Here we go…!

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” I heard that a lot last year. It was rational to return to the pyramids, go to every museum, spend lots of money. “Who know when we’ll ever be back,” peer after peer rationalized.
I never felt that way.
How or when I could not say, but that I’d return to my sunny sandy land of kindness and mystery I was sure.
When last Fall, Carlene answered my email inquiring about journalism programs with multiple exclamation points (rare as she pointed out) describing this dialogue, my planning began.
The journalism dialogue was perfect, however 5 weeks, only 2-3 in Egypt, was a tease.
How could I learn Arabic, discover the Egypt, make the friendships and connections, test my ability to live alone across the world in 5 short weeks?
So I lengthened it to 7-8 months.
After Egypt, Syria and Qatar, I’m returning to Cairo.
From there, things get hazy.
I want a home-stay but could also rent an apartment share downtown or in Mohandseen. I *think* I have an internship at a refugee organization I worked with last year, but haven’t heard back in a few weeks. I’m revising an independent research proposal/waiting to discuss it with Sullivan before the Honors Committee will approve it. Can’t apply for much funding ’til I get that worked out. And or course, I’ll be studying Arabic until I dream of it. Where? TBA…

Exciting, yes?

Though thinking of those I will miss has weighed me down the last couple days, I’m confident my plans, or lack-of will fall into place. It’s not that I believe in fate or anything, I Just believe there are tons of opportunities and great people when you look for them. If the refugee organization doesn’t work out, I’ll find something else, if no home-stay, I’ll find an apartment.
I got this.
So here I am. Home in NY for a last couple days. Clothes and books are strewn about (though that’s nothing atypical), friends and family time crammed into a few more days a smile on my face.
The feeling that something awesome is beginning never gets old.


One thought on “Here we go…!

  1. Wow! Just finished looking through your blog – you’ve had a fascinating journey so far! I hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Israel despite the unfortunate laptop incident. Israel is a truly magical land – explore it if you can!

    I was especially impressed by your expedition to Syria – and your story of their side of the Golan.

    I wish I could go to Syria and all these other countries out of bounds to me… hopefully one day we’ll have a world where everyone can go everywhere without restrictions, and people would be welcoming without regard to their religion.

    The Middle East is a place of so many contrasting opposites – I think there is something true and spiritual that emanates out of it – a spiritual energy that has the potential to bring true peace / prosperity / salvation to the world. Why do I say that here? Because I feel like this truth comes through your journey writings and photos (maybe I’m just deluded and it’s a place like all others? you tell me).

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