One day…

As I’m sitting here sending off emails to friends oceans away, I realized it’s past midnight. It’s May 1st.

One day full day and it’s Saturday.

And we’re boarding a plane.

And landing in Frankfurt. 

And then Cairo. 

My mother, granny, brother Sam and I celebrated an early mother’s day this evening since I–my mother’s only daughter, will be absent. After dinner my Granny insisted I come back to her home to pick out some scarves, of which she estimates she’s accumulated about 35. 

One reminded me of a keffiyeh–A Palestinian solidarity scarf.  Do you sympathize with the Palestinians more than the Jews, she asked me? I talked about extracting religion and focusing on human rights. The discussion that followed was fascinating and slightly unsettling. Maybe I’ll share details another time, but suffice it to say, I drove home without any music or news. A thing I only do when deep in thought. 



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