Dancing dubka

what the RLAP office does on days off =)

What the RLAP office does on days off =)

This Saturday afternoon found the majority of the Resettlement Legal Aid staff chowing down on delicious Iraqi cuisine and learning dubka dancing in one of our translator’s living rooms.

A couple weeks ago I posted a video of some Iraqi friends dancing dubka in a park. Apparently it’s a competitive form of entertainment across the Middle East.


“…this kinda looks like Palestinian dabke “Palestinian traditional dancing” that i told u about in Abu Dhabi, thou Palestinian dabke looks a bit better.
July 6 at 8:05pm

LOL it was fun!!!!
July 7 at 2:21pm ·
no iraqi dabka is better your are wrong
and this video is simple of dancing to learn lily but it is so complex if you can do it best
July 7 at 5:06pm · Delete
Maher: Well I’m sure that you know about Palestinian dabka just as much as I know about Iraqi dabka which is nell. I’m sure Iraqi dabka is much better than this and I’m sure that if i tried to do a palestinian dabka it would look worst than this. BTW modern Palestinian dabke is combined with contemprary dancing and figurative dancing which are combined to tell a story “mostly about the palestinian struggle or sometimes about Palestinian traditional stories”. so maybe you can tell me more about Iraqi dabka.
Ps; never let lily video u guys again 😛
July 8 at 2:37am · Delete

PS–Since some of these people are refugees, I removed last names to respect privacy.


One thought on “Dancing dubka

  1. hi lili
    my name is Hadar and i working at a Israeli radio
    im traing to reach you but i couldent find your mail address.
    if you can send me same mail or leave me yours i will thank you
    we would like to talk with you tommorw. i hope you will see my message soon:)
    thank you

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