, hang out in my office and flat, and laugh and argue with my friends, my world felt smaller.

Jess at Cairo's citadel

Jess and Mufas in Islamic Cairo We enlisted Mufas for the Islamic Cairo tour, being the expert he is.
Goofing around on the bus to Alexandria

Goofing around and singing on the bus to Alexandria

We learned an important lesson in Alex.

Being a tourist during Ramadan is rough.

After catching a bus arriving and enjoying a delicious fish lunch, we set off for the two “touristy” destinations Jess was interested in. The first, Fort Qaitbey, is a citadel built in the 1480s and revamped by Mohammed Ali. According to my guidebook it’s the site of a lighthouse, which was one of the ancient wonders of the world, but was reduced to rubble by earthquakes in 1303.

Remembering the views of the city, fishermen, vivid green algae and salty fresh breeze, I was eager to return too. Upon arrival we learned it had abbreviated hours and we couldn’t enter.

Off to our next destination, Alex’s famous $355 million library, we hoped the guidebook’s 7 p.m. closing time would not disappoint. Hopping out of the cab, unlit windows and closed doors greeted us.

Though our day of being touristy turned into mostly coffee and conversation, it was one of the best. Unlike back in Cairo, where I feel at home, in Alex we were genuinely  traveling and exploring together.

Come back to Cairo.

I miss you Jess!!


One thought on “Cairo, meet my Boston.

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