Here. In Cairo

Hello from Cairo, where we arrived after 20 + hours of travel yesterday. It feels like much longer.

Even the littlest things, ones which would be immemorable (yes, not a word)  in the United States–i.e. buying water across the street, driving between locations, leave a lasting impression because of the differences. In this way time seems longer–each experience is precious and influential. That is one of my favorite parts about traveling–the acuteness, the way every detail counts more. It reminds me to be slow, observe, look and really see.

Driving into Zamalek I got a rush. Places I knew. Memories. I don’t plan to live here after the dialogue–I’d prefer downtown–but this feels a lot like home. What struck me immediately however was what is missing. Cinnabon, a falafel place and a stand where the men gave me chicken fingers and french fries in pita (I’d tried to ask for chicken shawarma)were all gone. Joffrey’s, a cafe we frequented often last year, is renamed and a shiny new bakery displays sweets across the street. Most disappointing, even though I crossed my fingers–yeah I know, it just happened–Bistro Rouge, our favorite Lebanese cafe and workplace of Tamir and others we got to know last year, was MIA. 

I wonder if the turnover rate is usually this high.


One thought on “Here. In Cairo

  1. OMG. No bistro rouge? I might not come back to visit after all. wow. then again, there’s always some tasty ta’amiyyah to be found…

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