Girl talk

A couple days a go a few of us interviewed young women affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood for stories we are writing. One of the young woman Sondos, invited us out for dinner, along with her sister, Marwa. 

They showed us unbelievable kindness and welcome, put up with endless questions (this was not supposed to be an interview!) showed us how to tied headscarves and encouraged a photo shoot. To be fair, they asked their fair share of questions in return. These are the types of friendships which truly lead to cultural understanding. P1020937Marwa puts the hijab (headscarf on Rachel). Headscarves are a sign of modesty. They are also a huge part of the culture. Most Muslim women in Egypt where them out of choice. At least here, it’s as much a fashion statement as a profession of religiosity. 

Thanks Marwa and Sondos! I look forward to seeing you when I return to Egypt.


One thought on “Girl talk

  1. Lilly, thank you so much for you sweet words, we felt like we know you from too long, and felt like we are sisters.
    i really enjoyed last night,and in shaa Allah we will keep in touch and we will meet again during your stay in Cairo:)

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