Co-op in Cairo- Resettlement Legal Aid Project

Change is my favorite. Today I returned to Cairo from Alexandria and tomorrow a new adventure begins. 

The remaining Northeastern students will return to the United States (I’ll miss you guys =/ ) and I’ll begin my internship at the Resettlement Legal Aid Project in downtown Cairo.

I’m able to spend 6 months working in Cairo because of NU’s  co-ops program. 

The idea is students get real world experience and build their resumes while remaining full-times students. 

While last year I took advantage of NU’s vast job database and enjoyed working at the New England Council in Washington, DC–this time around I decided to do my own thing.

Thanks to the advice, flexibility and patience of my co-op advisors, Lisa Worsh, Cynthia Sweet and Ketty Rosenfeld, among other professors and contacts, I’ve settled. 

The aim of RLAP is to help refugees prepare testimony for the United Nations Refugee Agency and the International Migration Organization, in charge of resettlement.

I’ll be working with refugees already approved for resettlement to prepare them for life in new lands–usually the U.S.

I’ll find out more tomorrow, but this involves everything from assisting with housing, jobs, education and language to discussing cultural norms and expectations. After a bit, I might work on the legal side of things too—interviewing and preparing for testimony.  

The project was originally specifically for Iraqi refugees and they continue to make up the bulk of the clients.  For obvious reasons, the U.S. is accepting more Iraqi refugees than any others. 

What kind of things are happening with projects of this sort now? Here’s one perspective.

I’m excited to begin this new phase.


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