Want to keep in touch with family and friends, read the news, post some pictures or make an online purchase?
If you’re in Egypt, especially outside Cairo this is going to be rough.
Knowing the local spots with free wi-fi–a process learned through trial error and lots of asking is only the first step.
When we do find internet, as often as not we end up scattered across entire cafes at different tables because we all need outlets.
“This trip is so stressful if only because of the damn internet,” Rachel Rossi laments. We’re sitting in McDonald’ s in Luxor. It was not our first choice and we’re not eating.
As Americans we take internet for granted–it’s in our homes, libraries, schools. It’s in cafes and parks and long stretches of Newbury street in Boston. And it’s fast.
If we’re lucky enough internet here it’s painfully slow.
I spent 10 minutes opening an email from Hosteling International about a traveling scholarship I applied for and won (Thanks Hosteling International New England –more about this later), have not been able to reply.
I spent equally as long opening an email from a best friends, Sarah Gordon. My long response to her has yet to process either. Reading the news, getting to the 10s of other emails or accessing Facebook? Not in this town.
“There’s literally one more thing I have to do and it’s going to take me 20 minutes,” Lisa Newman yells to another student across the room.
Though this blog might sound like a long whine-fest, I don’t mean it as such.
We take it for granted to have information instantly at our fingertips and quick communication via the web. We freak out when our lifestyles norms don’t mesh with the local capabilities. Just laughing and taking things as they come is the way to enjoy life here.


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