I choose the streets

Despite sidewalks by most roads, I, along with most other people here, usually stroll the street. 

I’ll often start with the intention of keeping to the sidewalk. Moments later I’ll find myself walking in the road. The transition generally happens so naturally I don’t remember making the switch. 

Besides some nice stretches along the corniche, sidewalks in Cairo are all kinds of impossible to walk on.

Though usually a good foot above the road, cars still obstruct them, vendors crowd them, cracks and jagged rocks complicate them. 

Furthermore, driveways constantly interrupt the flow. A large step down and hop up is required every few paces.

Cars also make use of these driveways– driving in and out and parking in the way of pedestrians.

Streets stopping, starting and intersecting each other at odd angles add to the ups and downs. 

When I first noticed I was walking in the streets all the time, I made a conscious effort to return to the sidewalks. 

I always found myself back in the street moments later. 

My case rests– I choose the streets. 

Pictures of sidewalks coming…


One thought on “I choose the streets

  1. Lily I didn’t realize you were doing a 6 month intership in Cairo….WOW!!! That’s incredible. You’ll have to update us on what exactly the internship is and give us all the details. I don’t know why I’m amazed other than when I was your age I don’t think I would have had that courage, at least not for 6 months. Anyway, avoid the sidewalks and I’ll be looking for the pictures….


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