4th part II–I wish you were here

My dad is always hosting events at our house. 

For example he arranges huge gatherings each Labor day weekend. 

Lots of people I hardly know from all facets of his life come and park their cars in a field behind our house. Clients, old friends and classmates, acquaintances and others he invites on whim. Growing up my mother and sometimes grandmother would come too–especially significant because my parents are divorced. 


Though a good time, I never fully understood his love for it. Why does he always offer to host things at our house? He works more than any person I know, shouldn’t he give himself a break and relax? 

Years when lots of personal things were going on I’d ask if he was still having it. The answer was always yes. 


I think here I’m starting to understand the sentiment behind his events. 


As I go more places and meet more people I can’t help thinking how friends would interact together. 


The 4th of July was an occasion to do this small scale. My different groups in Cairo congealed. International co-workers –Iraqi and other, Egyptians, Syonara, Samar, her children and Suleyman all gathered together at the park. 

Syonara and her children--taken by Steph


Seeing friends I hung out with this year and last and told about each other, bonding was surprisingly satisfying.

friends talking as the sun sets

friends talking as the sun sets


After eating, wandering the grounds and snapping shots, some of the Iraqi guys taught us a traditional Iraqi dance and we played a very intense Iraqi guessing game.

 I asked the Egyptians to share some of their dancing too, but we agreed it probably belonged in a club with all the hip-shaking. 


Fireworks you ask? 


I saw some the next night out my window, presumably part of the moulid.  Cairo is full of surprises. 


Happy birthday from Cairo, America. 


I hope one day my family and friends and home will have a chance to meet these people….




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