4th part I, Culinary adventures part II

After all the kindness our Iraqi friends had show us, and maybe because we were so far from the U.S.,  Steph and I got an unexpected wind of patriotism.

We wanted to show Egypt how Americans celebrate Independence Day.

Without a BBQ in sight, we decided to cook up a feast at my apartment and bring it to Al-Azhar park–the greenest place I know in Cairo.

We drafted the menu in the micro-bus on our way home from the 6th of October.

Green salad, fruit salad, a pesto pasta, hummus, baba-ghanoush, bread, mashed potatoes, Lousi’s(a co-worker) got the fish, chocolate chip cookies and apple pie.

We’d get a Frisbee and toss that around too.

The morning of the 4th found me off to the market, stocking up on supplies for our cookathon.

Steph was bringing processed ingredients, like chocolate chips and salad dressing from the grocery store in Zamalek. I was picking the fresh stuff from the markets surrounding my place.

Fruit and veggies in hand, I confronted the challenge of pesto. We knew we probably couldn’t find basil, so anything green and fresh looking was a contestant.

“Aye ida?” (What’s this?) I asked a woman selling something, which looked green and rather fabulous.

The irony of learning Arabic is, as long as I have to ask what something is, I probably won’t understand the answer. This green plant, was clearly not in my vocabulary.

She told me it was, “helwa, helwa owi,” very great.

Off I went with it.

Back in my apartment we confronted another problem.

Hey Karen….do you know if the stove worked? I asked my roommate.

She hadn’t used it, AJ hadn’t either. We tried to light it with no luck.

Hey Louis, I called my coworker, can we come over and use your stove? You can cook the fish there too.


Moments later…

Hi Lily….

I just checked and there’s a sign on my stove, which says do not use.

You never used your stove? ( Did you ever go in your kitchen!?)


Oh boys, oh appliances in Cairo.

Steph is our legal director for good reason.

Why don’t you make them on the burner like pancakes? She suggested.

I poured a bit in a pot on top of the stove. The bottom began to burn, the middle wasn’t cooking.

I poured the rest of the batter in. I grabbed the spatula.

I mixed and cut until the batter was cooked and then pressed the thoroughly chocolately substance into a baking dish, which I put in the freezer.

Chocolate chip cookies the oven-less *Cairo* way --to nonbelievers, brownies

Chocolate chip cookies the oven-less *Cairo* way --to nonbelievers, brownies

Obviously we pre-empted and tasted a bit. We were all fans.

Meanwhile, Steph was busy playing with the leafy greens in the blender.

One was turnip the other, something extremely bitter.

We added limes sugar,  cheese and tomatoes, mixed it into the pasta and fed it to my roommate AJ.

How do you like it?

He told us was delicious and tasted grassy.

By grassy do you mean fresh? Hmmm…

Our grassy green pasta

Our grassy green pasta

We dismantled our dishes into tubber-ware containers and headed off to the park.

To be continued as 4th part II


One thought on “4th part I, Culinary adventures part II

  1. creative, resourceful, and looks delicious! Obviously, nothing is going to stop you, Lil. I wish I could have been there to share it with you and your diverse community of friends.

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