Just to clarify

That was not my “goodbye post.”

I’m in a weird state of limbo now.

Just got back to Cairo. Staying with a family/ Arabic teacher Denis knows (Syonara if you have been keeping up with our articles on the main page).
Figuring out my internship and Arabic schools.

I still have more to say about Syria. Egypt.Qatar. Comparisons. I have pages of notes I haven’t touched on.

If anything, I’ll switch over to my other blog in a couple days.

Stay tuned =)

Nile from 6th of October Bridge

Nile from 6th of October Bridge


3 thoughts on “Just to clarify

  1. My main question is “what other blog site?” Switching over, to where??? I have a little panic because I am staying tuned, but I don’t know where to stay tuned to……..HELP.


  2. Hi Honey,
    I find the descriptions of your experiences so extraordinary & exciting. I am loving reading your blog. I was disturbed by something written by Caitlin. The Israelis entered the Golan Heights in self defense when several of their Arab neighbors, Syria among them, pulled a surprise attack on Israel in the ’67 war.Their response,in turn, surprised their attackers. This tiny country won that war & took over some of the adjoining territories to ensure their own protection. Some of those territories have already been returned. Caitlin made it sound as if the Israelis arbitrarily invaded Syria in ’67.
    I do hope you will take the opportunity to visit Israel so that there is a bit more balance in what you hear.
    Love you,

  3. o…forgot to mention I watched an Egyption womens’ television program on MBC in
    Cairo. It was on PBS. I have the name of the program at home. Will send it to you next time i write. It is on every week. It is amazing. They discuss everything from homosexuality to masturbation. It’s in Arabic of course but translated to English for PBS.
    So do’t know if your Arabic is good enoough. I’m sure you will get some of it.

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