Want to feed a pigeon?

Pigeons in flight at the market

Pigeons in flight at the market



Men pray at Umaiyyad

Men pray at Umaiyyad women pray behind them.

 Whether to take pictures of the praying was a dilemma. I chose to because first, it is a popular tourist mosque–there are thousands of more private mosques where tourists, and possible any non-Muslims would not be welcomed during prayer. Also, I strongly believe in the power of information–Islam is widely understood. The people in these picture are regular men with jobs and lives who simply happen to practice Islam. They dress differently and scatter to back to their lives when prayer ends.

Bet you didn't know, Syrian is the lingerie capital of the Middle East

Did you know Syria is the lingerie capital of the Middle East

With such as diverse population and regional differences, Americans know generalizing is often useless. The Middle East, and countries within, are no different.

Is Syria a conservative country?

Some people are.

Islam and “family values” may dominate life, yet there are always exceptions. Other viewpoints.

The major market is filled with shops selling all kinds of lingerie and customs.

Women veiled and scarfed walk in and out with tourists. 

Life here is just as multi-faceted as anywhere else.


One thought on “Want to feed a pigeon?

  1. I loved all the pictures, but the bird picture in so amazing. It was truly an insightful post and a credit to your work. Great job.


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