Yes, it’s extreme


“The Union fights for the liberation of all occupied Arab territories and the expulsion of the Israeli enemy from Palestine, the occupied Syrian Golan and all occupied Arab territories from the Israeli nazism and racism,” reads the informational pamphlet which, greeted us this morning at The National Union of Syrian Students. 


 Student Union President, Anar Saatti, answers our questions

Student Union President, Anar Saatti, answers our questions

“The Union works for qualifying students for building up the society of progress and socialism…..It has been able through its distinguished relations with student and youth, regional and international organizations to effectively contribute to the explanation of our national Pan-Arab causes represented by student struggle against imperialism, Zionism and reactionary forces. 


Israeli nazism? Socialism? Hmm….

“Can you explain what Israeli Nazism is?” Sean Leviashvili from our group, asked. 


It was our third day in Syria and we were meeting with President of the National Union Syrian Students, Anar Saatti. 


Like most of our activities here, this one was planned for us and we knew little about it before arriving. 


Saatii didn’t want to talk about Israeli nazism. I know you talked a lot about politics yesterday, he told us. 


“I don’t want to say extreme,” I followed up, but the tone of the pamphlet isn’t exactly conciliatory.” If the pre-condition of Golan Heights is met…where do students stand? …Is peace possible–a resolution with Israel desirable?

He agreed the language was non-conciliatory “If what was written here was different we’d be in trouble with our students. We have masses of students who have lost relatives….Even after peace is reached it would take the us some time to talk in a tone different than here.”

Sean questions Saatti on the meaning of "Israeli nazism"

Sean questions Saatti on the meaning of "Israeli nazism"



One thought on “Yes, it’s extreme

  1. naziism…?? the gassing of 6million jews,chiildren,gypsies, homosexuals,etc. Good for the students (including you) who questioned that wierd phrase. You sound happy with your wonderful cultural & personal experiences.I love you & miss you.

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