Goodbye guys

Written 6/4

The majority of my group just hopped on a bus to the Qatar airport.
Tomorrow eight of us, along with Denis, head back to Cairo.

Sitting at dinner tonight we rehashed this trip’s adventures.
Crazy cab rides, all-night cultural odysseys, camels, pyramids, out-of-place Irish bars, late night swims and hotel pillow fights.

I boarded the plane in Boston in a weird state of mind.

Cairo already had my heart and imagination from last year. The metropolis without those I discovered it with, was hard to picture.

Now as I chill with those left, enjoying our last evening on the gulf, I once again think about memories and what is to come. Cairo, without my fellow journalists tackling the streets, seems a bit bleak. 

This year in Cairo I asked all the questions there wasn’t a chance for, searched for houses on my own, led peers (often to wrong destinations) and reunited with old friends.

With housing (insha’allah) in place and an internship that’s looking hopeful, I begin the next part of my journey.

Safe flight home friends.
I’ll give Cairo a hug for you.


Rachel and I have fun on one of our last nights in Doha. Picture by Asha.

Rachel and I have fun on one of our last nights in Doha. Picture by Asha.





One thought on “Goodbye guys

  1. It’s always a little bittersweet and weird to have to say good by and be left behind. I didn’t know you were one of the ones going back to Cairo. The only one I knew was Ian. I was so happy to open the site and read your notes………..what a great picture….ha


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