To do:

A selected list of my plans for my remaining time (road trip to Logan begins 9 a.m.–a drive of last minute bonding with mi madre) )in the US until December 16th!! Yess…I got my plane ticket. Yikes. 

Get those random things I keep forgetting like a converter–last years led to a disaster ending in fried hair. Whoops. 

Finish packing–OK-disclaimer–I’m bringing two suitcases despite advice to bring one. I feel like this is justified considering my extended stay and lack of plans i.e. business clothes? A Dr. Sues book? A yoga matt? They’re pretty small cases. K-funny had two last year. I totally judged her at the airport for it. Karma? 

Update my ipod–this might sound trivial, but I’ve just let apple have it’s way making “ipod selections” since I got a new laptop last December. I can just imagine flipping through only to find a favorite Matt Nathanson song or “Down Home Girl” missing (that’s for you Sar.gor). I’m going to have to tread carefully here. Make sure it’s not an all-night thing. I’ll have my laptop the whole way. Even at the airport. Really. This could even wait. 

Read about Syria, Qatar and the lovely Egypt! I wanted to read Robert Fisk’s entire book (1000+ pages) before takeoff. Two days ago I decided to skim the more relevant chapters. Today I’ll revise that to, i’ll do it in transit. See–we can always meet our goals 😉 No, in all seriousness, I want to read more recent news and write down topics I’m most interested in researching further. 

And I want to email this blog to those expecting it and of course some potentially surprised (in a good I hope) readers.  

And then there are goodbyes. I place I’ll go a bit later.


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